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Went to Bed Happy With My Acquisitions - Woke Up Disappointed

Posted: 2/13/2012 9:52:16 PM | Views:776

Once Upon a Time in Comic Book Occupied eBay...

(Insert Ennio Morricone music ... now)

Book 1
So, what seems like many moons ago, I had submitted ten ASM books to be graded by CGC. One of the books was not graded at a condition that I was pleased with so I did what any sane comic collector would do. I searched for the book in the grade I was comfortable with and contacted the owner to see if they wanted to do some business. After some email negotiation I settled on a direct paypal money request for Amazing Spider-man #12 in a CGC Universal 7.5. I was very pleased with the book and its appearance and was pleased that the owner was going to send it out on Monday.

Book 2
I won another ASM last nights Sunday eBay auctions. I promptly paid and was pleased at securing a copy of Amazing Spider-man 91 in CGC Universal 9.4. I went to bed happy with myself for upgrading my collection and knowing that by the end of the week I would take a nice bump in registry points for my efforts.

This Morning
I got up and boarded my 5:25 train, arrived in Manhattan and had breakfast as usual. I checked my email around 9ish and my jaw dropped. Both individual sellers had emailed me that the books were no longer available and they must have sold them without checking their inventory. No Spidey books for Buzzetta....

My cynical self was disappointed to say the least. Immediately I suspected a scam. Then I realized that both sellers had already refunded my money through paypal. (Pain in the ass part is waiting for the refunds to clear.) I also did some history back tracking and indeed found that the ASM #91 WAS selling the truth. He sold the same book about three months ago. I could not verify the ASM 12 but was more likely to believe the guy since the bartering process was pretty clear cut and smooth.

My biggest disappointment is that I have to wait for my money... Paypal was very quick to take it but not so quick in giving it back. Annoying, to say the least.

I still want my ASM 12 and 91. The 91 might be mine shortly... we will see.

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