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I retired in June 2013 as a Mechanical Engineer and still living in Southern California.

I started collecting Coins and Currency back in the 60’s, with US Mint Sets. Later I started collecting currency in the 90’s with ungraded notes; I started to have them graded by PMG starting in 2008, over the pass 13 Years, to date PMG has graded more than Three Thousands notes for the collection, most were for my One and Two Dollars note sets.

In 2008 I set up my Registry Sets, in the last 13 years, I have added over nine hundred new notes, now with-in the registry sets with more than eighteen hundred small size FRN and other seal notes. I have over 150 Number One Sets within this collection of graded notes. I have started to add some large size notes to my collection over the years.

I am working on my One Dollar District Set with Star and Varieties registry set, it's is 95% complete with 708 notes in the set, and this set haves total of 742 note slots and will change with the upcoming 2017A series notes. I am planning and trying to complete this set by the end of 2022, this is due to the number of mule and back plate error notes that are listed but, none grade at this time. This will be one of the four set with over two thousand notes in all sets. The first world notes were added, they are from Trinidad and Tobago this is for my wife place of birth. I will add and show some of notes in upcoming journal, noted as "ADDING - ONES" I have started to add photos to all the journals.

With help from my Great Grand Daughter, I have started adding the images to my one dollar note, this may take some time, over the last five years I have completed 3,044 notes and will complete the remaining 742 over the next coming year.

I would like to thanks the PMG Registry and the Collectors Society for awarding me the 2016 Overall Achievement Award and the Best Overall Set for my $1 Federal Reserve Note - District Master Set with Star and Varieties, this will remain a set that will continued to build over the years as new series are added to this set, along with other small size sets.



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