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Here Come the Awards!   Image Attached

One of these days.... and other items as well.

42 views / 5 replies

Giant Size Super Stars 2   Image Attached

The book that never was...

109 views / 2 replies

New Mutants 16 CGC 9.6   Image Attached

Latest addition...

136 views / 9 replies

Now where did I park that Phantom Cruiser?   Image Attached

No it's not Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

69 views / 8 replies


I am immobilized trying to figure out if I have something valuable to someone here.

188 views / 2 replies

Nowlan Goodies!!   Image Attached

3 more SS books!!

79 views / 8 replies

A Not So Private Joke  

I just sent in an issue of Amazing Fantasy, Journey Into Mystery, and Tales Of Suspense for grading...

119 views / 2 replies

Soaring as Captain America   Image Attached

Is this worth a new #1 or #100

113 views / 4 replies

SS Marvel Graphic Novel #4 ' s High Grade New Mutants photos   Image Attached

Finally received my books :)

103 views / 2 replies

The All-New Origin of Angela   Image Attached

Spoiler Alert: Plot Details from Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #1

98 views / 7 replies

Just bought my first pedigree CGC book  

Ladies and gents an evening with Mr. Don Rosa

125 views / 6 replies

Wolverine Limited Series   Image Attached

What did you say about my mom, bub? SNIKT!

126 views / 8 replies

Is your collection normal?   Image Attached

Just a quick look at Total Registry Points and associated median and quartile values.

184 views / 11 replies

Guardians of the Galaxy   Image Attached

Those 1st Appearance Issues....

220 views / 5 replies

Got my first batch of graded comics!!!   Image Attached

Really happy but ....

191 views / 11 replies

So Long, Archie...   Image Attached

Another one bites the dust.

169 views / 2 replies

Getting a GCG grade lower than expected  

Just me letting off some steam...

185 views / 7 replies

Weekend Treasure Hunts!!!!!!  

Going through boxes of books and forgetting what I had purchased and put away....

120 views / 5 replies

Throwing my hat in the ring  

Let the battle begin

272 views / 2 replies

Another Silver!!!   Image Attached

Thanks to my big brother.

216 views / 5 replies

B.G. = Before Green   Image Attached

.. [label of death]


So Damn Excited!   Image Attached

Just had to post this cover...

76 views / 3 replies

3 SS Marvel Graphic Novel #4 ' s High Grade New Mutants (I'm Happy! )  

The wait is over :)

109 views / 5 replies

Successful Trade  

I did my first trade with a CGC member whose anonymity I will respect giving up my issue 45 CGC graded 9.2 for issues 66 graded 9.2 and 76 graded 9.0. From a registry...

157 views / 1 reply

SW3D------->   Image Attached

Here is a pic of the HTD price variant

149 views / 4 replies

ECCC Books are HERE   Image Attached

Look what came in the mail...

159 views / 6 replies

Enough with the Signaters!  

They're everywhere! And not even rare!

204 views / 14 replies

A nice upgrade  

The duck obsession

115 views / 1 reply

Holy Moly Batman   Image Attached

...or Meeting Neal Adams...again

147 views / 7 replies

Avengers #181   Image Attached

1st Scott Lang

114 views / 0 replies

Frazetta, Wrightson, Jones, Smith, Adams, Ploog and more - Portfolio Madness   Image Attached

I think I ordered my first portfolio in the early 1980s from an ad in The Buyers Guide. Probably one from Sal Q. Sporadically over the years, I have added to my collection...

136 views / 293 replies

Untapped Potential   Image Attached

Or, what remains to be seen?

105 views / 10 replies

More yellow labeled beauties!   Image Attached

The rest of my C2E2 submissions finally arrived.

125 views / 3 replies

As any fool can plainly see...   Image Attached

I can plainly see that.

150 views / 7 replies

Avengers #196   Image Attached

1st Full Appearance of Taskmaster.

146 views / 7 replies

Preacher #1 Will Look Nice In A Gold Label!!   Image Attached

Preacher #1 SS

145 views / 4 replies

Losing my religion   Image Attached

Suddenly life got a new meaning... :-)

128 views / 10 replies

Darkforce Explosion on the Registry   Image Attached

Finally loaded my Darkhawks

91 views / 3 replies

Marvel Crossovers   Image Attached

I love these...

164 views / 2 replies

Taking 2nd Place!: Tales of the Zombie...   Image Attached

"The Blood-Hued Sun sets slowly this eve, painting the Louisiana Bayous in tones of ominous crimson. On the shore, men and women already prepare for the midnight ritual...

129 views / 25 replies

Done with CGC signature series books  


204 views / 22 replies

Nine Point Nine  

9.8 frustration

143 views / 11 replies

Sketch Cover Fan: 1st Post (Ever)   Image Attached

Color and Sketch versions of the same Comic. I am a huge fan...are you?

109 views / 4 replies

Meeting Tony Moore for the 2nd time (Derby City Comic Con)   Image Attached

or "an awesome convo with the original artist of the worldwide phenomenon that is The Walking Dead."

93 views / 6 replies

Adams Auction Win #3   Image Attached

Nice Superboy Scene

121 views / 1 reply

Bob Layton Book and Sketch   Image Attached

Well the Marvel Premier #47 just got here..

103 views / 4 replies

C2E2 Books back all SS with some nice 9.8 issues!  

I'm starting to like the Signature Series Process :)

152 views / 2 replies

Adams Auction Win #2   Image Attached

One of Neal's Finest

107 views / 1 reply

Adams Auction Win #1   Image Attached

The First One Secured From Latest Comic Link Auction

181 views / 0 replies

My "181" Grail   Image Attached

This isn't the 181 you're looking for

220 views / 8 replies

Ebay, conventions, craigslist, comiclink - where to buy?  

want to know where ideal places would be to purchase key issues

205 views / 10 replies

Sunfire and Big Hero 6 #1 CGC 9.8 !!!   Image Attached

Pre-movie mayhem


Action Comics #692 and I   Image Attached

Did mention that finally got all of my stuff back recently?

