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Trials and Tribulations of Golden Age Collecting  

Ok it's not that bad.

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Mr Green a mes numéros Hulk210   Image Attached

Je suis débutant dans le monde du cgc et je trouve dommage que certaines personnes ne supprime pas leurs numéros de série après avoir vendu leurs cgc.Je...

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Some Recent Additions To The Collection   Image Attached

Four are Worldwide Comics-How'd they do on Grading?

166 views / 3 replies

Comic Book Dealer's Setting the Price?   Image Attached

Are Comic Book Dealer's trying to inflate comic book prices?

204 views / 3 replies

8.5 Iron Man #1   Image Attached

Enter the mandarin

210 views / 0 replies

9.8 Ultimate Power#1   Image Attached

Wizard World Texas

116 views / 3 replies

Ma collection grandie   Image Attached

Iron Man#1 8.5 Ultimate POWER#1 9.8 Incredible Hulk#210 9.8 Uncanny X Men#500 9.8 Fantastic Four#547 9.8 Spider-man#30 9.6

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A Day at Baltimore   Image Attached

Or the beginning of the end?

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Baltimore On-Site Books & the CGC Registry  

If you are planning on or trying to register books that were submitted at Baltimore Comic-Con please read this note.

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First submissions  

Wolverine 1-4 plus more

220 views / 0 replies

No Score?  

9.8 = 0 points?

295 views / 5 replies

Fathom Favorite - Michael Turner   Image Attached

Michael Turner's Fathom #9

229 views / 1 reply

Oh poop, wrong picture   Image Attached


300 views / 1 reply

The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC, part six...   Image Attached

Lack of info.

406 views / 1 reply

More room for MORE Walking Dead #1 Reprints   Image Attached

Inaugural box filling ceremony dedicated to Ryan Ottley & The Sensei


Lady Death Premium   Image Attached

Lady Death Sketch "Bad to the Bone"

203 views / 1 reply

One More Adams Lois Book   Image Attached

Soon To Be Slabbed

175 views / 1 reply

Just finished my comic book room   Image Attached

Moved into a new home with more square footage. Look what I did to one of the rooms!

286 views / 11 replies

TPB and Graphic novel appreciation.  

I would like to share my fondness for TPBs and graphic novels.

144 views / 19 replies

Did I call this one?   Image Attached

X-23 really is now the...

256 views / 6 replies

SPIDER-MAN #30   Image Attached

NM+ 9.6 White Pages

375 views / 1 reply

Earliest Richie Rich in 9.8   Image Attached

Richie Rich #28 CGC 9.8
December 1964

255 views / 3 replies

The Waiting Game.....   Image Attached

The nature of grading.

360 views / 8 replies

Journal 37: B of 3, 1 of 3, 1 of 12   Image Attached

..., or please welcome, here's, ..
The third 9.8..
of R. Crumb's Best Buy Comics....


CGC - You Have Created A Monster!  

Who would have thought that the excitement of submitting books to CGC could become addictive.

394 views / 5 replies

My first Qualified Manufacturing Error...   Image Attached

I love image. I hate Shadowhawk.

To me Shadowhawk represents the worst of every high-concept (He rips out their spine!), low-quality, gimmick ridden cliche that...

242 views / 1 reply

The Story of My GLORIOUS 9/21/15 Copper/Modern Sale.   Image Attached

A chronicle of the steps involved with having a huge sale on the CGC Boards

269 views / 11 replies

My first Qualified Manufacturing Error...  

I love image. I hate Shadowhawk.

To me Shadowhawk represents the worst of every high-concept, low-quality, gimmick ridden cliche that derailed the comic book...

243 views / 2 replies

Chicago Comic Con & the CGC Registry  

If you are planning on or trying to register books that were submitted at Chicago Comic-Con please read this note.

297 views / 0 replies

Four For Baltimore!   Image Attached

Onsite is always awesome!

244 views / 0 replies

August Is Heating Up!   Image Attached

For a reason other than the fact I'm in Texas.

179 views / 4 replies

Star Reach   Image Attached

Provocative Cover By Adams

158 views / 3 replies

Star Reach   Image Attached

Provocative Cover By Adams

111 views / 0 replies

Star Reach   Image Attached

Provocative Cover By Adams

104 views / 0 replies

Can someone tell me what set this is in.   Image Attached

Can not find set.

281 views / 3 replies

The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC, part five...   Image Attached

Trim or no trim, that is the ?.

479 views / 0 replies

J36: TGA: 1   Image Attached

On File Copies, GRADER NOTES, and thee.. latest TOTAL GRADED AT


the pleasure and pain of taking pictures   Image Attached

Don't let your comics fly out of your aching hands and break on the floor

243 views / 4 replies

Richie Rich #1 set   Image Attached

Complete from the 1950s thru 1970s

170 views / 2 replies

Baltimore on the Horizon!!   Image Attached

Here it comes!

162 views / 4 replies


TNERB was the first person I reached out to. Birthday book

238 views / 9 replies

Another batch back from the graders (Part 2)  

More X-Men, New Mutants, and X-Factor doubles

422 views / 4 replies

Potential comics for grading  

The ever growing short box full of cgc potentials. What should I grade...


Another batch back from the graders!  

Submitted 5/5, received 8/14

540 views / 4 replies

TTA 2   Image Attached

I finally got a TTA 2 for my collection

206 views / 1 reply

TTA 2   Image Attached

I finally got a TTA 2 for my collection

159 views / 2 replies

Thee Birthday Book   Image Attached

Or Thank you RonnyLama

210 views / 3 replies

Terror Calafrio   Image Attached

Nice issue from Brazil Comics Hunter...Available now !

