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4 Comics Cons a year....  

So many choices....

88 views / 3 replies

Does your significant other know how much you spend on your CGC hobby?  

If you buy CGC books, do you tell your partner how much you actually spend?

135 views / 12 replies

Green Label Of Death? I hope not, ..   Image Attached

I preserved these for a reason. ( live, not to die.)


Suggestions for CGC Awards  

CGC is already starting to post info about the upcoming yearly awards. I've always felt that a job worth doing is a job worth doing right and as far as I know the CGC...

82 views / 8 replies

Submitting books that will come back with a green label.  

Green label questions

138 views / 9 replies

I guess I'm a hypocrite   Image Attached

Said I wouldn't, but I did.

93 views / 3 replies

Kill Your eBay Comic Book Competition - Use Watermarks in Photos   Image Attached

Destroy Your Comic Book Competitors on eBay

132 views / 23 replies



143 views / 3 replies

Signatures, Cross Country Conventions, and the Money Conundrum.   Image Attached

Or nothing but work.

95 views / 4 replies

New to CGC  

Happy to be here as a member of CGC!

109 views / 8 replies easy Quiz for FF-FOOM, - (Can you place this page?)   Image Attached

(...apologies for the orientation of the image.)


FITS, anyone?   Image Attached

I am convulsing, with laughter,
I just got another one w/F-I-T-S.


Truly HER-O-WICC: Gemma. ...looking at this 'set req. list' (w/ breath-held) it seemed..   Image Attached

'without', 'with', 'interior', 'exterior', and


CGC Archaeology 101   Image Attached

Searching through the trash of yesteryear in search of treasures, just like Indiana Jones.

212 views / 8 replies

Hopelessly Overpriced On Ebay  

Some Sellers Need To Wake Up

518 views / 23 replies

What a great shopping day!   Image Attached

The treasures that await at your local swapmeet.

270 views / 4 replies

Megacon Results - Booster Gold   Image Attached

A Boost to my collection!

287 views / 8 replies

What to do...   Image Attached

what to work on...

184 views / 5 replies

Question on Storing CGC Comics  

Is there a best position to store them in? In other words laid flat on it's front, on it's back, on the bottom edge, on the side edge, on the top edge etc...

257 views / 11 replies

SHOWCASE...more first appearances than MOST   Image Attached

I have always been a #1 issue or first appearance collector. I have since come to an epiphany that Showcase fits.
There are many that are out of my league but, for the...

177 views / 3 replies

The Amazing Fantasy that was ECCC 2014   Image Attached

Some things, like Disneyland, you just have to experience for yourself...

291 views / 19 replies

MY FIRST NOGRADE (NG)... and the strange story of the mysterious UOMO RAGNO (Spider-Man) #59   Image Attached

The Mistery and the Hoax

235 views / 6 replies

ECCC   Image Attached

Quick thoughts - before I take a nap

152 views / 1 reply

Selling modern books in eBay  

Selling boooks in eBay

118 views / 0 replies

ECCC with 4 very cool friends   Image Attached

TNERB And Surfer Disney on Saturday. Note Lee K is at Klaus Janson table and Shivabali is somewhere out between....We all got 'er done

109 views / 2 replies

Selling on eBay  

Selling most of my books

140 views / 0 replies

Graphic Novels back from CGC with great results!   Image Attached

One of the hardest graphic novels to receive a 9.8 grade on.

134 views / 3 replies

ECCC: Day 1   Image Attached

Or Having a great day with friends.

129 views / 3 replies

Megacon Results - One Comic, Three Sets   Image Attached

Maximizing your point increase.

137 views / 5 replies

Marvel Superheroes #18 The Sky Is The Limit!  

Or should I say to the moon :)

206 views / 3 replies

CGC and the Flight to ECCC   Image Attached

Ok, so the flight is to Seattle, with a stop over in San Francisco.

186 views / 5 replies

Megacon Rsults - Bargain Basement   Image Attached

One Dollar Goodness!

140 views / 0 replies

CGC and Meeting my Idol   Image Attached

Or the cosplay scene at Megacon 2014

222 views / 2 replies

Daredevil 9.9 Quest   Image Attached

Frank Miller DDs in 9.9 - collect them all!

187 views / 3 replies

Megacon Results - Pre 80's   Image Attached

My only Economy submissions.

203 views / 5 replies

Finally Sent My First Submission  

The first journal from a newbie

274 views / 9 replies

Megacon Results - Marvel Graphic Novels   Image Attached

Here is my second Megacon update!

277 views / 15 replies

Freshly Graded Minor Marvel Key First Appearance's   Image Attached

Finally got my Avengers #28 and MSH#18 back!

169 views / 3 replies

CGC and the Day After   Image Attached

Or a job well done

222 views / 8 replies

Megacon Results - Dazzler   Image Attached

Let the journals begin!

171 views / 12 replies

X-Men - Towards The End Of The Original Run   Image Attached

Adams X-Men

210 views / 3 replies

CGC and Quality Control   Image Attached

Or I'm thankful for their customer service

269 views / 0 replies

Such A Rush!!   Image Attached

Dushku delirium!

186 views / 5 replies

My Neal Adams Grail   Image Attached


168 views / 1 reply

CGC and the Second Day   Image Attached

Or I'm finished until next week.

235 views / 3 replies

CGC and the First Day   Image Attached

Or Ouch

281 views / 4 replies

I'm back  

3 weeks later

87 views / 4 replies

CGC and the Line   Image Attached

Or the first line of many

261 views / 5 replies

And so it begins   Image Attached

Go-Go Checks

212 views / 14 replies

CGC and the Flight to Megacon   Image Attached

Or this journal has nothing to do with the flight.

