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Up in smoke  

A quarter gone

74 views / 2 replies

9.6 Uncanny X-MEN #222   Image Attached

Wolverine vs Sabretooh.

64 views / 0 replies

Comics Hulk   Image Attached

The Incredible Hulk

155 views / 0 replies

Finally Numero Uno  

It's taken me years and a bit of cash but I am finally in the top spot in Captain Marvel Adventures.

235 views / 4 replies

VF 8.0 fantastic four 76   Image Attached


270 views / 3 replies

New Cases Meh   Image Attached

I thought they would be better.

390 views / 10 replies

A New One on Me  

SO I was working on acquiring a new comic for my Captain Marvel Adventure collection and was working on trying to find a price we could both agree on. This went on for awhile...

275 views / 9 replies

Northeastern Ontario Antique, Collectible & Nostalgia Show  

Adventures in Selling

248 views / 15 replies

Soupe Du Jour   Image Attached

Here is..

..another TGA: 1.


Another Comparison Test  

What did it prove?

278 views / 4 replies

To Dina,   Image Attached

Wherever you go; wherever you are.



IT is not Religion...It is COMICS

292 views / 7 replies

WARNING, WARNING,   Image Attached

Centered covers a must

467 views / 3 replies

MILESTONE #2 Revised   Image Attached

The 599th and 600th issues added to my "Fantastic Four with all Variants Set"

211 views / 0 replies

One More Auction Win   Image Attached

Conan Windsor-Smith Rules!

279 views / 0 replies

MILESTONE #2   Image Attached

The 599th and 600th issues.


45: Kickin' Wall Street's..   Image Attached

..What !?


OAK Acquisition   Image Attached

Oh, What A Feeling!

195 views / 5 replies

G lad L ove O verrides D ebate   Image Attached

I, finally, found it,


Rare MLK comic  

From Great Pick to Conterfeit to Reprint


Total Graded At: ...   Image Attached



Daredevil #168 CGC 9.8 WP: Origin & 1st Appearance of Elektra!   Image Attached

With only 6 days away from the release of Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix (March 18, 2016), another major character will make their debut in the series along with the Punisher, ...

334 views / 16 replies

Original Art and Sketches   Image Attached

My first OA pieces...

246 views / 2 replies

Value 40 day turnaround time  

Did I read it right?

302 views / 4 replies

Comic Not Found   Image Attached

Search again


World's Finest   Image Attached

Originally written for PopCultureUncovered with the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie to be released. I hope I did it justice.

242 views / 4 replies

Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 9.8 WP: 1st Appearance of the Punisher (Frank Castle)!   Image Attached

In anticipation of the release of Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix on March 18, 2016, I have decided to share my recent acquisitions and commentary specific to the new characters...

385 views / 16 replies

Pressing   Image Attached

Is it good or bad?

387 views / 12 replies

G.I. Combat   Image Attached

200 out of 289

219 views / 5 replies

Adventure Comics 38   Image Attached

Sending this gem out

225 views / 0 replies

[Imaging] Donald Trump, 1986.   Image Attached

Hey Fanboy! ..., another first.

(Thanks, Bob!)


Is it fair to call a 6.0 "high grade"?  

Where does "high grade" begin?

285 views / 12 replies

Talia Recap  

The Stats For All To See

162 views / 0 replies

#3 Lady Death set in the registry  

Can't afford to keep her!

143 views / 0 replies

One More Grandenetti 1957   Image Attached

1st DC GI Combat & Grey tone #44

131 views / 1 reply

Another Grandenetti Grey Tone   Image Attached

G.I. Combat # 79


Grandenetti Art   Image Attached

Grey tone cover Our Army At War #60


Talia Has Become Super Hot   Image Attached

First Appearance With An Adams Cover

251 views / 5 replies

When should I submit?   Image Attached

GI Combat, Our Army At War


Cgc Superman 205 comic thor 133   Image Attached

White Pages

180 views / 0 replies

New Craig Flessel covers   Image Attached

I've finally decided to get more serious about collecting pre super hero Flessel covers.

172 views / 4 replies

The Freaking Big Five DC war collecting bug bit me right is the "spoon"  

Big Five DC war is going to happen

295 views / 77 replies

Doctor Who (Titan) - Completing Runs   Image Attached

The aim - every series, every variant

249 views / 1 reply

Warlock   Image Attached

Mes comics sont arrivés ce matin,et rien à dire sur l'état.

303 views / 8 replies

Where is my head at ? Where am I going with this  

Thoughts of possible new purchase

261 views / 12 replies

Not as excited as I was.  

Finger bends?

267 views / 0 replies

Peter Grubbs   Image Attached

Does anyone know where this guy went?


CGC Book 150   Image Attached

For 45 points it is not much, but....


...another first, but image, ...yet!  

So, please welcome.... HUP #1, 30 years later.


Fifty Five Years and Counting No my parents did not throw away my comics. Part Two  

I have more comics then I thought!

281 views / 3 replies

CGC Tragedy  

Maybe not tragic but unfortunate.

426 views / 5 replies

An Ongoing Story : Living Up To The Definition of A Saga  

The story of a new collector going after the heroes from his childhood and the series that got him into starting a collection of comic books in the first place.

349 views / 2 replies

hulk   Image Attached

Encore du hulk pour ma collection.

