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My beginnings in the hobby started with my love for 1950-70's horror and sci-fi movies as a kid (I was born in 1969). I loved all the monsters from Frankenstein to Godzilla. One of my first memories around 4 or 5 was reading Friedrich/Ploog's Frankenstein #1 along with the 45-record sound track! Wish I had that now...alas, have never even seen it for sale.

Comics also got me into some of my favorite writers like Howard, Lovecraft, Bradbury, King and the like.

I constantly upgrade books I already own and sell the replacements. I am also interested in new sets I find or people lead me to. Glad to see the Jim Steranko cover set! YES! Please don't go out and try to top me now :) Along with Silver/Bronze/Copper Marvels I also love to collect modern sets like Walking Dead. I relish in collecting a set that I actually read (and watch!).

Comics have influenced my life and sensibilities in terms of the importance of art in all its' forms: painting/drawing/composition/writing/music on and on etc.

Let's keep it Vibrant!

Happy Collecting People!

Thanks for reading if you're still reading...I must admit, I usually don't...that's why I haven't written a bio after almost two years as a member! Maybe it's the beer, but I was compelled tonight to take this thing to the next step. Taking off the mask, and throwing out a personality. Take that Mr. Parker!

PS: I love to write quatrains. Basically 4-line stanzas that create a story and a mood. I've included some below that remind me of my comic/monster/arcane/horror-loving obsession:) The supernatural and superhero and supervillain and the fine line in between keeps me forever intrigued. BTW the "quatrains" below look more like paragraphs here because of the limited horizontal line space.

His death note read: “I think I’m Superman”.
The family said he was a family man.
The note ended: “I’m here, but can’t be seen.”
They said his mortal wound was glowing green.

Mr. Lovecraft and Cthulu formed his mind,
With ancient civilizations and gone gods and lost time.
Read through the Necronomicon, perhaps you’ll be forsaken.
But look upon the million eyes and madness will awaken.

There are rats in the walls, she hears them all night;
She hears the soft scratching and scurrying blight.
Fleas will come biting, carrying plague,
They first find your feet, then crawl up your leg.

Oh how they prayed to the mighty Gods,
Those of thunder and rain and meat.
Oh how their tattoos bled victories and defeat.
Now they are all gone, mingling with the sod.

This stranger invited me along for a midnight adventure,
Something about a hidden crypt, and ancient treasure.
He supplied the hooch and shovels; we dug deep into the night.
What we found I cannot say, but I pray I’m not right.

When she awoke, the pain led her to her left inner wrist.
The tattoo, upside down, took her a second to make around.
She gasped at the letters there…or rather the
initials and that triple six.
He had been dead for half a year. What is going on around here?

The guy supposedly worshipped Bruce Lee,
Especially that heart extraction feat.
He finally tried it on the wrong person;
He died before landing face first in the street.

When they met that night, she told him, “I have never felt better!”
It was summer, she was different; she wore a turtleneck sweater.
The sweater was white, and a red blot stained the collar.
When dawn came, she ran off, imploring: “I must find my father.”

Neighbors said he was a musician with a bad attitude and a worse voice.
He left a note about a guitar-string suicide next to a full bottle of pills.
The last line read in red ink: “some guys have all the luck.”
He was surely dead, but not a single expert could discover how.

Once, while walking in the jungle, I came across a shrunken head.
Without fear I lifted it by its hair and whispered in its ear:
“Come with me and be my friend.” I believe it nodded then.
During the flight home, our pilot saw my head and feinted dead.

After the breakout, I reported success,
The zombies were dead, just a scratch on the neck.
Now it is told, the plague started here,
But with a head-shot suicide, I’ve nothing to fear.


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Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Alpha Flight (1983) Alph Alphas Shiva's A-Flight 32512 29
Amazing Adventures #1-#39 (1970) Shiva Amazing Adventures Amazing Adventures 1-39 25608542 1
Amazing Spider-Man #1-#25 Ditko Doodles Shiva ASM 1-25 2596346188 6
Amazing Spider-Man #1-#100 Silver Spidey Shiva's first hundred 10698547652 9
Amazing Spider-Man #101-#200 Bronzed Spideys Shiva's Bronze ASM 10010084476 3
Amazing Spider-Man #201-#300 Shiva's Copper Spideys Spider-Man Coppers 10010015483 3
Amazing Spider-Man (2022) All Variants ASM 2022 Spidey's still at it! 1048 20
Amazing Spider-Man (Complete with Variants) LEGACY The Web-Head 's many adventures Shiva ASM Complete w/ Variants 47222665703 4
Amazing Spider-Man McFarlane McFarlane's Work Shiva's McFarlane ASMs 291006384 6
Astonishing Tales (1970) Any Variant Shiva's Astonishing Tales Astonishing Tales...featuring? 16449829 2
Avengers #1-#250 Earth's Mightiest Heroes People! Shiva Avengers 441635031 22
Avengers #1-#503 All them 'vengers Shiva's Avengers ALL 44734050 14


