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As with most coin collectors, I got my start collecting early in life. In the 60's I started collecting Lincoln Cents mainly because that was what I could afford. Saturdays I went to the local bank and asked the teller for $20 in hand wrapped pennies and spent the afternoon looking for wheat ears and S mint marks. As I grew older the passion for collecting grew to uncirculated and proof sets and then to silver and gold proofs.
And then life happened and I lost the collecting bug. Priorities changed and visions changed. Some would say that I finally grew up.
Then in another twist of fate - my father passed away and disposing of his collection fell to me. And low and behold I caught the bug again.

Now I focus on Liberty Head Half Eagles and maybe, just maybe, I can contribute to the history of that coinage. At present I'm filling my collection but have found that there is a significant lack of current information regarding varieties. With that in mind I hope to build a library of variants using information and photos from auction houses (including eBay), the nationally recognized grading houses, and the US Mint - all with their permission of course. If nothing else I can expand on the great work done by Walter Breen, David Akers, Jeff Garrett, Ron Guth, Q. David Bowers and others.
Maybe I'm aiming too high but you never know until you try.


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