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...another first, but image.  

So, please welcome.... HUP #1, 30 years later.


Fifty Five Years and Counting No my parents did not throw away my comics. Part Two  

I have more comics then I thought!

125 views / 3 replies

Books I'm trying to get before the end of 2016  

2016 comic collecting goal

98 views / 1 reply

CGC Tragedy  

Maybe not tragic but unfortunate.

210 views / 5 replies

Back to collecting  

A lot has changed over the last year

259 views / 0 replies

An Ongoing Story : Living Up To The Definition of A Saga  

The story of a new collector going after the heroes from his childhood and the series that got him into starting a collection of comic books in the first place.

245 views / 2 replies

hulk   Image Attached

Encore du hulk pour ma collection.

260 views / 3 replies

Where is my head at ? Where am I going with this  

LCS trip


Where is my head at ? Where am I going with this  

Journey - What and where am I going with this


Weaving the Web: Building a Complete AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Run  

A noble quest to build an Amazing Spider-Man collection

203 views / 31 replies

Annual hulk   Image Attached


247 views / 1 reply

Hulk 181 Consolation prize   Image Attached

And it's the single highest graded! Lol

313 views / 2 replies



220 views / 5 replies

100%, but not Complete.   Image Attached

Wolverine (1988) reaches a midpoint milestone.

260 views / 2 replies

Some Recent Additions To The Collection and 2016 goals.   Image Attached

A personal goal was hit.

320 views / 4 replies

Decisions Decisions Which comics to submit to CGC?  

Silver Age versus Modern comics. Which to submit first? A real approach-approach decision.

297 views / 4 replies

Newbs Investigation through Experimentation regarding Conservation  

I dont know what I am doing.....but I have never let that stop me before.

235 views / 24 replies

Things that I have read  

Oh, I have to enter a teaser do I ? We will see...

189 views / 3 replies

My First Qualified   Image Attached

Adams Does Batman/Enemy Ace

234 views / 5 replies

Fifty Five Years and Counting No my parents did not throw away my comics.  

Who would think a disposable pastime like a comic book would turn into an avocation and remain a passion over half a century.

231 views / 5 replies

Discoveries from My Parents Basement  

This Journal will be my journey through thrift shops, selling toys, flipping comics, and trying to complete my list.

297 views / 4 replies

Enter the Black Suit   Image Attached

Latest addition...

211 views / 6 replies

the one who actually didnt get away  

Well yes it was christmas morning i was super bummed about Loseing the other night a bid online for a cgc human torch 1975 but i was still greatfulfor the holidays but all...

309 views / 10 replies

X-Men 100   Image Attached

Great Book At A Great Price

284 views / 2 replies

Happy New Year 2016!   Image Attached

Happy Hunting!

204 views / 0 replies

It's Year in Review Time...   Image Attached

Yes, it's 1/2 thank yous, 1/2 eulogy, 1/2 goals accomplished, 1/2 goals to finish, 1/2 reflection, 1/2 looking ahead.

192 views / 2 replies

2015: A Year In Review  

Some of you may say I made some poor decisions. Some of you may say, I'm crazy. But I sold my holy grail, Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 4.0 No MC for a bunch of Modern Age...

212 views / 9 replies

The chase   Image Attached

Is 9.8 really worth the prices they go for.

232 views / 6 replies

My Store from start to finish  

Opening my store in a few months and figured i would document the process as i have time.

312 views / 59 replies


Holidays for Reflection

231 views / 7 replies

Merry Christmas from Witchblade   Image Attached

Awesome Randy Green Cover

178 views / 0 replies

Recent CGC books just In   Image Attached

Hard searching pays off.

282 views / 1 reply


Star Wars is fun again!!! AGAIN, *** SPOILERS ***

180 views / 1 reply

Santa came a little early this year.   Image Attached

I guess it pays being a good big boy this year.

199 views / 1 reply

My First Two Custom Sets  

I decided to create a few custom sets and naturally based them both on Captain Marvel Adventures. My first is the legendary Monster Society of Evil run which lasted 25 issues. ...

180 views / 0 replies

The one who got away  

Well hello again im still rageing from last nights failure too secure my first cgc comic so i was up late last night

254 views / 10 replies

1990's Comics  

....or, Staring At Creases...and I don't mean the ones that have grown around my eyes...

210 views / 4 replies

The edowens71 Comic Journal  

aka...Diary of an EC Completist.

204 views / 125 replies

CGC 9.6 Fantastic Four #527   Image Attached

Wizard World Philadelphia

227 views / 0 replies

CGC 9.8 Fantastic Four #554   Image Attached


194 views / 1 reply

My 2015 CGC Year in Review   Image Attached

I added six new comics to my Captain Marvel Adventures collecting in 2015 which was more than expected but I came across several can't miss auction items late in the year. ...

209 views / 6 replies

Comic Room   Image Attached

Do you have one?

274 views / 6 replies

CGC 9.6 Fantastic Four #223   Image Attached

White Pages

388 views / 1 reply

Kree skrull war Starring the avengers #1   Image Attached

CGC 9.0

271 views / 0 replies

Kree skrull war Starring the avengers #2   Image Attached

Cgc 9.2

158 views / 0 replies

Marvel Fanfare #4 cgc   Image Attached

Marvel Comics

149 views / 0 replies

Ultimates3 #1   Image Attached


124 views / 0 replies

x men alpha flight 1985  

Hi there i just started collecting and thought why not go official by joining the most credited well i got this comic

314 views / 1 reply

Vorpal's Hall of Armor and Mysticism  

A long-time geek's journey into the world of comic collecting!

