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I live in Texas and hold a B.Sc. and Ph.D in Chemical Engineering, as well as an A.A. in Visual Arts.

I have grown up in a house where coins are thought to be neat and passive coin collecting is sometimes done but the active collecting of coins has been frowned upon. Even so I developed a great love of the hobby at a very young age. Some of my earliest memories are of searching through, sorting, counting and rolling coins with my mother. I think that might have been how I learned to count... I made a few aborted attempts at starting a coin collection when I was younger. I just couldn't make it work back when I was 10. In high school I had other passions- mainly art and tabletop wargaming.

I bucked the trend a bit. I actually found the hobby again in college as opposed to setting it aside for many years. I started collecting coins again in Mid-2006. I decided to start collecting silver American Eagles in May 2007 and decided to buy them certified. They were my first certified coins. The slabs lead me to the NGC website and I found the Registry. I decided to join a month later in June 2007.

I started grad school in 2010 to pursue my doctorate and moved out of my parents' house finally. That left my finances pretty constrained for a while there and on top of that I was starting to get back into photography - which can be pretty expensive in and of itself. So the coin collecting has taken more of a backseat the last few years. I don't regret a bit of it though. The photography is the reason I met my wife and she's better than any coin I've ever seen.

The Wright Family Collection:
My step-father's mother passed away in January 2008, shortly before her 76th birthday. My step-father came to me about a month later with an idea; He wanted to build mint sets for the birth years of his mother, himself, my mother, their (combined) children, and grandchildren. I have been working since then to define what coins and what grades will be required, decide what prices should be paid, and find coins that fit in with those goals. I have named these sets "The Wright Family Collection." They are included in my registry since I'm the family registry member, but they are separate from my collection and my sets.

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