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...another one-of-a-kind,   Image Attached

and another Number 1 Set.



I just got back 60 books from being graded. I am quite excited and felt the need to share this one as I love the Showcase books

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When I got my..   Image Attached



Hulk 324   Image Attached

Cgc 9.4

90 views / 0 replies

Where and When?   Image Attached

Is eBay what it used to be?

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Recently added   Image Attached

1959 Grey tone

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Recently added   Image Attached


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Act 1: Revelation  

Me and my wife got married on the 22nd of August, 2016.

Really nice venue, friends and family. Everything was perfect.

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Love and Rockets is back,   Image Attached

and ... Cerebus ... is in Hell.


If its not one thing, ...   Image Attached

then its .. Strange Days #3.


Act 0: Prologue   Image Attached

I'm 30, happily married and I've never been to a comic convention.

I've been around the forums for a bit, I've bought some nice comics, tried to...

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2016 was a good year for my G.I. Combat set   Image Attached

253 out of 289!

90 views / 2 replies

Last year The Muppets..   Image Attached

came to Hippie Hill, ..


Best2u Makes a Good Point...   Image Attached

We're slacking on the journals!

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Well, it's a new year. I'm going to commit to one rant every week this year.   Image Attached

All rants will be comic related.

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Eisner Award for Best Single Issue, 1988   Image Attached

Art Adams, (with Bob Burden for Gumby Summer Fun Special #1)[13]


A new screen to look at !!!!!!   Image Attached


199 views / 2 replies

2016: A Year In Review  

What happened, who did what and more in this exciting, not to miss entry!

200 views / 1 reply

First time CGCer has some questions.  

Please help I'm going bonkers not knowing !!!!!!!

319 views / 7 replies

Black Suit Set Complete   Image Attached

Worth the wait...

158 views / 9 replies

Just Back From CGC   Image Attached


235 views / 3 replies

Round Robin  

Should grading agencies exchange graded comics to ensure accuracy across the board?

127 views / 3 replies

Shill Watch  

Friends don't let friends get shilled.

172 views / 8 replies

Now the waiting game starts.  


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G.I. Combat 1969-1970 Kubert Cover   Image Attached

Just Added!

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Weird War Tales 8   Image Attached

Another Adams Holy Grail To Add

102 views / 3 replies

Recently added   Image Attached

1968 Russ Heath cover

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Here's Another Newbie.   Image Attached

(Some might call it an OAK.)


Registry Additions for "Qualified Signature Series"  

Recent issues with the additions of "Qualified Signature Series" books to the Registry.

201 views / 2 replies

What is wrong, with this picture?   Image Attached

(CGC Book 232)



My experience.

150 views / 0 replies

Weeding out the doubles, unwanted, and, what was I thinking.   Image Attached

Should I really be selling these on eBay?

164 views / 1 reply

Limited to Only 100 & CGC's New Case   Image Attached

Darkness and Tomb Raider / Witchblade and Tomb Raider / CGC New Case

341 views / 4 replies

The road to Xavier's school.  

This Journal will be to document my journey to complete a volume 1 X-Men collection.

170 views / 5 replies

SMASHCON   Image Attached

Witchblade #178 SMASHCON Edition

208 views / 0 replies

By The Numbers  

Follow Pike as he plans his future events and gives breakdowns of his past and future adventures in Comics.

195 views / 38 replies

Silver Age Phantom Stranger   Image Attached

Nice Showcase Cover By Neal Adams

221 views / 2 replies

By The Numbers  

Follow Pike as he plans his future events and gives breakdowns of his past and future adventures in Comics.

194 views / 5 replies

Just Added!   Image Attached


174 views / 2 replies

Kraven's Last Hunt   Image Attached

Another SS set completed!

196 views / 8 replies

New from ComicLink   Image Attached

What the heck is a sock story

182 views / 2 replies

Just Added!   Image Attached


170 views / 0 replies

Free the Hands!!!  

One of the most ingenious inventions since smartphones.

239 views / 0 replies

X-Men in Hong Kong   Image Attached

Comics bring the World together!!

234 views / 3 replies

Punisher Limited Series   Image Attached

Had to do it...

258 views / 11 replies

Latest additions!   Image Attached

All Kubert covers

289 views / 2 replies

Lost in the Fantastic Worlds of Comics: from toys, to books, to gaming, to art, and now slabs  

A newcomer's entry into the world of graded and slabbed books; a trip that started 30+ years ago

237 views / 5 replies

Newest addition   Image Attached

G.I. Combat 81

305 views / 0 replies

I should have left well enough alone  

My latest pressing experience

413 views / 9 replies

Spectre 2   Image Attached

Early DC Work By Adams

244 views / 1 reply

A different Quest   Image Attached

Sad the closer it nears

333 views / 0 replies

Recent grades, recent pickups and the "other " other guys.   Image Attached

I popped out a book from the "other " other guys to see if I was right. Thanks for the idea Tnerb.

