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Ah... the wait begins anew...

Posted: 4/6/2012 4:22:25 PM | Views:644

Last week's acquisitions and recent submits

So, the wait begins again. I am not complaining about the time it takes for CGC to grade, slab and return my books. I am talking about the wait of anticipation. You know what I am talking about. It is that 'Christmas is only in four more days' type of wait.

I went to show in NYC at the Penn Pavilion last weekend and had an interesting time walking around. I saw the reports on the message board and was amused that a fellow boardie was next to me taking pictures of Stan talking to Neal Adams. I almost threw a guy into a wall as he was about to sign a CGC submission sheet by placing his paper on the comics that I was submitting. (He realized what he was about to do before I realized it for him.)

Neal Adams was a treat as I had never done the CGC SS thing before. He was a pleasure to talk to and I took to the knee so I could actually listen. Perhaps more on that in another journal entry. On a side note, I had sold all of my Batman books a few years ago to pay for college classes. It was nice to pick up a mid grade 227 to have him sign it. Felt like I was getting one of my old books back.

I submitted the following:

To Be Graded
Amazing Spiderman 21 Expecting a 5.5
Amazing Spiderman 23 (Bought from Metropolis at the show at advertised 8.5. Let's see what happens.)
Amazing Spiderman 24 Expecting a 6.0
Amazing Spiderman 43 Expecting a 8.0-8.5
Amazing Spiderman 53 Expecting a 6.0
Amazing Spiderman 101 Expecting a 7.5 - 8.0
Amazing Spiderman 119 Expecting a 9.4
Batman 227 Signed by Neal Adams - Expecting a 5.5-6.0

Amazing Spiderman 41 8.0 (Needed it reslabbed due to poor shipping)
Avengers 4 6.0 (Needed it reslabbed due to poor shipping)

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