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I have been a coin collector since the early 1970's. With adolescence and early adulthood, my interest as well as my financial resources waned. In the early 90's, a friend of mine reintroduced me to the numismatic way of life. I have been hooked since. I initially thought of it as a fun way to save and pay for my children's college. Well the collection has certainly come close to meeting that financial obligation.

Now I am working on developing sets that will, hopefully in 60 years or so be the "William Bass" sets seen so pervasively throughout numismedia today. I am working on developing some of the finest collection of the finest coins I can possibly afford...and making great headway. The Dansco complete sets, those that will fund my children's education have been completed with the exception of two coins which I will obtain by the end of 2007 (that's the goal at least). 2008 Updatem down to one coin, the 1901-S Barber Quarter.

Now it's about history, not competition but history. Sure a few plaques would be nice but what are they when I am dead? Not much really.

I feel we are in a unique space in time where we can still reach back to the beginning of these United States and at least have a minimal shot at obtaining an almost complete collection of all US Coinage.

Certainly some will forever be out of my reach, or perhaps not. It is the thrill of the search, the wonderment as to who held this coin, and in what transactions has it been used? I can go on forever, my wife thinks I am crazy. I long for the day when it is time for her to sell my collections (I will most assuredly die before her) and she finds out that she is a multimillionaire. She doesn't beleive me now, but as God is my witness I would love to see the look on her face at the closing hammer of my life's collection and the 7-8 digit check she will receive. It almost makes me want to stop smoking and eat healthy foods and exercise...Almost.

Live well, continue to follow your dreams for one day you too shall die. With that last breath will you be happy with yourself and what you have accomplished? To date, I can answer "without a doubt".

Happy Collecting.


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