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Almost there!!!

Posted: 2/11/2017 7:05:24 AM | Views:127

Quest almost done

So I have posted before about my love for Invincible and no not Iron Man. This is about the only comic book that I have been able to read through a few times and still enjoy. And while Kirkman and company deciding to end it at 144 I have made it a personal goal of grabbing up every single issue including 2nd prints and variants. And now with only about 12 issues left in the series I am almost to my goal. I only lack 6 issues to complete the series thus far minus the extras. It's a great feeling actually being able to handle and hold the issues I once thought I would never see. Last time I was this excited I had 1 issue left to completed a full run minus Variants of ASM 200-700. Which I had to sell (financial issues came about). The only thing that will be left to do is start sending these books off to be graded and hoping my eyes are as good as I think and not have anything less than a 9.6. But I like to think being able to say I own every single issue of an amazing series will be worth it and the grades I get back on them not being as important. We shall see. Thanks for reading.


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