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1-#4 Miller's Triumph BTDKR 4101400 18
Bernie Wrightson Cover Set Wicked Wrightson BW Covers 1052291 10
Bill Sienkiewicz Covers In sync with Sienk Shiva's Bill's 2554009 5


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Captain America #100-#200 First 100 issues Cap's silver and bronze 939242989 2
Captain America #100-#454 Red, White and Blue Captain America 100-454 1052844432 2
Captain Marvel (1968) Captain Marvel Marvel's Version Marvelous Captain Marvel 304219436 5
Chamber of Chills (1972) Marvel Chills...nhot 728620 4
Chamber of Darkness Crreeeaaaaak AAAHHHH!!!! Shiva CoD 91002750 2
Civil War (2006) It's War! Shiva Civil War 28331837 11
Conan the Barbarian #1-#100 Conan's 1st Hundred Shiva's 1-100 run 11010042996 2
Conan the Barbarian #1-#24 Conan's 1st 2 Marvel years Crom Lives 2510033106 3
Conan the Barbarian #1-#275 by Crom I need more 9.8's Shiva Conan 2919959816 2
Creatures on the Loose Creature Features Shiva's CotL set. 14502085 3
Creepy Creepin' and Crawlin' Shiva Creepy 42800 14
Crypt of Shadows Spooky Crypt More Marvel Monsters 419530 3


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Daredevil #1-#310 Shiva Daredevil 1-310 Daredevil 1-310 391212337 31
David Finch Cover Set Finch covers Shiva Finch covers 40131 14
Dead of Night The Witching Hour Dead of Night, Night of Dead 436570 4
Doc Savage (Marvel 1972) Bronzed Doc Shiva Doc Savage 333558 3


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Elektra: Assassin Miller/Sienk masterpiece Shiva Elektra 8100536 4


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Fantastic Four #232-#292 (Byrne) Byrne's Run The good work of John Byrne 53842608 8
Fantastic Four (Complete) LEGACY FF w/o Variants No variant 29342483942 2
Fantastic Four (Complete with Variants) LEGACY Shiva FF complete w/ variants Complete FF + variants 29925485533 1
Fantastic Four (Silver Age Silver Surfer) FF and the Chrome dome FF silver age SS 1610092310 3
Fantastic Four Lee-Kirby #1-#102 Kirby's FF Krackle King Kirby's Run 10798449876 5
Fear Journey into... Shiva has no Fear, but happens (...) 22707823 2
FOOM Obscure FOOM Shiva's FOOM issues 3132375 2
Frank Frazetta Warren Covers Frazetta babes and brawn Shiva Frazetta Warren cvrs 413800 6
Frankenstein (1973) Marvel What Knockers! Shiva Frankenstein 181004916 2


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero (1982) Shiva G.I. Joe G.I. named Joe 851101 35
Ghost Rider (1973) Ouch my aching Flaming Skull Shiva ghost rider 283152267 3
Godzilla (1977) The Original Kaiju Godzilla King o' Monsters (...) 520525 18


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Hero For Hire - Power Man - Power Man & Iron Fist Cool Hand Luke shiva's HFH 535484 6
House of Mystery #174-#321 Do you dare enter... Shiva's HoM 174-321 421308 28
Howard the Duck (1976) Howard the Duckbutt Shiva Howard the Duck 9235538 8
Hulk (2008) Red is the NEW Green Hulk now Red with Rage! 54172 12


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Incredible Hulk #330-334 & #336-346 McFarlane Nitty Gritty TM set...but I love the covers, man Obligatory sub-set 15931210 8
Incredible Hulk (1968) #102-#474 All Variants Hulk minus the first 6 Hulk light 26065124008 1
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