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Silver Age Phantom Stranger   Image Attached

Nice Showcase Cover By Neal Adams

19 views / 1 reply

Pike's Journey. My successes and failures  

Follow Pike as he plans his future events and gives breakdowns of his past and future adventures in Comics.

21 views / 5 replies

Just Added!   Image Attached


37 views / 1 reply

Kraven's Last Hunt   Image Attached

Another SS set completed!

61 views / 3 replies

New from ComicLink   Image Attached

What the heck is a sock story

71 views / 2 replies

Just Added!   Image Attached


57 views / 0 replies

Free the Hands!!!  

One of the most ingenious inventions since smartphones.

136 views / 0 replies

X-Men in Hong Kong   Image Attached

Comics bring the World together!!

134 views / 2 replies

Punisher Limited Series   Image Attached

Had to do it...

128 views / 8 replies

Latest additions!   Image Attached

All Kubert covers

166 views / 2 replies

Lost in the Fantastic Worlds of Comics: from toys, to books, to gaming, to art, and now slabs  

A newcomer's entry into the world of graded and slabbed books; a trip that started 30+ years ago

147 views / 5 replies

Newest addition   Image Attached

G.I. Combat 81

201 views / 0 replies

I should have left well enough alone  

My latest pressing experience

281 views / 9 replies

Spectre 2   Image Attached

Early DC Work By Adams

131 views / 1 reply

A different Quest   Image Attached

Sad the closer it nears

189 views / 0 replies

Recent grades, recent pickups and the "other " other guys.   Image Attached

I popped out a book from the "other " other guys to see if I was right. Thanks for the idea Tnerb.

374 views / 6 replies

Fan Expo Canada Variants  

Should these be technically considered 'International Comics'?

290 views / 3 replies

Are my rose colored glasses affecting my vision?  

Oh, that trip back in memory lane.

351 views / 10 replies

CGC or the Other Guys...   Image Attached

First off let us state who the other guys are. If they are not CGC, then they are the other guys.

492 views / 3 replies

CGC and the New Case   Image Attached

Or Let's forget about Surfing

444 views / 5 replies

CGC, PLEASE HAVE MY BABY!!!   Image Attached

I love you so much

296 views / 10 replies

CGC IS MY FRIEND   Image Attached

Getting tired of seeing You Tube Threads on CGC

249 views / 20 replies

Recent acquisitions, etc.  

I thought I would post some of the interesting books I pick up at conventions and the LCS. Since I collect GGA, precode horror, precode romance, GA superhero when I can get...

195 views / 0 replies

Rusty Skrulls and Sunken Treens   Image Attached

Dan Dare doesn't know it, but...

262 views / 33 replies

Comic collection has grown.  

When is a good time to grade?

322 views / 7 replies

What have you Lost Lately?   Image Attached

Or I have been "Wallaced" once again.

350 views / 3 replies

Wolverine #1 CGC 9.9 WP: 1st Wolverine as Patch!   Image Attached

"Then Came Number Thirteen!"

419 views / 23 replies

School's out...   Image Attached


209 views / 2 replies

Hulk 181 Grail Call   Image Attached

A book I've dreamed of owning since I was a kid. :-)

274 views / 4 replies

Harry's Marvellous Meanderings through the Comic Book World  

A tale of pithy reviews, low-grade abominations and generally fuzzy collecting.

183 views / 92 replies

1st Universal 9.8 of Cerebus 54   Image Attached

Origin & 1st full appearance of Wolveroach


..., why this stumped CGC.   Image Attached

I couldn't figure out.


Rich Man's Hobby?   Image Attached

Another Awesome Sale Of Action 1

601 views / 2 replies

Recent additions and some random thoughts.   Image Attached

Recent auctions- when to hang it up and a pet peeve of mine.

240 views / 3 replies

Saga of the swamp thing 37  

How I got my saga of the swamp thing 37 cgc 9.8

232 views / 0 replies

I like TGA: 1, & TGA: 0, but...   Image Attached

Would you not call this an OAK ?!?


Not a Key but still pretty nice for the age and price.   Image Attached


331 views / 6 replies

Todays Underground  

This journal will showcase 1 underground comic a day

205 views / 89 replies

Another TGA: 0   Image Attached



Again, please welcome...   Image Attached

(Can I have a drum roll, please?)


...No Cover Price, on this FCC No. 19,   Image Attached

this FIRST, 1st CGCd, ...


This cover beats that cover.   Image Attached

(in my.. findings and recommendations....)


CGC did not distinguish..   Image Attached

on this book..


Please welcome...   Image Attached

(drum roll please)


Here is The Front cover, or the back of the case.   Image Attached

(of Zap #9)


CGC got this book backwards, ...   Image Attached

but ..

165 views / 2 replies

New from ComicLink   Image Attached

Also, where are all the people posting journals?

178 views / 7 replies

Rip-Tales: My weekly adventures in comic hunting both past and present  

My Adventures in Comic Hunting

317 views / 18 replies

J51: The Grand Finale!   Image Attached

..., or..


