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Hi everyone, my name is Mike Hoyenski. I've been reading comics since the seventies. My first comic was the Fantastic Four: Thing vs. Namor. I was captivated by the Thing and wanted to know how he became the rock man! I then started buying every Marvel title I could get my hands on. Including Master of Kung Fu. But as a kid I had no idea about taking care of my comics and collecting bags and boards to keep them safe. Alas my Hulk 181 was rendered worthless as a result of neglect. I sold all my countless stacks of comics for pennies and started over. My family responsibilities have kept me from collecting for many years but I now find it just as much fun as I did many years ago. I started my CGC competitive set collecting with MOKF because it is affordable. Only 110 issues and some giant sizes. I have an e-bay store called "Big Kids Comics" check me out when you can. Thanks for the look and keep collecting alive by giving your low grade reader's copies to kids whenever you can. God Bless


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