113 views / 3 replies

Ten Grand #1 9.8 ss Straczynski and......  

Would you like some Sienkiewicz with that?

115 views / 1 reply

Ant-Man   Image Attached

Bought this book loose at my local Con for $20.00.
Thought it was a steal at that price. Friends were like "no way!"

126 views / 4 replies

Doctor Strange   Image Attached

Could not believe how dark and vibrant this cover was when I purchased it at c2e2.

96 views / 3 replies

A Collector's Trek   Image Attached

My entire collection is together again.

129 views / 15 replies

Nightwing   Image Attached

Never was a big DC fan...

120 views / 1 reply

Gambit   Image Attached

Love this cover..

120 views / 4 replies

Two Days in; Three Books Back   Image Attached

Or...this is the end...

154 views / 1 reply

Scan received   Image Attached

Thank You CGC

125 views / 4 replies

Possibly the least significant Grail book ever?   Image Attached

All things come to he who sits and waits...

143 views / 12 replies

Me & ECCC Part 4 - The ultimate variant cover?   Image Attached

Final [mis]adventures at Emerald City ComicCon

131 views / 2 replies

More Megacon Returns!!   Image Attached

Very happy with the results on these for the most part.

118 views / 0 replies

Guess I have some books coming   Image Attached

Wish I didn't...

132 views / 7 replies

Surprisingly Pleased   Image Attached

I finally got my C2E2 books back from CGC today, and was I presently surprised.

124 views / 2 replies

Iron Man 55# My Holy Grail!   Image Attached

I am currently awaiting my CGC'd copy of Iron Man 55 9.6 in the mail. I am so excited to get this comic as Thanos has always been my favorite character. I purchased the...

141 views / 4 replies

On the road to Philly.  

I going to meet a childhood hero of mine at Wizard world Philly.

78 views / 1 reply

Brain Paste   Image Attached

Or on mt way to the con.

140 views / 5 replies

Awards ahoy!   Image Attached

Some came, some went, some stayed the same... sort of.

87 views / 4 replies

Me & ECCC Part 3 - Chasing the fuzzy elf   Image Attached

Yet more [mis]adventures at Emerald City ComicCon.

60 views / 0 replies

X-O Manowar #9 Original Art (Page 22)   Image Attached


104 views / 3 replies

I'm New To The Boards  

Joining The Boards

145 views / 8 replies

Hidden Treasures finally graded!   Image Attached

3 Beautiful But Deadly Ladies.

189 views / 1 reply

Question for the Experts   Image Attached

It's always shocking to me to see a comic almost 70 years remain in a 9.6 condition. The comic below is a beautiful copy but I notice that the cover is slightly...

150 views / 10 replies

Iron Man Armory   Image Attached

every 1st appearance Iron Man armor - wild goose chase

77 views / 5 replies

older brothers collection  

older brother's fighting leads to marvel comic colletion dismantle for peanuts..

88 views / 0 replies

Thoughts on Pedigrees   Image Attached

Trying to make your collection stand out.

100 views / 4 replies

"HAPPY FATHER'S DAY"   Image Attached

Happy Father's Day

92 views / 1 reply

My first toy and comic convention  

a list of what I purchased

84 views / 5 replies

CGC and Points   Image Attached

Could CGC reward us with a higher point system?

209 views / 9 replies

The Harlan Ellison Collection   Image Attached

Comics from the collection of Harlan Ellison

117 views / 10 replies

A Legend is Born!!   Image Attached

We all start somewhere.

141 views / 8 replies

Called CGC headquarters in Sarasota today.  

Talked to a very nice lady named Molly who has only worked there for 4 months. I called about a modern comic I sent in that was going on 58 days. She said It should go out...

205 views / 2 replies

Amazing Spider-Man #408A CGC 9.6 Signature Series  

Signed by Stan Lee

Paid $137.50 at an auction.

98 views / 0 replies

Are these books really worth that much?   Image Attached

Please give input on this post.

164 views / 2 replies

Harley Quinn #0 CGC 9.8 Signature Series  

Signed by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti & Darwyn Cooke

Paid $43.95

60 views / 2 replies

Captan America #4 CGC 9.8  

Varient Edition Fanatastic Four 50th anniversery variant cover.

Paid $19.95

58 views / 0 replies

Little Dot #48 CGC 9.4  

Paid $52.80 at an auction for a 9.4 CGC

47 views / 2 replies

Phoenixcon what a great time!   Image Attached

Got to have my picture taken with my childhood crush :)

62 views / 4 replies

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!!!!   Image Attached

Nothing like having invoices done on your birthday!

79 views / 8 replies

My purchases before my first con  

my small collection as of 6/12/14

105 views / 0 replies

Back to my Further Adventures   Image Attached

More energy than a Red Bull!

123 views / 2 replies

I love surprises   Image Attached

Iron Man in da house!!!

141 views / 5 replies

Top 5 List   Image Attached

Random favorites and opinions...

121 views / 12 replies

Must.... Resist....  

Just noticed I've lost my number one spot in All-American Men of War.

108 views / 3 replies

Thanks TNerb and Bagoffleas   Image Attached

Or, two minds work better than one

175 views / 9 replies

Veteran young guy vs Rookie old guy  

Am I in this transition?

172 views / 17 replies

Getting back into comic collecting  

I'm new to the collector society, but not new to collecting

159 views / 4 replies

Please allow me to introduce myself...   Image Attached

Lacking in wealth and well, taste is subjective.

144 views / 4 replies
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