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Crazy Ed is a nationally recognized "collector friendly" specialist in Silver Age comics and related character and super-hero related baby boomer memorabilia. His website shares a real treat for adults who fondly remember their childhood toys and games and shows and heroes, and also shows a knack for entertaining sound clips and images. Ed is not just a member of the Registry-- he is also a CGC Charter Member/Dealer.

Ed's website provides a link to contact him with inquiries about trades or offers. Ed specializes in DC Superhero titles (Gold silver and bronze) for his own comic collection(s) but also has a fondness for a few sound Marvel titles, as well as some independents and Golden Age items.


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Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Action Comics #1-#500 Superman in Action: longing for "the 10 cent era" I am a baby boomer all the way (...) 931826996 1
Action Comics #301-#500 Look, up in the sky... PLEASE SEE the 2nd picture I a (...) 59299644 2
Action Comics (Complete) Look! Its a by a wire! 93926996 1
Adventure Comics #32-#503 My name is Legion---pretty creepy huh? Again, we are starting from a (...) 1102321321 6
All Star Western (1970) 1st Jonah Hex 19440 13
All-American Comics #1-#102 (1939) Ed's copy of 1st Solomon Grundy! I was approached in the late 1 (...) 21862 24
Amazing Spider-Man (Complete) ASM = "A Selling Machine" This is NOT a personal collect (...) 21212526 190
Angel and the Ape (1968) Me and any date! Simon says! 225305 2
Aquaman (1962) & Showcase #30-#33 Arthur (Curry's) Fish & Chips glug glug I promise a better (...) 507412760 3
Atom #1-#45 Shrinks...right in the Palmer ya hand! Loved the Atom's role in D (...) 14298638 7


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Batman #1-#100 earliest bats 474723863 11
Batman #101-#200 The Silver Bat Years This 100 issue Batman segment (...) 898844450 4
Batman #201-#300 Crazy Ed's Bronze Bats My 1st Batman CGC goal collect (...) 808027795 9
Batman #404-#407 the Miller's Son---watched his parents die! 480580 10
Batman (Complete) Batcave, Too My doubles or favorites in dup (...) 1017184 59
Batman (Complete) Mr. Wayne's Manor A lightly broken run with an e (...) 2282498771 8
Batman Family I'm a loner, a vigilante...with a BIIGGG family! Another series of "Giants (...) 630534 9
Batman One-Shots killer Bat-tales! 101143 35
Battlestar Galactica (1979) The Lorne is always Greener on the other side... 1496 26
Beware the Creeper Creepy Ditko! OK, you are an investigative r (...) 228563 10
Brave and the Bold #1-#200 better than the "Meek and the Fearful..." There's so much here I don (...) 592925660 7
Brave and the Bold #1-#200 doubly bold! 42416 126
Bullwinkle bull 1390 7


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Captain Action (DC) ACTIVATE ME! 120165 13
Captain America #100-#454 Movie....SOON! Contact me if you need this Ca (...) 10916 112
Challengers of the Unknown I am Challenged! Less Powers than the JLA,OR th (...) 882923 3
Comic Cavalcade Mighty Trio! Golden Age Greats! 11419 8
Crisis on Infinite Earths (with Variants) "Honey, they KILLED Kara!" "So WHO's Kara??" Ok a brief funny story. On my (...) 26183 64


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
DC 100 Page Books A Giant by any other name would be too expensive! Aha, so my 80 Pg Giants of the (...) 31264248 9
DC 80 Page Giant But MOM, its a Giant! Gimme a quarter, PLEASE! So this argument with my mothe (...) 758219006 2
DC 80 Page Giant Eds DC Giant Doubles Overflow of recent upgraded or (...) 441323 16
DC Comics Presents the 4th Flash Race, of Course! this 2 Part Bronze set is a mu (...) 1070 77
DC Bronze Age 1st Issues (1970-1979) a few here or there I picked up... a few missing still include Ca (...) 15104856 8
DC Silver Age Annuals Ed's Annuals 522876 5
DC Silver Age Annuals Mommy, a quarter, PLEASE!? 20906777 2
DC Special (1968) Carmine, O Carmine! 13140 28
Demon (1972) Crazy Ed's Demons 212448 15
Detective Comics #27-#200 My Flighty Joke of a Golden Age CGC Detective Run! I actually own just the 2 CGC (...) 211687 45
Detective Comics #201-#300 Batman Pre-Code to Early Silver Although my favorite Batman pe (...) 19195532 6
Detective Comics #301-#400 Batman-the New Look and Detective Reborn! Initially, PLEASE SEE THE PICT (...) 838327590 4
Detective Comics #301-#400 Dick Grayson's Detective doubles! A few duplicate CGC nice piece (...) 66576 65
Detective Comics #401-#500 Batman-my childhood shelf buying ends here! I previously described my dual (...) 555513095 7
Detective Comics #401-#500 Detective Doubles 55662 48
Detective Comics #501-#600 Avoiding Detection? 11125 45
Detective Comics (Complete) DC Rules! 1551245392 7
Doom Patrol (1964) Mutated team of 4, 1 Girl, professor in a wheelchair...hmmmm??? Why the MGA 80-85 are not incl (...) 7151749 5


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Fantastic Four (Complete) My FF's PLUS FF 112, Hulk vs Thing, post Kirby! This set complements the regis (...) 7811111308 27
Fantastic Four Lee-Kirby #1-#102 Fantastic exception to Ed's DC hero obsession! The 1st FF I read as a kid was (...) 7366105716 24
Flash #105-#350 Pan Flash Too Doubles, available for trade. (...) 20575 115
Flash #105-#350 Pan in a Flash One of the LAST of the long Si (...) 1204743613 5
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