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I just love tough Harvey issues!

Back in September I got my hands on an unbelievable copy of Little Dots Uncles and Aunts number 2 in 9.6 condition. That thing will probably NEVER be found in better condition due to its jet black background. It is one of only two copies to ever reach 9.6 so far. Then I got a 9.8 WP copy of Little Dot Dotland number 16 in December that just BLEW ME AWAY! Dark cover and OAK OAK OAK!

For some reason I have chosen to select specific series of certain Harvey characters to slowly collect. Some I will not get unless they are 9.8 while others I will settle for 9.6. However Im always on the lookout for those special or very rare copies that just cry out for purchase!

This interest of mine probably stems from when I was a kid. I had come across some old Richie Rich digests in a used book store and decided right then and there to find as many of them as I could. They tended to be VERY used and not necessarily in the greatest of shape but HEY I was just a kid and as far as I was concerned just getting all of them was a tremendous feat.

Those digests are ultimately what set the tone for my becoming such an avid comic book collector later.

I remember watching Richie Rich cartoons on TV as a kid too. Anyway I wasnt completely unfamiliar with the various Harvey characters and the fact that many of them originated way back in the childhood of my parents. I remember thinking as a kid that these characters had been around forever so anything regarding them must be pretty valuable. Hey I was just a kid...

Anyway here we are now and seeing these 50s and 60s and 70s CGC graded Harveys is absolutely jaw dropping to me as an adult. Having been in this particular hobby now for over 25 years and in the CGC part of it for a little over 3 years I can really appreciate what it means to get my hands on some of these things in these top grades.

As you all know there are many things that can directly determine how many of a particular issue of ANY comic can achieve certain levels of grading.


And of course the fact that the darker the cover the more likely it is to show even the SLIGHTEST imperfection. I have come to learn that this quality alone is a HUGE factor in the amount of higher CGC graded copies. The more recent the issue the less likely it is to be a problem but the farther back in time you go the more effect it has. Blue Green Burgundy Purple or of course Black. The darker these types of colors are the harder to find in top grades.

How many copies of Detective Comics number 27 do you think there would be in even 6.0 grade if the cover had been almost entirely black? I would venture to say almost NONE of the remaining copies would ever HOPE to achieve even THAT level if this was the case. I could be wrong but you get the idea.

Anyway Harveys are notorious for having certain issues with solid dark colors as backgrounds making those particular comics EXTREMELY tough to get in the higher grades EVEN with the company having put aside a number of FILE COPIES that never saw the light of day for many many years. Many of these issues will probably NEVER see 9.8 grades and very few 9.6s.

I understand that Harveys arent as sought after as most of the popular Marvel and DC characters are. Many of Harveys characters are lost to this generation. Felix the Cat and Sad Sack are a couple of examples.

But some have endured even to today and definitely have their place in comic book history. IMHO they deserve far more respect from collectors than they currently have. You wouldnt believe the RP/AP ratios Ive gotten on some of these things!

The image below is another example of the very subject I have discussed in this journal. Little Dot Uncles and Aunts number 8 in 9.6! Only 3 copies in this grade so far and I would be willing to bet NONE will ever show up in 9.8. Look at the dark Blue/Black cover on this thing! Gorgeous!

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