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Hi there and welcome to my home page. I am an avid comic collector. I have been ever since I received a copy of X-Men 119 back in 1979 (I know: "Gee, you started collecting because of the X-Men - how original!"). Ok so I am one of many who got started that way but one thing has stayed the same: they brought me a lot of joy then and they still do now. I love everything about them. Little did I know when first I walked into Toronto's Dragon Lady Comics to get the final issue of MTIO Project Pegasus that I would end up so hooked on comics but that's how it is. Today SA Marvel is my primary focus but I really like SA DC as well, especially Flash, GL and JLA. And BA Batman is awesome stuff. GA material rocks too. To a large extent I collect by grade and where possible try to stick to 9.6 and above. If you own a book you see I need, please contact me at Thx for looking and happy collecting. Mike Pope

2006: No. 1 Amazing Spider-Man 1-100 Set
2014: No. 1 Daredevil 1-157 Set
2015: No. 1 Avengers 1-100 Set
2018: No. 1 JLA 1-100 Set

Accomplished in 2014: awarded CGC's Achievement in Collecting Comics Award for putting together a collection of incredible depth and breadth across titles from the Golden Age to the Bronze Age including complete killer Silver Age runs in Minty-Mint condition.
Accomplished in 2015: reached No. 2 overall in the Registry with just over 2 million points (when that meant something before the massive point inflation). Oh and I succeeded in putting together the mightiest Avengers 1-100 run ever assembled! With every single issue in 9.6 or better (including many in 9.8) grossing a total of 250,150 points, it was the finest Avengers set ever on the registry!
Accomplished in 2018: After reaching the pinnacle with the Avengers, I felt I had to turn my attention to the title that started the whole 'super-hero team under one banner' idea. So after a 5-year run, I successfully put together the finest JLA 1-75 set ever. With every issue in 9.4 or better (with 56 of the 75 in 9.6 or better) and grossing 202,035 points, it is the finest JLA set ever on registry!

Goal for 2019: I plan on turning my attention back to golden age books to look for cool covers that capture the spirit of the age. Wish me luck and thanks for looking!


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Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Action Comics #1-#500 Lights, Camera, Action! A few choice copies. 1129175 4
Adventure Comics #431-#440 Spectre Feel The Wrath! 101002685 2
Alien Worlds Far Out! 763287 4
Alpha Flight (1983) Mutants eh?! Choice Byrne run. 25184000 3
Amazing Spider-Man #1-#100 Along Came A Spider! A few gems are all that remain (...) 10922450 96
Amazing Spider-Man (Complete) Wallcrawler! 56627975 85
Astonishing Tales (1970) Deathlok's Domain! A few choice Deathlok's. 12331550 8
Atomic Comics (Green) Atomic Age! 12510000 1
Avengers #1-#100 Assemble!! Formerly the finest Avengers s (...) 775675 61


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Batman (Complete) Holy Birthday Cake Batman! A smattering of Golden Age and (...) 26234701 15
Batman #1-#100 To The Bat-Cave! A few choice copies 448600 19
Black Goliath Highpockets! A primo run. 675504 2
Black Panther (1977) T'Challa!! A few choice copies. 5331590 8
Blue Beetle (1939) Foe Of The Underworld! 355100 1


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Captain America #100-#200 When Wakes The Sleeper! Choice early copies. 262511735 3
Captain Canuck (Complete) Vindicator! 1340 4
Captain Marvel Adventures (1941) Shazam!!!! 319880 5
Captain Marvel (1968) Cosmic Cap! 11152835 19
Catman Comics Here Kitty-Kitty! 1310075 2
Chamber of Chills (1972) Chills & Thrills! 1460 18
Champions Pulse-Pounding Heroes! 11501520 3
Crack Comics (Quality) Triumph! 232600 2
Crime SuspenStories (1950) Minty-Mint CSS's 131425 14


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Daredevil #1-#157 A Blind Man Shall Lead Them! A few gems are all that remain (...) 24149040 43
Daredevil - Miller Run. Part 2 Born Again! A 9.8 run. 7871256 5
Dead of Night Night Gallery! 327300 4
Defenders (1972) By The Stars! 1272690 7
Detective Comics #1-#500 The Great Detective! 21418258 7
Doc Savage (Marvel 1972) Silver Death's Head! 9100924 1
Doctor Strange (1968) Beware Dormammu! Got there at last! And 14 of (...) 151007070 4


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Eternals (1976) Of Gods And Men! 630500 12
Extra! Read All About It!! 2402040 2


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Fantastic Four (Complete) Minty-Mint FF's Choice early copies and a 9.8 (...) 1382097262 15
Fantastic Four Lee-Kirby #1-#102 Flame On! Going, going, gone. A shadow (...) 10977475 16
Fantastic Four #232-#292 (Byrne) When Calls Galactus! 59932912 6
Flash #105-#350 The Fastest Man Alive! 313575 46


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Ghost Rider (1973) Hell On Wheels! A few choice copies. 892190 30
Golden Record Comics Minty-Mint's GRR's A choice set. 41005855 3


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Hawkman (1964) Minty-Mint Hawkman's 12750 33
Hero For Hire - Power Man - Power Man & Iron Fist Power Man Unleashed! 861045 22


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Inhumans (1975) Attilan's Finest! 531845 9
Invaders (1975) Union Jack! 8181520 12
Iron Fist #1-#15 Fist of Fury! A few choice copies. 8533774 20
Iron Man #1-#100 What Price Life? Choice early issues. 889500 17


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Justice League of America #1-#100 "B" Set See something you like? Lmk w (...) 333331573 6
Justice League of America #1-#100 Crisis? What Crisis?! Remnants of what was by far th (...) 7575193408 1


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Kid Eternity Hey Keeper! 152100 1
Kull The Conquerer (1971) King Kull! A few choice copies. 517650 4


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Mad #1-#23 What? Me Worry?! A few choice copies. 4173700 10
Marvel Bronze Age 1st Issues (1970-1982) Minty-Mint Bronze 351722406 9
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