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It is all about Golden Age GGA (Good Girl Art) these days for me! Specificlaly, books with spectacular covers by Jack Kamen. But...

I started out in my early comic collecting days collecting modern books. First major purchase was a NM (so I was told) copy of New Mutants #87 for $65 while in grade school. Still own the book today.

Afterwards, I got heavy into the fantastic artwork depicted in Image Comics. Regrettably, I purchased a lot of Image books, which are worth next to nothing today.

Of course, the natural progression of collecting took me from modern age to Bronze. Some of my prized early bronze purchases were a VF-/VF copy of Incredible Hulk #181 and and a NM- copy of Giant Size X-Men #1, while in high school.

I ended up selling my more prized comics in order to help fund a purchase of my car. Understandably, lost interest in the hobby for several years after parting with my treasures to obtain a necessity.

Got curious about comics again after discoving the CGC grading service.

With the intro of CGC, and now with desposable income, I graduated to the more expensive Silver Age books, now being able to rely upon a third party source to verify the grade of books. Purchased a CGC 8.0 copy of X-Men #12 (1st Juggernaut), a CGC 9.2 copy of Silver Surfer #3, and a CGC 8.0 copy of Fantastic Four #8 (1st Puppet Master and Alicia Masters).

Finally, in August of 2006, I received a catalogue from Heritage auctions regarding the Davis Crippen Collection. The catalogue opened my eyes to wonders that is Golden Age.

I had no idea who the artists were at the time, but I quickly learned that one particular artist was responsible for drawing many of my favorite covers. That artist's name: Jack Kamen.

I have discovered other great artists since that time, including Matt Baker, Alex Schomburg, and Al Feldstein, but nothing eclipses Jack Kamen's works IMO.


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