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Love Those Subsets...

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Going for the secondary sets.

Im not sure why I feel this way but I am far more partial to the subsets of Harvey Characters than their main sets.

So instead of Richie Rich I like to get Richie Rich Dollars and Cents or Richie Rich Millions. Instead of Little Dot I like to get Little Dots Uncles and Aunts. Instead of Spooky I like to get Spookys Spooktown. Instead of Casper I like to get Casper and Nightmare or Caspers Ghostland. Instead of Wendy I like to Get Wendys Witch World.

Im not really sure why this is the case. Unless its because most people like to go for the main sets and not as many go all out for these subsets. That makes them more affordable and easier to get. But being that they are still worth a lot of registry points I dont see why more collectors arent trying to get some of these things.

It is true that even some of these subset issues can go for good money when there arent many of a particular issue to go around but you would be surprised at the low amount I have paid for a lot of these things. Research and patience have yielded me many beautiful treasures in these sets. I hope for many many more.

When it comes to the main sets of these characters I wont go for them unless they are 9.8 off white to white or better. Usually I cant manage to get em for cheaper prices in this condition but I HAVE gotten my hands on a few.

When it comes to the subsets I will settle for 9.6 off white to white since these are more likely to show up and go for more affordable prices. Even in THIS grade they have nice Registry Point values and many of them are not even available in higher grades.

Dont get me wrong. If I can manage to get my hands on 9.8 copies of these things I will not hesitate to try for them and HAVE acquired a couple. But I am perfectly willing to try for ALL the 9.6 copies that show up on these things.

When it comes to Harveys I have said before in other journals that the darker the cover the more likely it is to have NEVER been graded in 9.8. I will ALWAYS go for those Harveys with really dark covers in 9.6 since probably 90 percent or better HAVE not and WILL not ever achieve 9.8 status.

These Harvey subsets are just another version of my interest in the lesser collected series of popular characters throughout the comic universe. These Harveys however tend to be FAR more valuable in the Registry Point department because of their age if for no other reason.

The image below is of Casper and Nightmare number 3. I just acquired this beauty and couldnt be happier! Super dark cover and NO 9.8 copies in existence! AWESOME!

What do YOU like to collect that most other collectors dont normally go for?

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