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Oct 2011. I collect purely DC's and focus mostly on silver age titles starring Superman and Superboy! I have completed Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Superman Family, Superman 100-266, Adventure 266-380 and Superman Annual 1-8. My goal is to complete Superboy, Action Comics 250-414, World's Finest 85-225 and every Legion of Super-Hero appearance. I am less than ten books away from completing this chore that I started in 1984 (hey that rhymes!)

Superboy 1 will complete that run and I am not far away on the others either, except, well, a friend from England has been taunting me about my Adventure Comics collection (an easy thing to do when you have the finest silver age Adventure run on either side of the Atlantic). So I heve been picking up a few here and there. A very nice run of books that will ensure I never really am done buying comics!

You know, all of this would be easier if A) I didn't collect mid to high grade books and B) I had more money! As much as I love the comics, my wife loves the money I don't spend more than the money I do.

So, with all that being said, this collection has been a testament to keeping a goal in sight for...well decades...and keeping at it!

The books you see in my registry are just the ones I bought already slabbed or use my Collector's Society coupon for each year.

I have also taken on the fun task of upgrading a low grade Brave and the Bold run that was one of the first sets I went about completing. At one time I had 31-200, but mostly the issues below 120 were in the VG range. I have since replaced a few as you can see in the registry and acquired a mini grail of a sorts, a number one!

Oh...I also am a big fan of Sugar and Spike as well!


One more Superboy down...  

three to go!


The countdown!  

Four Superboy's, three Lois Lane's


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Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Action Comics #1-#500 The One That Started It All! Silver and early bronze age Ac (...) 32640467
Adventure Comics #1-#503 Long Live the Legion! The Legion of Super-Heroes sta (...) 254314425


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Brave and the Bold #1-#200 Brave Viking Prince and Bold Batman The first title I ever collect (...) 47231147810


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Comic Cavalcade Funny Animal round bounds! Final issues in this run are 7 (...) 7112836


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
DC 80 Page Giant Here Walks the Giants! The original "Giant Repri (...) 1156317
DC Go-Go Check Set Groovy baby! 10113763
DC Silver Age First Issues - Oct-Nov 1956 The Comstock lode! 0002
DC Special (1968) Sequel to 80 Page Giants More Giant size goodness from (...) 2613723


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (DC) Reindeer Games I have loved this character si (...) 2331241


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Sugar and Spike Baby Talk! I have made some good progress (...) 444487011
Superboy The Smallville gang! Superboy 1-258!

I (...)
Superman #1-#423 The Big Red S! Most of my collection centers (...) 4610456527
Superman Family A Family Affair Move over Marvel Family, here (...) 582439
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane That Girl! While I am collecting a full s (...) 251750389
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen Tough enough to wear a bow tie and get away with it The first set I collected to c (...) 74213111


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Teen Titans (1966) The terrific teens! 4681619


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Warlord (1976) At The Earth's Core! I still have my full original (...) 215005
Wonder Woman #1-#200 The new Groovy Wonder Woman I only am collecting issues 17 (...) 31121526
World's Finest (1941) The Terrific Threesome! How could you not love World&# (...) 237234515
World's Finest #71-#121 Is that your Batman in my Superman? Starting with issue 71, Superm (...) 142715002

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