282 views / 0 replies

The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC, part four   Image Attached

Sorry this took so long.

602 views / 4 replies

The Excitement of Registry  

How many points can I get?

243 views / 3 replies

Bronze Superman   Image Attached

It's really bronze!

258 views / 4 replies



504 views / 2 replies

Amazing Spiderman Renew Your Vows  

Also completed issue 2 with 4 variants out of 5 known of

355 views / 0 replies

Amazing Spiderman Renew Your Vows  

Just completed issue 1 with only 15 variants out of 17 known...

284 views / 0 replies

Sniffing the Newsprint   Image Attached

Or A a Small Memoir

272 views / 4 replies

New books and quotations.  

If it makes sense someone already said it better than I can


FF versus Deadpool  

The best and the worst of comic movies

236 views / 0 replies

First Long Overdue Journal STORMSHADOW_80   Image Attached

I've been meaning to write a journal entry for some time now.

193 views / 2 replies

Armageddon Now!   Image Attached

Finally Got Around To Another X-Men Book

304 views / 5 replies

My First Comic   Image Attached

Do you remember yours?

286 views / 8 replies

O'Neil And Adams At Their Best   Image Attached

Just Say No To Drugs

277 views / 5 replies

AVENGERS 1   Image Attached


360 views / 6 replies

Lost in collecting- Om's Journal  

This journal will attempt to wrangle my irrational pursuit of an Amazing Spider-Man #1 1963 in a comic book speculator bubble.

247 views / 83 replies

My CGC Experience - Education and Patience  

I have been active with CGC submissions for a little over 2 years now.

340 views / 6 replies

First Submission  

I just sent off to get first 6 titles graded, I hope they come back with a high Grade.

383 views / 8 replies

Lane Again   Image Attached

My Second Adams Lois book

297 views / 6 replies

Cameo 1st Appearances VS 1st Full Appearances In Marvel Comics   Image Attached

Is there any comic book in which the cameo 1st appearance of a character is worth much more than the character's 1st full appearance?

355 views / 13 replies

Mail Call from CGC   Image Attached

Just arrived...

387 views / 12 replies

Conan SAGA MARVEL April 1970   Image Attached

Conan o Barbaro

386 views / 0 replies


"Hero Initiative" Benefit Book

411 views / 0 replies

Vampirella Sede de Sangue 1999   Image Attached

Vampirella Magazines

246 views / 0 replies

Kripta from Brazil   Image Attached

Kripta many editions from Brazil

201 views / 0 replies

Mad from Brazil   Image Attached

Mad Magazines

185 views / 0 replies

first CGC books.  



Can I Compete With the Best GA Collections?  

My goal is to one day win Golden Age set of the year and I thoroughly intend to meet that goal even if it takes me a decade or more but the fun is in the journey. So with the...

331 views / 6 replies

The Quest for a Signature   Image Attached

New Mutants Annual One: Take 3

313 views / 1 reply

CGC vs XXXPHOENIX grading contest PART 14 and MY 1000TH graded book!  

Let's celebrate my 1000th graded book and 202.000 registry points!
...once again no 9.9 :(


Grading Proces.  

Comparing the grade. Estimate vs actual

306 views / 4 replies

Star Wars anyone?   Image Attached

This is by far my best comic book purchase to date..

284 views / 10 replies

Please welcome.. Pa..   Image Attached

...Pacific Presents #4 ?!?


The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC, Part 3   Image Attached

The results are listed but do I dare look.

910 views / 1 reply

WONDER WOMAN 200 Thru 329  

Started collecting WW's for my daughter Scarlett 7-1/2 years ago. It started out as a way to piss off my ex wife but once I had about 50 issues I thought I can do this. ...

353 views / 1 reply

The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC. Part 2  

Oh no, not going to well for CBCS.

923 views / 11 replies

What's in your Tomb?   Image Attached

Tomb Raider most popular collectibles

325 views / 1 reply

The Sagii Tapes -reel one   Image Attached

Reel 0ne (intro)

290 views / 46 replies

Flash 203   Image Attached

Neal's Photo-Realism Gets Real

370 views / 1 reply



428 views / 3 replies


I went to check the status on my books I submitted and the page says there are no books at all.

749 views / 16 replies

Selling the Unsellable   Image Attached

Or I'm getting Married!!!

565 views / 2 replies

FOX vs. CBS vs. C-Span - round 1  

which one will get me my news faster? at a better price? and be more accurate?

331 views / 2 replies

The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC. Part One.   Image Attached

The sound of the crack, the flying of broken plastic, the sheering of the scissors.

1013 views / 1 reply

Jelani's Journal   Image Attached

Just wanted to create a master journal to keep everything all in one place

341 views / 11 replies

Batman Confidential   Image Attached


312 views / 1 reply

What are you carrying?   Image Attached

R.I.P. Rothco Messenger Bag

311 views / 8 replies

The Game of Mint Thrones  

The importance (or not) of a comic 9.8+

349 views / 19 replies

Elektra by Janson   Image Attached

Sorry I deleted Journal by mistake- just reposted-

298 views / 3 replies

You Won This Auction   Image Attached

Pay Seller Now,

645 views / 9 replies

Phoenix Con 2015   Image Attached

Ready for another vacation...

478 views / 6 replies

The Demon   Image Attached

Try it, you'll like it!

385 views / 3 replies
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