G.I. Combat - Best In Set Type   Image Attached

Best Silver Age Set?

327 views / 8 replies

Comic Found   Image Attached

follow-up to..

Comic Not Found


Two More Additions   Image Attached

Thanks to Ronnylama for the suggestion.

295 views / 5 replies

Adam Hughes   Image Attached

Wonder Woman

349 views / 2 replies

Latest Addition   Image Attached

ASM 12

273 views / 3 replies

J49: CGC Book 175   Image Attached

..., or the 1113th, 9.6, or the 3567th, overall !


What Do I Need To Get Now?... Revisited  

Re-asking the question I posed on 4-7-15.

366 views / 3 replies

Latest From CGC 2   Image Attached

A pair of early Daredevils

361 views / 0 replies

Latest From CGC   Image Attached

High Grade Pre-Hero

322 views / 0 replies

Latest From CGC   Image Attached

High Grade Pre-Hero

234 views / 0 replies

QC while shipping  

Rant of the quality in which comics arrive.

297 views / 2 replies

9.4 Uncanny X Men 232   Image Attached

Marc Silvestri

277 views / 0 replies

New CGC holder  

Update on my 1st new holder

348 views / 7 replies

Another Nice Auction Win   Image Attached

Magnum Force

374 views / 2 replies

High Grade Conan Acquired   Image Attached

Adams Inking Not Noted

432 views / 4 replies

14 books on the way  

More treasures involving the things I enjoy.

418 views / 2 replies

Older Man Logan   Image Attached

Retirement Home Confidential

366 views / 0 replies

Is it good or bad business?  

I'd really like to hear how others feel about this.

447 views / 6 replies

9.0 Amazing Spider Man 600   Image Attached

Rated A

354 views / 0 replies

Newbie   Image Attached

Opening Remarks

256 views / 1 reply

MY BEST BOOK...Brave and Bold #28   Image Attached

As many know, I love comics but I have gravitated to DC for quite some time. I have more Marvel books both RAW and CGC but I find DC books are a HIT for me. Showcase #4 is the...

328 views / 6 replies

HEROES CON!!!!!   Image Attached

Its finally that time again!

287 views / 4 replies

TOS 84 CGC 9.4   Image Attached

Looking fancy in the new case...

308 views / 10 replies

Wolverina vs. Thorina   Image Attached

Giant Size Topless Slumber Party

309 views / 1 reply

Comics incredible hulk   Image Attached

Arriver ce matin

337 views / 0 replies

New Case   Image Attached


582 views / 6 replies

Random Thoughts  

Just a thread that delivers.

330 views / 96 replies

My First New Holder   Image Attached

Maybe My Last New Holder

514 views / 6 replies

Do I really want to do this....  

The great migration...

378 views / 58 replies

CGC, we have a.. 9.8.   Image Attached

Congratulations (!), but..


Lee, this is Life   Image Attached

The following is very personal and close to my heart. It's also sad. I needed to vent and I chose to do so where I feel most comfortable. This isn't about comic...

307 views / 2 replies

cgc 9.4 Spectacular Spider man 1   Image Attached

Peter Parker

443 views / 0 replies

cgc 9.2 daredevil 132   Image Attached

The man without fear!

277 views / 0 replies

cgc 9.4 daredevil 146   Image Attached

The man without fear!

305 views / 0 replies

Comic Book Memories   Image Attached

My earliest comic book memory...

293 views / 3 replies

Finally! Marvel Bronze Age 1st Issues Set now 100% complete   Image Attached

I could think of no better occasion to mark my 1st Journal entry.

519 views / 9 replies

9.8 Wolverine Battles the Incredible Hulk nn   Image Attached

Herb Trimpe

466 views / 0 replies

9.6 Marvel & DC Present Featuring X Men & Teen Titans 1   Image Attached

DC Marvel 1982

338 views / 0 replies

CGC vs XXXPHOENIX grading contest PART 15  

...once again no 9.9 :(


My latest   Image Attached

New Gods #2

372 views / 0 replies

It's been a while   Image Attached

With MCCC right around the corner....

324 views / 1 reply

Up in smoke  

A quarter gone

504 views / 3 replies

9.6 Uncanny X-MEN #222   Image Attached

Wolverine vs Sabretooh.

491 views / 0 replies

Comics Hulk   Image Attached

The Incredible Hulk

438 views / 0 replies

Finally Numero Uno  

It's taken me years and a bit of cash but I am finally in the top spot in Captain Marvel Adventures.

453 views / 5 replies

VF 8.0 fantastic four 76   Image Attached


592 views / 3 replies

New Cases Meh   Image Attached

I thought they would be better.

659 views / 10 replies

A New One on Me  

SO I was working on acquiring a new comic for my Captain Marvel Adventure collection and was working on trying to find a price we could both agree on. This went on for awhile...

514 views / 9 replies

Northeastern Ontario Antique, Collectible & Nostalgia Show  

Adventures in Selling

433 views / 51 replies

Another Comparison Test  

What did it prove?

544 views / 4 replies

To Dina,   Image Attached

Wherever you go; wherever you are.

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