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Not going this year.

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3 Days Left for Batman (2011)   Image Attached

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2014 Registry Award   Image Attached

I Won

368 views / 13 replies

The Mantel   Image Attached

August 1972

239 views / 4 replies

September-23-14 New Beginning  

Comic Journey the CGC Way.


Newest Darkhawk CGC SS!   Image Attached


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Do you have a Diamond?

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Collecting Overseas  

Painfully fun

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Why No Titles in CGC Competive Sets   Image Attached

It Is frustrating that when your book comes back and there is not a competive set listing for It what do you do?....What Gives!!!!??

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Batman (2011) on Comiclink   Image Attached

Own a 3-time CGC Best in Set Type Collection

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The Deadpool Craze!   Image Attached

I figured this would happen once they announced the Movie...

153 views / 7 replies

The Bafflement of points   Image Attached

Or...How I learned to relax and love the bomb

146 views / 11 replies

This Years Final Four Part 2  

The Grades are in.

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cgc grading back cover   Image Attached


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cgc grading   Image Attached


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Needing Help with Bronze   Image Attached

Or Learning all over again.

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Fantastic Four 103 CGC 9.4SS   Image Attached

Latest addition and one step away...

238 views / 8 replies

Testing, testing 1-2-3.2   Image Attached

And the winner is?

150 views / 3 replies

Sept 2 - took another wander at lunch - BA ASM  

NY metro area tough for LCS but still managed to come across a few nice books.

182 views / 4 replies

Pickups August 26  

some BA ASM
some Star Wars
and a symbiote

123 views / 1 reply

How many days?  

15 business days and CGC is still at step 1 - Verified.

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My Baltimore Comic Con Stats  

Cannot wait until next year already


Brawling Vision   Image Attached

Adams Avengers

176 views / 4 replies

My Baltimore 2014 Experience   Image Attached

Not as many books this year, but more fun than last year!!

182 views / 7 replies

My Biggest Purchase Yet   Image Attached

There were only a handful of highest grade issues available and I let one slip through my fingers so I was determined to try and avoid it happening again. World Wide Comics...

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Baltimore Comic Con: Day 2   Image Attached

George Perez, Mister Miracle, and most recently, lost wallets.

179 views / 6 replies

Singapore Toys & Comics Convention 2014   Image Attached

Slight improvement from last year...

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Business days that is.

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CGC cases   Image Attached


177 views / 5 replies

Ant Man -- Marvel Feature 1973   Image Attached

Latest finds from my LCS...

131 views / 3 replies

CGC at Baltimore: Day One   Image Attached

Or how many is too many?

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The Dark Side of Collecting  

Back in the late 80's early 90's I got heavily into sports card collecting and if you know anything about the hobby at the time you're probably already letting out a sigh. The...

232 views / 8 replies

Speaketh and Ye Shall Be Heard  

Complaineth, and Ye Too Shall Also be Heard

Chapter XVII Verse II - Book of Spexx

145 views / 1 reply

SS Early Swamp Thing Issues.   Image Attached

Both Wein and Wrightson had a hand in signing these :)

145 views / 6 replies

Testing, testing 1-2-3.1  

Look who pulls ahead.

192 views / 1 reply

I would definitely do it again!   Image Attached

(Re-adding this so it posts on the message boards)...

183 views / 13 replies

Labels Labels Labels!!!   Image Attached

Baltimore, Here I come!

223 views / 12 replies

Sea Changes  

Just a couple of thoughts after reading the ongoing discussion about CGC and TOC ( the other compnay ) as people weigh in.

216 views / 7 replies

New Comic Shops   Image Attached

They really aren't about the comics...

235 views / 7 replies

Darkseid/Metron vs Thanos   Image Attached

Who's your daddy?

139 views / 4 replies

CBCS vs. CGC: An Opening Salvo  

Or Please Don't Delete Me


Darkseid vs Thanos   Image Attached

Kirby vs Starlin

122 views / 2 replies

Just my darn luck  

It had to happen to me.

172 views / 2 replies

Its just us, too  

What a world, What a world!

190 views / 8 replies


I am a big Kirky fan and I want to share what I feel.

186 views / 12 replies

its not just you  

It once was, but is not now

192 views / 2 replies

Is It Just Me  

Or was there a post this morning that is mysteriously gone this afternoon

172 views / 0 replies

That's weird  

Can't post a new topic to the forums

206 views / 5 replies

Well, that took long enough...  

Finally here and worth the wait!


ASM 121 and 122 - a lesson in pressing  

ASM 121 9.2

ASM 122 6.5

what a little distributor ink won't do...

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If they weren't thrown away in the first place.   Image Attached

Did you watch the final seconds tick away as the ending bids kept increasing.

202 views / 4 replies

Chicago Comic-Con 2014 Submissions & the CGC Registry  

If you are planning on or trying to register books that were submitted at Chicago Comic-Con please read this note.

189 views / 1 reply

$3,207,852 - Action Comics 1 CGC 9.0  

All Hail The New Record Holder!

254 views / 11 replies

A Little like Surfer; More like Fleas   Image Attached

If I can't afford Action Comics #1, isn't this the next best thing?

