Mad Cop

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Mad Cop's Bio
I originally started collecting comics in middle school, mostly beat up 12 cent copies of Daredevil, ASM, and Batman. I loved the old stories and the fact that old comics are pure Americana. My buddy, who lived just across the street, used to trade comics with me in his garage it seemed like everyday. We used to hash out many deals, creating great childhood memories in the process. When I went to college, so went my love of comics. My focus was more on studying, football games and women. Comics were NOT cool in my early 20s. But after I graduated, got a nice job, a nice home, a nice girlfriend, and settled down, I found comics again. This time, the love was for graded comics. No more fear of restoration or fear of buying online. I was hooked. My main love now is golden age Batman and Detective. Oh and by the way, I have nothing to do with law enforcement, Mad cop is a Texas hold'em nickname.


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