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value for a KOF comic   Image Attached

The King Of Fighters Comic

136 views / 1 reply

Just Checking In  

I haven't purchased a CGC comic since early September and the first possible next purchase would be early March but that in no way means I have given up my dream to have...

108 views / 0 replies

Aria/Angela: Heavenly Creatures: The Variants: Part III: Blue Eyed Angela...   Image Attached

My sincerest apologies to the CGC for posting a picture involving a PGX graded comic book, and to anyone else who may take offense, but if it is any consolation, it is my...

118 views / 2 replies

29!   Image Attached

My DC Comics Bicentennial collection nears its completion!

137 views / 4 replies

1st Appearance Bullseye   Image Attached

Latest addition...

177 views / 12 replies

Wargaming Terrain  

I know this isn't a comic book, but a lot of comic book stores are subsidizing their customer base by adding these to their store models.

147 views / 7 replies

Heven is a Place on Earth 616!   Image Attached

How many years from now will we look back at the arrival of Angela in the Marvel Universe and reminisce about her strange odyssey from Angel/Spawn Killer to Thor's...

145 views / 4 replies

Punisher crossovers   Image Attached

Will I get them all?

129 views / 1 reply

Aria/Angela: Heavenly Creatures #'s 1 and 2: The Variants Part II: Eye Candy!!!   Image Attached

There is not much to say about this one except EYE CANDY!

74 views / 2 replies

Aria/Angela: Heavenly Creatures #'s 1 and 2: The Variants Part I   Image Attached

I'm not a huge fan of variants. In my opinion they are a publishing gimmick to get the vulnerable comic collector into spending more cash. Variants are nothing more than a...

138 views / 7 replies

The Cash Grab of Wolverine, Part II: Grab This!   Image Attached

Let the tirade continue.

191 views / 3 replies

Amazing Fantasy #15   Image Attached


242 views / 26 replies

Priceless   Image Attached

When the value and worth don't matter.

317 views / 3 replies

Back to business!!  

After a year off, the grading begins anew..

158 views / 1 reply

Swipe!   Image Attached

Ah, those classic covers breath new life...

280 views / 2 replies

Iron man / all star   Image Attached

showing some goodies , i purchased these and they used to belong to a man named Stu ,and had an extensive collection..

337 views / 1 reply

The Force Is Strong With This One!   Image Attached

Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try.

330 views / 5 replies

EAGLE EYES!   Image Attached

I have the best big brother in the world!!

329 views / 8 replies

1st Journal of the New year  

So this year....

118 views / 1 reply

Day 1 of the Control Panel revision.  

Entering Step Two of my CGC Addiction.

122 views / 7 replies

To Display or to Store - that is the Question!   Image Attached

Thank you Chris Faulkner

237 views / 12 replies

A Top Ten   Image Attached

And for my last journal of the year...

153 views / 7 replies

Yet another Top 10 list for 2014  

Darn you Bagofleas, now I feel compelled to write one.

115 views / 8 replies

One Man Comic Business  

You too can start a comic business!

152 views / 74 replies

Top 10 Comic-Related Goals for 2015   Image Attached

I'm sure no one else cares, but I'll check in on myself at the end of 2015.

120 views / 6 replies

When is your comic your comic?  

When you buy it, it's yours!

125 views / 10 replies

My 2014 CGC Year in Review  

2014 was a great year with my main goal being to focus on quality over quantity and to put all my energies and money into Captain Marvel Adventures. In 1012 I purchased 27...

70 views / 3 replies

What? It's top ten time again?   Image Attached

Blame Fleas - he started it.

102 views / 7 replies

Auction Egos.  

I'm still scratching my head why?

150 views / 7 replies

Top 10 for 2014 it is!   Image Attached

Thanks bagofleas for this annual reminder...

138 views / 7 replies

My PSL Top Ten for 2014!!   Image Attached

When everything has to go.... these DON'T!!

129 views / 4 replies

What's in store for 2015?   Image Attached

Or, Where does my path lead?

163 views / 4 replies

The Cash Grab of Wolverine  

A (multi-part?) tirade against Marvel's epic blunder.

