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Hello and before I start I wish to say I LOVE #! issues and 1ST appearances...SS intrigue me more if I submit them myself..... The Watchmen has always captivated my attention...Batman HUSH and Halloween series (Batman, in general, has been my best reads) Alan Moore, Frank Miller did it for me....and as I grow old I find even more mysteries to unfold...did I mention Joe Hill (Steven King's son) and Robert Kirkman..?.. I have traveled far and wide and deep yet not shallow. Enjoy dirt more than sand and snow more than ice. Honesty reminds me of a perfect balloon rising....can we here it pop? I dare say not. Respect is that gray beard I keep seeing more and more (with the balloon) and I thank each and every deterMINED human who takes this to HEART.
PS....comics make us smarter



I am a big Kirky fan and I want to share what I feel.

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HARLEY QUINN SKETCH by Kenneth Rocafort   Image Attached

A very memorable moment for me at the ECCC 3/14

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SHOWCASE...more first appearances than MOST   Image Attached

I have always been a #1 issue or first appearance collector. I have since come to an epiphany that Showcase fits.
There are many that are...

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Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Adventure Time Finn and Jake get it done Adventure Time books to SS 12247
All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder Ronnylama 94 Miller and Lee 31112025
Alpha Flight (1983) Canadian do gooders one of my favorites in the day 7513885
Amazing Adventures #1-#39 (1970) LAMA Adventures combo beauties 61430005
Amazing Spider-Man (Complete) Arachnid mutated American Hero 6381554381
Amazing Spider-Man (Complete with Variants) Thief catcher...Look Out Amazing Spider-man (complete w (...) 6451554238
Amazing Spider-Man One-Shots Ronnylamaman one shot webs forever 564435
Astonishing Tales (1970) Lama Asonishing Tales Many great artists on this run 25100011
Atom #1-#45 Ronnylama 102 I find this series to be quite (...) 61265732
Avengers #1-#100 Ronnylama 28 Avengers #1-#100 2525343551
Avengers #1-#503 Ronnylama 81 Avengers 376502623


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Batman (Complete) All Human All Super Batman 91830110
Batman #404-#407 MILLER MASTERMIND Glimpsing into Miller Magic 41005806
Batman (2011) BATMAN SS books some great work by great artis (...) 102680
Batman Adventures harley quinn Batman adventures 1140019
Batman: Odyssey (2010) NEAL ADAMS SS BATMAN ODYSSEY>>>Neal (...) 216523
Batman: The Cult classic tale of Batman A Starlin andi Wrightson goody 1256018
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1-#4 RonnylamaMan Miller's Bud 480112012
Beware the Creeper Lama Creepers Where Lurks the Menace? 1147507
Bill Sienkiewicz Covers SIENKIEWICZ'S Wonderful Works Bill's Excellent Adventure (...) 1373466441
Black Goliath RL GOLIATH Black Goliath....good timing f (...) 2251485
Black Magic (1973) Lama magic Simon and Kirby duo 3334102
Black Panther (1977) Ronnylama 97 Black panther 117312153


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Captain America #100-#454 Ronnylama 8 Captain America #100-454 215243327
Captain America (2005 Complete) Ronnylama 53 Captain America (2005) 103288
Captain America (Complete) Lamas Caps Captain America forever 23324893
Captain Marvel (1968) Ronnylama 52 Captain Marvel (1968) 710214411
Chew RonnylamaCope Not Snuff 81127320
Chili Millie and Chili Marvels answer to Archie 271582
Creepy Lama creepy's Frank Frazetta works 1055012
Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-#12 Ronnylama 49 Crisis #1-#12 1210011703


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Danger Girl (Complete) LAMA'S Danger Girl Scott Campbell covers 3347015
Daredevil - Miller First Run Lamas fearless devils Miller and more... 3491116416
Daredevil #1-#310 Ronnylama 78 Daredevil 9028440118
Daredevil (Complete) LAMA DD Blinded By The Light 10519495133
Dark Avengers LAMAS DA Iron Patriot 11449
David Finch Cover Set tatooed dreams comicon friendly 411708
Dazzler Dazzler Sienkiewitz covers Be Dazzled 7168806
DC Bronze Age First Issues DC Bronzed bronzed or bust 10270289451
DC Go-Go Check Set BEAT LEE K hehe DREAMING LEE K TO GOGO all the (...) 618574
Defenders (1972) Ronnylama 31 Defenders (1972) 148125214
Demon (1972) Kirby Goodie A Kirby story with art 3186566
Doctor Strange (1968) Ronnylama 100 Marvelous Mystic 6405536
Doctor Strange (1974) Ronnylama 93 Master of Mystic Arts 3310208


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Elektra: Assassin ECCC Done Youth Did Beyond. I went (...) 81004242


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Famous Monsters of Filmland Walking Dead issue just for this issue 133101255
Fantastic Four LAMA FF Fantastical foursome 87133417823
Fantastic Four (Complete with Variants) Ronnylama 69 It's Clobberin' Time 8810341939
Fear Ronnylama 15 Fear 41215347
Fear Itself Fear Itself SS Fraction Just a few signature books 44542
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