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Growing up, it was seldom that I got to go by a Local Comics Shop, but I always had the grocery store. I remember the early "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures" comics, among others that would include, "Spider-man" titles. Most of my time I did enjoy the X-men cartoon with my brother, which gave interesting "voice overs" to characters that were fun like Gambit! When I was able to get a comic subscription, I chose the Wolverine 1988 series starting in the late #70's issues. Wolverine had just lost his ADAMANTIUM, and he quickly became an underdog and has been my favorite comic character ever since. Nothing beat playing, The Wolverine, on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and it was fun seeing the tommy gun people pop out of jack in the boxes. My dad would watch me play and laugh every time it happened. He even gave the game a try! The first and among the last times he did! Memories.


Time spent on the hunt for books gives me excitement and a thrill. I have some comics that are from bin diving that are winners, regardless of certain "condition or other factors." This collection is ever growing in numbers, because there is so much out there to find, peruse, and enjoy. I learn of worthwhile issues everyday. As a bonus there are some back cover pictures of prescreen passes to movies that I've attended before them being released to the public, that have also inspired purchases. It is all encompassing and a great joy, this hobby rules!


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Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Adam Hughes Cover Set The "Hughes!" Adam is at his finest and been (...) 132179 26
Adventure Comics #1-#503 Super-man Action and Adventure! Give me the campy theatrics of (...) 1022 162
All Crime Comics Bruce Timm! The Man The Myth. Here are some "noir" (...) 13312 1
Airboy (Eclipse) The First Airbender? Dave Stevens is back with homa (...) 1118 10
Alien Worlds Those Aliens! Alien Worlds, of yesteryear, k (...) 1950 13
Aliens (1988) The Cat's Meow Sigourney Weaver! Aliens burst forth, take it to (...) 1575 19
All-American Men of War All-AMERICAN Ace That Plane Some 10 cent Silver Age Covers (...) 1013 20
All-New Wolverine (2016) X-23 The All New Wolverine X-23 Many Times Over. Clones, (...) 1124 25
All-Star Comics #58-#74 (1976) All Star Comics! Could be a run for Power....Girl I have been blessed enough to (...) 15330 29
Amazing Adventures #11-#17 (1970) The Fur Man Cometh! Fuzzy Dice and a Slice of Hack (...) 342226 24
Amazing Spider-Man #1-#100 Amazing Spider-man The Under 100's We've got a Ton OF FUN, wi (...) 19172382 285
Amazing Spider-Man #101-#200 Amazing Spider-man the 100's Great Firsts and Lasts. Who wi (...) 18182528 149
Amazing Spider-Man #201-#300 Amazing Spider-man the 2-300's Anticipation's for Villain (...) 12123885 60
Amazing Spider-Man #301-#400 Amazing Spider-man the 3-400's Villain Aftershock! Who has th (...) 11111038 35
Amazing Spider-Man #601-#700 Amazing Spider-man the Good Girl Art! Good Girl Art. There are also (...) 65231 32
Amazing Spider-Man (Annuals & Giant-Sized) Giant Size Spider-man 1sts Great Battles!! Moses Magnum i (...) 35250 31
Amazing Spider-Man (Complete) Amazing Spider-man the Man of Web Under copies and Mark Jewelers (...) 80910153 198
Amazing Spider-Man (Complete with Variants) Amazing Spider-man (cont.) These Variants!!!! Did we ment (...) 89411073 96
Amazing Spider-Man 1st Appearances ASM AROUND THE WORLD These are some hits! The 1sts! (...) 40417256 31
Amazing Spider-Man One-Shots Dell Otto Covers Amazing Spider-man Venom Appearance's are etc (...) 32120 23
Amazing Spider-Man v1&2 (Complete with Variants) Amazing Spider-man it's Complete! Spidey from A-Z. Spidey! It (...) 77710465 14
Astonishing Tales (1970 - Complete with Variants) Astonish? These Tales! A hero/villain series, introdu (...) 12194 6
Avengers (Complete Legacy Run) Avengers! The Ones for Assembly! Hulk is the Immortal Avenger, (...) 1813473 10
Avengers - MiniSeries & One-Shots Minis And One-Shots! Avengers! It's time for si (...) 2264 8
Avenging Spider-Man Vengeance Is Thine Being merciful comes with no s (...) 12150 17


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Batgirl (2009) Artgerm Bats! Some descriptive imagery with (...) 149 9
Batgirl (2011) Purple Rain>Batty Prince and the being's of (...) 119 26
Batgirl (2016) Batgirl the Gritty Middleton Covers! It is all av (...) 2217 13
Batman #101-#200 Batman the Cowls Poison Ivy Double Cover! Cowls (...) 1058 123
Batman #201-#300 Batman- the moody duty! Neal Adams portrays the deepne (...) 771039 75
Batman #201-#300 Sketches Catches and Adam's Madness Lol this is so much fun! Keep (...) 1126 173
Batman #608-#619 The Hush Goes Over The Crowd! Newsstands!! Run for them or f (...) 41465 77
Batman (2011) The New 52 in 2011 The Batman has a new thing goi (...) 1015 158
Batman (Complete with Variants) Batman Crusader He's the Dark Knight! He k (...) 2211651 19
Batman (Rebirth- 2016) Batman Rebirth Turner Michael Turner Covers! Everyon (...) 3063 62
Batman Adventures (Complete) Batman Adventures Harley Quinn Debut The animation series books!!! (...) 22153 65
Batman Adventures (Complete) Batman Adventures Harley Quinn Debut Part Duex Animated Series made it's (...) 2228 94
Batman Beyond (1999) 1999 and Beyond! Bats This is tricky, as it is a dif (...) 14405 3
Batman Beyond (2016) Bat-man Bat-woman Bat-tastic Beyond! 1st appearance of a relative t (...) 4589 1
Batman One-Shots Batman- the Shots- and - the Blow by Blows Bane he exists! Does he fit th (...) 421215 27
Batman Who Laughs (Complete) Laugh in? Laugh It Up! Split second decisions, comes (...) 1135 15
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1-#4 Bats Wonders What If? Captivating and off the cuff, (...) 13100 104
Batwoman (2011) Batwoman the Kate Crusader Kate Kane is short for this wo (...) 1115 12
Before Watchmen Watchmen, "Mature Readers" If it weren't for movies.. (...) 113 23
Black Panther (1977) Black Panther! The Kirby Translation Some Kirby! SOME JACK KIRBY! A (...) 640590 27
Black Panther (2009) Shuri Black Panther Who is that suited up to bring (...) 153 10
Bloodstone (Marvel) The Bloodstone Not to be Confused with a Diamond This Bloodstone was found at t (...) 1256 9
Booster Gold (1986) Had Your Booster? Everyone is talking about a Bo (...) 142 17
Brave and the Bold (2007) The Prequel! Give me some moderns with lady (...) 122 13


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Caliber Presents Caliber Presents a Self-Publishing Title. The Crow gets a shot in the ar (...) 14225 12
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