181 views / 5 replies

...a GLOB of paint.   Image Attached

I discovered this curious....


Does Adam Warlock have a Soul?  

I'm a big fan of Adam Warlock. And I see there are many fans here as well. And it is to those fans, and cosmic philosophers that this question is directed to: Does Adam...

129 views / 0 replies


So after only 54 calender days my modern submissions are....

155 views / 5 replies

My Comics   Image Attached

Started collecting as a kid mostly Savage Sword Of Conan friend got me into the X-Men and I have Been a fan ever since.......

148 views / 0 replies

Awesome Signature Series Aquisitions  

Lonestar Purchases

153 views / 6 replies

things that me you go hmmmm  

boardies post the most amazing

163 views / 30 replies

Showing a few books   Image Attached


187 views / 16 replies

Signature Series????  


147 views / 5 replies

Fantastic Four Volume 1, Numbers 66 and 67: Origin and 1st Appearance of HIM...  

On November 30, 2014, I submitted a journal titled, "Adam Warlock Keys: What comic book key issues should be included in this set?". Lamentably, although I poured...

138 views / 1 reply

Journal 31: ...Oakland International Airport?   Image Attached

I really am slow, to get these things, but


Last Con of Year!   Image Attached

Fan Fest 2014...

132 views / 2 replies

Barcodes gone forever?   Image Attached

This is what I'm told...

176 views / 5 replies

recent pickups   Image Attached


187 views / 6 replies

Custom Set: "The Kingdom of the Spawn #9 Newsstand Editions"   Image Attached

I love the custom set feature recently instituted by the CGC. This registry feature allows us to create unique thematic sets that normally wouldn't make the grade as a...

149 views / 2 replies


Now the hard part- buying it again.

261 views / 4 replies

tape   Image Attached

leave it alone or remove

211 views / 4 replies

Worth Vs. Value   Image Attached

Is the value of a graded comic book equal to what it's worth? And Vice Versa.

254 views / 3 replies

Steve Ditko - The Grey Negotiator - Part 2  

There is a telling story about Steve Ditko where he sent a 6 page letter to writer Steve Skeates who had written a script for a The Question story when both worked at Charlton...

150 views / 0 replies

It's About Time..   Image Attached

Amazing Spider-Man #238

212 views / 2 replies

To Err is Human, To Forgive is...   Image Attached

From time to time, we all make mistakes... I know I do. But mistakes are lessons and reminders of our imperfections and fragile humanity. We are not machines... we are not...

178 views / 2 replies

Jrnl 30: A.G. = After Grading (-writ b-day 51)   Image Attached



Addendum Journal: What.. a SAVE, b-o-f.  

I love the part about the....
Especially, from the 'As I....'


QUUUAAACCCKKKK!!!!!!!   Image Attached

No better feeling!!!

154 views / 6 replies


What if Marvel invaded motorsport?!

220 views / 10 replies

Mr. A- The Best Deal  

"The Best Deal" was published just last month (November 2014) in Mr. A #15 which means he was 86 when he produced these stories. Were there really 14 other Mr. A...

126 views / 4 replies

The thinning of the herd! (Gasp!!)  

Thinning the herd, culling the collection, consolidating?!?

178 views / 3 replies

The Crow #1 Signature Series   Image Attached

The Crow #1 Signed by Mr. O'Barr

118 views / 1 reply

Steve Ditko - The Grey Negotiator  

Let me start by saying I have no axe to grind with Steve Ditko. I consider him one of the most creative and influential artists in comic history. His design of Spiderman's...

158 views / 0 replies

How Good Are You?   Image Attached

Be Honest!

226 views / 11 replies

The Return of Mr. A  

Tomorrow I will begin a new series of journal's on Mr. A and Steve Ditko so if you liked my previous journal's prepare for more of the same.

132 views / 0 replies

O Bitter Victory   Image Attached

The death of Destiny and the birth of my collection.

182 views / 4 replies

Once more into the .... fire?   Image Attached

My second submission for grading!

208 views / 4 replies



214 views / 3 replies

Another MGN Success!!!   Image Attached

Key? No. OAK? YES!!

