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Nick Cardy

Posted: 11/4/2013 12:20:39 AM | Views:315

Or the Best artist I never collected.

Today was a long day. The Eagles played, and won. Tables at work were sparse, so when I came home to rest a bit and unwind while jumping around the internet I found some devastating news on Facebook. From there I went to Google and read on Bleeding Cool, that the great Nick Cardy, became the late Nick Cardy. He passed away at the amazing age of 93, may we all be so lucky. You can read what some others have said here:

and here:

At a time when I wanted to collect silver age that wasn't Marvel, I marveled at his Aquaman covers. And yet I passed on getting them. I always thought I would get one and have him sign it as a memento to all the artists I have met throughout the years, but decided against it. Not just for his signature but for others too. Yes, I did like meeting a lot of the artists at the conventions I go to, but a lot of the greats don't hold a candle up to those I grew up with.

The thing is though a lot of the greats I grew up with wouldn't be great without Nick Cardy. When Jack Kirby passed away there was no feed about it that I could find. I just had to pick up the right magazine or listen to the right conversation at the right time. Today though I found out through the internet, much like many of you will find out through here. I don't have any of his books to read as tribute, but I will silently pray. We lost a giant this Sunday 3-Nov-13; a moment of silence would be nice.

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I was going to show another clue, but the photo below is of the book I was going to purchase as my First Nick Cardy cover. And a side note, I probably first gazed at his work only because I thought his name was Nick Candy at first glance.

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