159 views / 16 replies

More Heavy Metal Jack   Image Attached

I love it!

211 views / 0 replies

Other side..   Image Attached

Side two..

230 views / 0 replies

Heavy Metal Kirby   Image Attached

It is about time!

237 views / 1 reply

Suicide Squad & Batman v Superman Trailers  

I guess I should first state that I was never a big DC comics fan but heres what I thought based on what I saw.

183 views / 2 replies

Frazetta Greatness II   Image Attached

Well.........Sort Of

205 views / 2 replies

Question for CGC Submitters  

CGC cases left side

257 views / 2 replies

Just in Case...   Image Attached

Or a Second thirty in thirty???

298 views / 1 reply

Qualms and Quandaries  

I know everyone is tired to the age old CGC vs the company which shall not be named, but here it is once again with feeling.

218 views / 3 replies

My Humble CGC Collecting Beginnings   Image Attached

As I get closer to the number one spot in Captain Marvel Adventures I thought I'd look back on how it all began.

268 views / 4 replies

Invincible   Image Attached

The best superhero comic book in the world?

134 views / 0 replies

CBCS   Image Attached

Or please don't delete

First and foremost I am not putting this out on the chat boards so my journal can be erased. This is not praise for them nor is it...


A Change   Image Attached

Something different

255 views / 1 reply

One Day Left   Image Attached

Things that make you bid on eBay

236 views / 4 replies

The Quest is On   Image Attached

Thank you Richard and Wendi

220 views / 0 replies

One more left.   Image Attached

108 out of 109 isn't bad

226 views / 4 replies

The First Four   Image Attached

And I don't mean the fantastic kind

237 views / 2 replies

9.8 Webspinners SPIDER MAN   Image Attached

White Pages

255 views / 0 replies

All for One   Image Attached

Picking a Grail

207 views / 1 reply

A Monthly Budget, but for What?   Image Attached

All for CGC or all for reading?

225 views / 2 replies

700   Image Attached

Did I really write that much?

255 views / 6 replies

At a con   Image Attached

I love these things

279 views / 6 replies

Hating number ones???   Image Attached

Who really likes these?

266 views / 4 replies

9.4 X men classics #1   Image Attached

White Pages

231 views / 0 replies

Return of the Jedi   Image Attached

Or the last great Star Wars movie???

207 views / 6 replies

Less then 10K Away   Image Attached

I am now within 10,000 registry points of taking the top stop in Captain Marvel Adventures. I'm proud to add a very lovely 9.0 copy of issue 82. It's not the...

217 views / 1 reply

The Empire Strikes Back   Image Attached

Same Galaxy, still far away...

200 views / 0 replies

Comics hulk   Image Attached

Aujourd'hui arrivage de comics à la maison.

217 views / 0 replies

Star Wars   Image Attached

In a galaxy far, far away...

201 views / 1 reply

Getting Joy from disappointment.   Image Attached

Today I'm happy again.

245 views / 2 replies



175 views / 10 replies

Star Wars is Coming...   Image Attached

Thee Sketch Variant

144 views / 2 replies

Hit the One Third Mark   Image Attached

All my CGC collecting resources are being devoted to Captain Marvel Adventures and I've finally hit the one third mark on the way to 150 issues. I seriously doubt I will...

165 views / 4 replies

Collecting O. C. D.   Image Attached

Overall Comic Desires

186 views / 9 replies

Hefty Goals   Image Attached

Sometimes, it's the things from ones own youth that you want the most.

213 views / 0 replies

By the Guide   Image Attached

But, Which one?

246 views / 3 replies

Beta Ray Bill   Image Attached

Classic 80s

233 views / 3 replies

Modern Age Gold?   Image Attached

When will 9.8's become too plentiful?

254 views / 1 reply

Let's go Crazy   Image Attached

Another Signature

232 views / 1 reply

Morphing the Hobby   Image Attached

Or Losing Signature Authentication

282 views / 4 replies

Variant   Image Attached

Deadpool,Hulk,Amazing Spider Man

300 views / 0 replies

If suddenly by Magik   Image Attached

Or let's play make believe

275 views / 1 reply

Pressing the Subject   Image Attached

From a 9.2 to a ...

312 views / 3 replies

Pressing   Image Attached

Before the procedure expanded?

320 views / 3 replies

CBCS vs. CGC test redux  


356 views / 8 replies

So, What's next?   Image Attached

Or, what came before?

245 views / 0 replies

Avengers CGC SS   Image Attached

Latest additions...

193 views / 2 replies

What grade is Acceptable?   Image Attached


267 views / 2 replies

But, is it a 9.2  

I already have the perfect book, just not the perfect grade

279 views / 2 replies

But, is it a 9.8   Image Attached

Although I think I'm starting to ramble...


Spider Gwen  

Don't know what to do with this

217 views / 1 reply

One Step Further...   Image Attached

From one to the other.

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