285 views / 4 replies

My Favorite Book...   Image Attached

My Favorite book in my collection!!

211 views / 5 replies

Preacher #1 Returns With A Nice Gold Label   Image Attached

Preacher #1 Signed by Garth Ennis

204 views / 2 replies

My First Error!!   Image Attached first error.

256 views / 24 replies

Scheduled for Waiting...   Image Attached

it is my coupon submission, so it should be graded tomorrow-

174 views / 3 replies

Mr. A revisited  

Awhile back I did a series of articles on Steve Ditko's Mr. A that some people seemed to enjoy so I've decided to revisit the character because he's just so darn fascinating. ...

111 views / 1 reply

The Greatest Set  

Only my humble opinion of course.

147 views / 4 replies

Adam Warlock Keys: What comic book key issues should be included in this set?  

Recently, the CGC has modified the Adam Warlock Keys Set by adding a number of titles where Adam Warlock has made an appearance (comic books which are mostly concentrated in...

223 views / 9 replies

The 80's are back!!   Image Attached

Jump on them while you can!

163 views / 1 reply

Book Thirty-Day Thirty   Image Attached

Amazing Spider-Man #129

189 views / 3 replies

I Like Comics   Image Attached

Felt like writing...

153 views / 2 replies

Book Twenty Nine-Day Twenty Nine   Image Attached

Daredevil #7

148 views / 4 replies

Book Twenty Eight-Day Twenty Eight   Image Attached

Crazy #3

182 views / 3 replies

...turns out, 100 looks like.. (Journal 27 b)   Image Attached

MY 'KS STAMP'. (I didn't plan this, but
I was...


Happy Thanksgiving   Image Attached

Or Book Twenty Seven-Day Twenty Seven

149 views / 3 replies

Happy Thanksgiving To All!!   Image Attached

Don't eat too much turkey!!

177 views / 9 replies

Book Twenty Six-Day Twenty Six   Image Attached

The Mighty Thor #293

153 views / 1 reply

And Then There Was One   Image Attached

The end of the tunnel is in sight!

187 views / 3 replies

My First Experience with a Digital Comic  

I rarely buy new comic books, sticking exclusively with compilations, but I was interested in the new Multiversity series by Grant Morrison and when the latest issue came out...

157 views / 1 reply

Book Twenty Five-Day Twenty Five   Image Attached

X-Men Survival Guide to the Mansion

136 views / 1 reply

Captain Marvel Stuff  

There are a few Captain Marvel (the REAL Captain Marvel) items coming out I thought I might mention for fans.

163 views / 3 replies

Book Twenty Four-Day Twenty Fout   Image Attached

Phantom Stranger #18

208 views / 2 replies

WildC.A.T.S. - Travis Charest   Image Attached

This is one of my favorite covers

168 views / 1 reply

Avengers Overseas Assignment   Image Attached

In the most non-distinguish alley of Bangkok...

136 views / 2 replies

Book Twenty Three-Day Twenty Three   Image Attached

Astonishing Tails #11

162 views / 1 reply

Santa came early (and needed a second sled)   Image Attached

Gonna bring these outside as the base for my snow fort this winter.

189 views / 15 replies

Book Twenty Two(?)-Day Twenty Two   Image Attached

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson #148 Part 2

156 views / 2 replies

Book Twenty One-Day Twenty One   Image Attached

X-Men #42

162 views / 4 replies

From the stash....   Image Attached

G. I. Joe #21 Foil Renegar Edition

153 views / 4 replies

The (Mile High) Empire Strikes Back!!   Image Attached

Or should I say, "Strikes Again"!!

238 views / 4 replies

Book Twenty-Day Twenty   Image Attached

X-Men #10

161 views / 4 replies

From the stash....   Image Attached

Entry #1

Superman: Man of Steel #18 all prints and a 9.9

174 views / 34 replies

Another Amazing Pickup Story!!   Image Attached

Or maybe I should say, "Another SPECTACULAR Pickup Story".

202 views / 2 replies

...CGC book 100, ... ____(1201951002), or 'HEY! Burt, get a load of this!'   Image Attached

(Commands..) Image Tomorrow.

Journal 27.

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