372 views / 3 replies

I'm not Gonna Peek Part II   Image Attached

The Results are in.......

246 views / 9 replies

Being the First!!   Image Attached

Setting the mark.

209 views / 1 reply

Cannot believe this actually exists.   Image Attached


295 views / 11 replies

Marvel Mania   Image Attached

Anyone remember this restaurant...

191 views / 5 replies

Can we introduce OATS (One At Top Spot), or..   Image Attached

..OATTS (What?)


CGC and a The Comic Book Convention   Image Attached

Or the quest for the perfect set

206 views / 4 replies

Three 4 Thursday!   Image Attached


338 views / 0 replies

Another Cover That Just "Grabbed" Me   Image Attached

HOM Creepiness

465 views / 0 replies

T minus 10   Image Attached

or is it T minus 13?

or 14?

171 views / 3 replies

Meeting Cap and Thor   Image Attached

These guys are ever cooler in person...

234 views / 7 replies

But, They're in very good condition   Image Attached

Or Mint? No thanks, I've got gum.

449 views / 5 replies

Sci-Fi before the Space Age  

...when all we had was our imaginations

142 views / 20 replies



553 views / 1 reply

CGC is on FIRE  

I wrote less than a week ago that I managed to make it back into the top 500. A few days later I was bumped out again. Today it would take me over 300 registry points to get...

404 views / 2 replies

MP #7   Image Attached

So this is Rockets 1st App..

177 views / 1 reply

Three 4 Thursday!   Image Attached

Part XXV - Even on a Saturday...

157 views / 3 replies

Order 66   Image Attached

It's not about Star Wars, it's not.

267 views / 7 replies

Gone from the Top 500  

Well, that didn't take long

163 views / 5 replies

I'm not gonna peek!  

It's on it's way back!

178 views / 10 replies

A crazy dream  

Should I draw and self publish a comic even though I am not an artist?

180 views / 36 replies

Really, I deserved that look?...   Image Attached

...or... the REAL value of your local comic shop....

210 views / 5 replies

Countdown   Image Attached

Trickling, trickling down goes the number...smaller and smaller...

186 views / 9 replies

Starting Over From Scratch (Basically)  

Nowhere to go but up...

175 views / 12 replies

Back in the Top 500   Image Attached

I have managed to get back into the top 500, at least for the time being, but it took a big 1100 registry point comic to get me there and I'm just hanging on by a thread. My...

175 views / 6 replies

Battling a Budget   Image Attached

Or on the precipice.

273 views / 5 replies

Week #1 of Journal entries   Image Attached

Getting an amazing sketch and a amazing book and dealing with managing money and comics.

176 views / 6 replies

ETERNALS (1976-1978 Kirby) SET COMPLETED !!!!   Image Attached 9.4 and higher!

160 views / 9 replies

Now I wait  

Nope, no shipment off to CGC

144 views / 2 replies

Is Tony the Tiger actually Tawky Tawny   Image Attached

You Decide

157 views / 7 replies

This week from my LCS   Image Attached

Picked up a couple of nice issues...

237 views / 7 replies

Books Back From the Grader (part 4 of 4)   Image Attached

It's finally over!

253 views / 9 replies

Three 4 Thursday!   Image Attached

Part XXIII - Guardians Vol. 3 Set Available!

141 views / 4 replies

A more resourceful CGC database?   Image Attached

Or, a Picture will tell me exactly what to buy...

174 views / 5 replies

(16) EARLY 3rd DITKO 1953 KIRBY and SIMON   Image Attached

One of those books that just make me cringe with artistic awesomeness

171 views / 6 replies

two months   Image Attached

no purchases...

210 views / 4 replies

Iron Man's Confession   Image Attached

A bitter farewell

185 views / 3 replies

RIP Harold Ramis!!!   Image Attached

The first Ghostbuster to become a ghost...

156 views / 15 replies

Mar-Vell In Marvel Super-Heroes   Image Attached

Sorry Silverage Collector

155 views / 11 replies

Books Back From the Grader (part 3 of 4)   Image Attached

Man, this stuff is taking its sweet time coming back!

172 views / 8 replies

How I got into comic collecting!!  

The story of how it all began...

135 views / 12 replies

Cons of a new Con   Image Attached

And a few pros too!

198 views / 9 replies

The Beauty of Cover Art for Comic Books   Image Attached

I don't like signatures on my comics unless it is by the artist responsible for the actual cover art.

165 views / 4 replies

The Return of Rai   Image Attached

Rai #0 CGC 9.9 Universal

148 views / 13 replies

Three 4 Thursday!   Image Attached

Part XXIII - Guardians Trailer is Out!

146 views / 3 replies

In Praise of Newsstand Editions  

Or "How I came to love the UPC"

293 views / 24 replies

The Bills are alive with Music   Image Attached

Or, who needs a new car when I can have a wallet full of Bills.

286 views / 1 reply

Helloooo Sienkiewicz Cover Set!!!!   Image Attached


251 views / 21 replies

Selling a lot of my collection  

Selling a lot of my collection. Its time to start fresh

A lot of higher grade books are going up for sale soon

323 views / 12 replies

A Pair of Jacks!   Image Attached

No, I am not talking about poker, though I DO play poker.

194 views / 4 replies

The perils of an international comic collector...   Image Attached

...or how I learned to miss Emerald City Comicon 2014.

270 views / 6 replies
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