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At this rate Im gonna go Br-OAK!

SO cool. SO dark cover. SO OAK!

Nothing so so about this one! These dang Marvel Epic Groo issues are so hard to ever find graded. Except for number one of course. This may not be the most sought after series in the world but for you Mad Magazine lovers out there Sergio Argones is a legend. Besides you all know how much I love OAKs with dark covers. Having one fit right into one of my top ranked sets is even more satisfying.

Check THIS one out! Only 9.8 issue number 50! From the Golden State Collection. Extremely dark background and cool looking cover with lots of action. Except for Groo that is who is apparently google eyed at the black beauty with the blade doing some uber fancy butt kicking!

The way groo looks on this cover is the way I felt when I saw this thing.


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