487 views / 6 replies

Fan Expo Canada Variants  

Should these be technically considered 'International Comics'?

422 views / 3 replies

Are my rose colored glasses affecting my vision?  

Oh, that trip back in memory lane.

523 views / 10 replies

CGC or the Other Guys...   Image Attached

First off let us state who the other guys are. If they are not CGC, then they are the other guys.

595 views / 3 replies

CGC and the New Case   Image Attached

Or Let's forget about Surfing

584 views / 5 replies

CGC, PLEASE HAVE MY BABY!!!   Image Attached

I love you so much

414 views / 10 replies

CGC IS MY FRIEND   Image Attached

Getting tired of seeing You Tube Threads on CGC

362 views / 20 replies

Recent acquisitions, etc.  

I thought I would post some of the interesting books I pick up at conventions and the LCS. Since I collect GGA, precode horror, precode romance, GA superhero when I can get...

258 views / 0 replies

Rusty Skrulls and Sunken Treens   Image Attached

Dan Dare doesn't know it, but...

444 views / 33 replies

Comic collection has grown.   Image Attached

When is a good time to grade?

416 views / 7 replies

What have you Lost Lately?   Image Attached

Or I have been "Wallaced" once again.

443 views / 3 replies

Wolverine #1 CGC 9.9 WP: 1st Wolverine as Patch!   Image Attached

"Then Came Number Thirteen!"

538 views / 23 replies

School's out...   Image Attached


270 views / 2 replies

Hulk 181 Grail Call   Image Attached

A book I've dreamed of owning since I was a kid. :-)

346 views / 4 replies

Harry's Marvellous Meanderings through the Comic Book World  

A tale of pithy reviews, low-grade abominations and generally fuzzy collecting.

247 views / 135 replies

1st Universal 9.8 of Cerebus 54   Image Attached

Origin & 1st full appearance of Wolveroach


..., why this stumped CGC.   Image Attached

I couldn't figure out.


Rich Man's Hobby?   Image Attached

Another Awesome Sale Of Action 1

706 views / 2 replies

Recent additions and some random thoughts.   Image Attached

Recent auctions- when to hang it up and a pet peeve of mine.

303 views / 3 replies

Saga of the swamp thing 37  

How I got my saga of the swamp thing 37 cgc 9.8

305 views / 0 replies

I like TGA: 1, & TGA: 0, but...   Image Attached

Would you not call this an OAK ?!?


Not a Key but still pretty nice for the age and price.   Image Attached


405 views / 6 replies

Todays Underground  

This journal will showcase 1 underground comic a day

252 views / 123 replies

Another TGA: 0   Image Attached



Again, please welcome...   Image Attached

(Can I have a drum roll, please?)


...No Cover Price, on this FCC No. 19,   Image Attached

this FIRST, 1st CGCd, ...


This cover beats that cover.   Image Attached

(in my.. findings and recommendations....)


CGC did not distinguish..   Image Attached

on this book..


Please welcome...   Image Attached

(drum roll please)


Here is The Front cover, or the back of the case.   Image Attached

(of Zap #9)


CGC got this book backwards, ...   Image Attached

but ..

226 views / 2 replies

New from ComicLink   Image Attached

Also, where are all the people posting journals?

257 views / 7 replies

Rip-Tales: My weekly adventures in comic hunting both past and present  

My Adventures in Comic Hunting

419 views / 18 replies

J51: The Grand Finale!   Image Attached

..., or..


G.I. Combat - Best In Set Type   Image Attached

Best Silver Age Set?

436 views / 8 replies

Comic Found   Image Attached

follow-up to..

Comic Not Found


Two More Additions   Image Attached

Thanks to Ronnylama for the suggestion.

344 views / 5 replies

Adam Hughes   Image Attached

Wonder Woman

414 views / 2 replies

Latest Addition   Image Attached

ASM 12

350 views / 3 replies

J49: CGC Book 175   Image Attached

..., or the 1113th, 9.6, or the 3567th, overall !


What Do I Need To Get Now?... Revisited  

Re-asking the question I posed on 4-7-15.

424 views / 3 replies

Latest From CGC 2   Image Attached

A pair of early Daredevils

426 views / 0 replies

Latest From CGC   Image Attached

High Grade Pre-Hero

385 views / 0 replies

Latest From CGC   Image Attached

High Grade Pre-Hero

289 views / 0 replies

QC while shipping  

Rant of the quality in which comics arrive.

378 views / 2 replies

9.4 Uncanny X Men 232   Image Attached

Marc Silvestri

392 views / 0 replies

New CGC holder  

Update on my 1st new holder

436 views / 7 replies

Another Nice Auction Win   Image Attached

Magnum Force

445 views / 2 replies

High Grade Conan Acquired   Image Attached

Adams Inking Not Noted

498 views / 4 replies
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