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I went to my first coin show about 40 years ago (1973-74). At age 14, I didn't know much about the hobby, but always enjoyed going through my dad's small collection of Mercury dimes, Peace dollars and Indian Head cents. This was back in the days when people organized their collections in Whitman coin holders. As a beginner, I ruined many great coins, including a gem 1935-S Peace dollar, thinking that my collection sure look better if I buffed everything with Brasso metal polish.

About forty years later, I returned to the hobby after the silver market tumbled to below $20 an ounce and purchased my first encapsulated coin in 2013: an NGC-holdered 2008 Silver American Eagle graded "BU."

Over the past few years, I've been picking up U.S. commemoratives because I like that every issue is minted to pay tribute to different places, events or people.


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