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What are you carrying?   Image Attached

R.I.P. Rothco Messenger Bag

432 views / 8 replies

It All Started with Lego Set 110   Image Attached

It went from Lego to Star Wars to comics. Those that know me already are well acquainted with my love of the plastic brick.

441 views / 15 replies

Though Lost and Finally Found - My Grandfather's Apollo 8 - Coin   Image Attached

The greatest generation and everyone did their part. My Mom's dad fought in Europe and my Dad's dad worked in Grumman and later the Space Program. I...

552 views / 14 replies

Time Magazine - WWII and D-Day - June 12, 1944  

Golden Age Time Magazines

543 views / 10 replies

Books Graded - Pleased with the Service - Disappointed Yet Again by Buying Raw Books at Comic Con  

I decided to submit a few books that I picked up at NYCC and at Big Apple... How did they fare?

864 views / 20 replies

The Big Goal for 2012: Completed a LOT Earlier than Expected - Amazing Spider-man 1-100   Image Attached

It was something that I toyed with at NYC Comic Con in October of 2010. It was a goal that was realized in July of 2012.

572 views / 3 replies

College is Going to Kill Me Part II  

I think it was cheaper when taking a break from a paper involved going to the bar.

663 views / 0 replies

Reaching Goals a Bit Early - The March to the End  

Back in January I set some goals for myself. Due to some diligent purchasing and the ability to bite the bullet and open the wallet in other cases, I am further along than I...

523 views / 2 replies

CGC and Digital Download Codes - Maybe We Shouldn't be Using Those Codes  

Interesting dilemma...

1095 views / 4 replies

Ah... the wait begins anew...  

Last week's acquisitions and recent submits

643 views / 3 replies

Went to Bed Happy With My Acquisitions - Woke Up Disappointed  

Once Upon a Time in Comic Book Occupied eBay...

(Insert Ennio Morricone music ... now)


A Favorite Amazing Spiderman Variant that Benefits from a CGC Case   Image Attached

A modern favorite of mine that is best displayed in a CGC case.


My January haul and a few goals...   Image Attached

Let's see what ComicLink, eBay and CGC brought to me in the month of January. Warning: all Silver Spideys


How Long Before I Send in New Submissions?  

My order for 10 books was verified as sent in on 10/18 by CGC. I just sent in a package of three books using my club coupons. How long before I send in another box of books.


I Got a Fever and the Only Cure is... More Golden Age   Image Attached

Going outside my Amazing Spider-man collection and Marvel Keys, I drifted into the world of DC Golden Age.

607 views / 1 reply

First submission returned - pleased and disappointed  

First submission is finally back in my hands... Let's see what happened. Some pleasant surprises... some no pleasant

844 views / 4 replies

My First Submission  

Varying grades of Silver Age books...

788 views / 0 replies

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