426 views / 3 replies

Where is my head at ? Where am I going with this  

LCS trip


Where is my head at ? Where am I going with this  

Journey - What and where am I going with this


Weaving the Web: Building a Complete AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Run  

A noble quest to build an Amazing Spider-Man collection

316 views / 40 replies

Annual hulk   Image Attached


372 views / 1 reply

Hulk 181 Consolation prize   Image Attached

And it's the single highest graded! Lol

436 views / 2 replies



369 views / 5 replies

100%, but not Complete.   Image Attached

Wolverine (1988) reaches a midpoint milestone.

365 views / 2 replies

Some Recent Additions To The Collection and 2016 goals.   Image Attached

A personal goal was hit.

420 views / 4 replies

Decisions Decisions Which comics to submit to CGC?  

Silver Age versus Modern comics. Which to submit first? A real approach-approach decision.

410 views / 5 replies

Newbs Investigation through Experimentation regarding Conservation  

I dont know what I am doing.....but I have never let that stop me before.

321 views / 41 replies

Things that I have read  

Oh, I have to enter a teaser do I ? We will see...

289 views / 3 replies

My First Qualified   Image Attached

Adams Does Batman/Enemy Ace

347 views / 5 replies

Fifty Five Years and Counting No my parents did not throw away my comics.  

Who would think a disposable pastime like a comic book would turn into an avocation and remain a passion over half a century.

337 views / 5 replies

Discoveries from My Parents Basement  

This Journal will be my journey through thrift shops, selling toys, flipping comics, and trying to complete my list.

448 views / 4 replies

Enter the Black Suit   Image Attached

Latest addition...

295 views / 6 replies

the one who actually didnt get away  

Well yes it was christmas morning i was super bummed about Loseing the other night a bid online for a cgc human torch 1975 but i was still greatfulfor the holidays but all...

500 views / 10 replies

X-Men 100   Image Attached

Great Book At A Great Price

405 views / 2 replies

Happy New Year 2016!   Image Attached

Happy Hunting!

297 views / 0 replies

It's Year in Review Time...   Image Attached

Yes, it's 1/2 thank yous, 1/2 eulogy, 1/2 goals accomplished, 1/2 goals to finish, 1/2 reflection, 1/2 looking ahead.

306 views / 2 replies

2015: A Year In Review  

Some of you may say I made some poor decisions. Some of you may say, I'm crazy. But I sold my holy grail, Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 4.0 No MC for a bunch of Modern Age...

380 views / 9 replies

The chase   Image Attached

Is 9.8 really worth the prices they go for.

365 views / 8 replies

My Store from start to finish  

Opening my store in a few months and figured i would document the process as i have time.

420 views / 80 replies


Holidays for Reflection

333 views / 7 replies

Merry Christmas from Witchblade   Image Attached

Awesome Randy Green Cover

281 views / 0 replies

Recent CGC books just In   Image Attached

Hard searching pays off.

419 views / 1 reply


Star Wars is fun again!!! AGAIN, *** SPOILERS ***

272 views / 1 reply

Santa came a little early this year.   Image Attached

I guess it pays being a good big boy this year.

284 views / 1 reply

My First Two Custom Sets  

I decided to create a few custom sets and naturally based them both on Captain Marvel Adventures. My first is the legendary Monster Society of Evil run which lasted 25 issues. ...

285 views / 0 replies

The one who got away  

Well hello again im still rageing from last nights failure too secure my first cgc comic so i was up late last night

350 views / 10 replies

1990's Comics  

....or, Staring At Creases...and I don't mean the ones that have grown around my eyes...

298 views / 4 replies

The edowens71 Comic Journal  

aka...Diary of an EC Completist.

301 views / 148 replies

CGC 9.6 Fantastic Four #527   Image Attached

Wizard World Philadelphia

344 views / 0 replies

CGC 9.8 Fantastic Four #554   Image Attached


306 views / 1 reply

My 2015 CGC Year in Review   Image Attached

I added six new comics to my Captain Marvel Adventures collecting in 2015 which was more than expected but I came across several can't miss auction items late in the year. ...

318 views / 6 replies

Comic Room   Image Attached

Do you have one?

346 views / 6 replies

CGC 9.6 Fantastic Four #223   Image Attached

White Pages

515 views / 1 reply

Kree skrull war Starring the avengers #1   Image Attached

CGC 9.0

368 views / 0 replies

Kree skrull war Starring the avengers #2   Image Attached

Cgc 9.2

244 views / 0 replies

Marvel Fanfare #4 cgc   Image Attached

Marvel Comics

237 views / 0 replies

Ultimates3 #1   Image Attached


231 views / 0 replies

x men alpha flight 1985  

Hi there i just started collecting and thought why not go official by joining the most credited well i got this comic

434 views / 1 reply

Vorpal's Hall of Armor and Mysticism  

A long-time geek's journey into the world of comic collecting!

229 views / 16 replies

More Heavy Metal Jack   Image Attached

I love it!

319 views / 0 replies

Other side..   Image Attached

Side two..

307 views / 0 replies

Heavy Metal Kirby   Image Attached

It is about time!

318 views / 1 reply

Suicide Squad & Batman v Superman Trailers  

I guess I should first state that I was never a big DC comics fan but heres what I thought based on what I saw.

252 views / 2 replies

Frazetta Greatness II   Image Attached

Well.........Sort Of

302 views / 2 replies
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