211 views / 3 replies

Batman Adventures #12 (1st. Harley Quinn) pre-packaged found today!   Image Attached

That's right, found my modern age grail :)

232 views / 9 replies

Superman VS Spiderman  

Warning: Choking Hazard!!

Child Precaution: Not suitable for young children - It will devastate their childhood.

196 views / 3 replies

A Sellers Hell....   Image Attached

how long will it take?

267 views / 12 replies

Hulk 181 CGC SS   Image Attached

I managed not to peek...

268 views / 11 replies

The Bouncing Grade Mystery   Image Attached

My dear Watson,

203 views / 9 replies


Pedigrees or keys?

215 views / 5 replies

Bidding on SuperMan's First Appearance   Image Attached

When a Million Dollars is not Enough

308 views / 7 replies

Marvel Trivia   Image Attached

True or False...

174 views / 5 replies

Hit Girl   Image Attached

New Set added

206 views / 1 reply

Don't you just hate it when . . .  

Don't you just hate it when . . .

252 views / 5 replies

ASM #151  

Ask and ye shall receive!

198 views / 2 replies

My four free CGC submission results - sub'd 6/14/14 - received 8/13/14  

4 ASM books I have owned since the mid 80's
Joining a club!

230 views / 4 replies

Sidebar journal - made a good pass today  

took a shot at joining the xmen 94 club today...

sometimes you have to feel good about the purchases you don't make

180 views / 2 replies

Action Comics 1  


205 views / 2 replies

Could I Win Best Presentation?  

My goal had been to win Golden Age set of the year and it's a very very long term goal but I'm starting to think my chances are better in the Best Presentation category as...

173 views / 4 replies

June 14, 2014 - my first comic show in 24 years... Javitz Ctr NYC... first CGC submission  

Mining a short box last actively managed in 2002...

first show purchase in 28 years...

first CGC submission...

173 views / 6 replies

CBT's Collecting Journal  

Updated whenever new books arrive

174 views / 6 replies

Nothing new   Image Attached

I have basically stop collecting new comics. I decided this with ASM 1 (2014). To put that money into older books that I want.

180 views / 4 replies

X-Men #94 Returns   Image Attached

New Team Begins!!

149 views / 4 replies

Welcome to the World of Self-Publishing: An Interview with Bradley Potts, Owner of Gateway Comics and Writer and Creator of Stalker: Donning the Mask Graphic Novel   Image Attached

We all read and collect comic books, but how many of us dare to live the dream? What dream you ask...?... Creating and publishing your very own comic book. Think of the thrill...

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Heart Throbs 120   Image Attached

Intense Adams Cover

176 views / 4 replies

June 2014 - Find the box  

2003 - brigth idea - sell the bulk of my bronze and copper age collection on this new thing called eBay and keep one short box of ASM gems... queue the regret melody...

195 views / 0 replies


What's the benefit of not selling your overpriced comic?

349 views / 2 replies

Enough with the Death's already!  

Wolverine going down for the count? I don't think so.

268 views / 4 replies

My First CGC Silver Age Submitted books!   Image Attached

And OCC copies as well!

338 views / 9 replies

My triumphant (and bewildering) return to Comics  

Watch as I over pay for raw books, oversubscribe to paid service knowledge bases, oversubmit to CGC, and become totally consumed with acquiring key books while all the while...

255 views / 7 replies

Testing, Testing 1-2-3.0  

It has begun!

191 views / 0 replies

DC Presents #26   Image Attached

1st Cyborg,Raven and intro of New Teen Titans.

178 views / 1 reply

Real Hulk 1   Image Attached

The Hulk is GREEN!!!

228 views / 3 replies

The Batman Archives   Image Attached

I'll be down in archives, doing some research if you need me.

205 views / 4 replies

Books Arrived from ECCC   Image Attached

No peeking...

287 views / 8 replies

Waiting for Legends  

Will they ever come?

243 views / 7 replies

A Curious Effect   Image Attached

Does CGC take CBCS as a serious threat to their business model.

330 views / 15 replies

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3   Image Attached

The comparison begins here.

246 views / 3 replies

Thank You, Hank Pym   Image Attached

Or, what I saw at CGC.

229 views / 9 replies

My second con - Tampa Comic-Con  

I came with a list, and found key issues I had been looking for

195 views / 5 replies

When a Variant Hurts   Image Attached

Will they or won't they??? The Mile High SDCC drama unfolds.

306 views / 5 replies

Comic Book Rehab  

The market is killing me.

200 views / 6 replies

The Fun That Was TBCC!!   Image Attached

Another Con Down!!

221 views / 7 replies

Look at all this stuff!!!   Image Attached

Here are some of my favorites!

176 views / 4 replies

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Sucks; No Spoilers  

Ill try not to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

289 views / 11 replies

That Raccoon   Image Attached

Was able to snag another solid copy of Marvel Preview #7...

322 views / 2 replies

Ebay Auctions  

Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose

440 views / 6 replies

Waking Up to a Package   Image Attached

I thought I would have to wait all day.

259 views / 7 replies

Missing Opportunities  

Creating the best Captain Marvel Adventures set requires striking while the iron is hot so it kills me to miss out on so many opportunities.

147 views / 2 replies

Cutting Back!   Image Attached

Two shows instead of one.

196 views / 1 reply
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