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I collect 9.4s or better and strive only* ow/w or better pages pre 1979…..
(Certain Dell and Four Color books are making that pretty damnn tough to achieve! Especially that of Ben Bowie and Smokey Bear - so hard to find in HG, let alone with ow/w or better pq!!)
…...Post 1980, I collect at least 9.6s with again, at least ow/w pages. And yes I have a tad bit of OCD.

I am a Marvel fan & collector. Daredevil being my favorite. My Father was a TOS fan (Sgt. Rock was his favorite) and I easily gravitated to it. In 5th grade Wolverine was the first comic I had a subscription to and began to actively collect.
Past several years, the power of nostalgia definitely has driven my collecting. Wether GA, SA and Copper so many memories with family, friends or alone time revolved at times around comics.
More recently with the advent of the 2012 TMNT cartoon series. All 5 seasons were watched and loved by my boys. Couple that with, again nostalgia of my affinity for all things TMNT growing up in the early/mid 80s - it was off to the races for me and recollecting in a sense - TMNT books.

Without a doubt, I have a lot of love for DC (who doesn't like Batman!?!?) and much respect for some other Publishers with their creators, artists, writers and great characters.
For instance - the Best CARTOON Ever, a MOUNTAIN Man, the most famous BEAR ever who does NOT play with matches, "ONE SHOTS" and a TOTALLY TUBULAR Group Of 9.8 Terrapins - have helped me venture out of my Marvel collecting bubble quite a bit past couple years!
My "Golden Year" of comics is without a doubt 1964!
Four of my favorite characters grace the covers of comic books for their first time that year: Daredevil, Jonny Quest, Hawkeye, and the sexy Black Widow.

I seem to gravitate in my collecting trends to: 1st three appearances or just 1st appearances, 1st & 2nd origins, particular cover art I'm drawn to, 1st own titles and than small runs of stories I was captivated with or artwork I was enchanted by in my youth or now discovering for the first time in my life.
As of late, I'm still really enjoying picking up Gold Key One shots and TMNTs.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my BIO, happy viewing, happy reading & HAPPY COLLECTING!!

In my Registry I have only 3 "OW" Books.
ALL are of or are the highest graded copies in the census.
They are my 9.8 Gold Key Franky Jr #1, The True Story of Smokey Bear #nn 9.4 (1959, first edition) and lastly, my 9.8 Forest Fire #nn book from 1949, first appearance of Smokey Bear in comics.



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Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Adventures of Robin Hood (Gold Key) "This will be my greatest performance!!" This movie and Sword in the St (...) 114176 2
Alpha Flight (1983) Hey Is This My Origin Or What? 10160 46
Amazing Adventures #1-#10 (1970) I Finally Get To Star In A Title! (Poor Broad That's What She Thinks) 220565 11
Amazing Spider-Man (Complete) "Black Peter" DD's 4th and 6th appearanc (...) 14114378 124
Amazing Spider-Man One-Shots "My Friend, My Friend He's Gotta Bunch of Knives." 10160 19
Avengers #1-#250 Hawkeye Joins & Origin's of Clint n Natasha Also included are my top seede (...) 1146726 41


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Batman: Vengeance of Bane "I'm Gotham's 9.8 Complete Reckoning" "No one cared who I was t (...) 4100176 3
Ben Bowie and His Mountain Men His name was Jeremiah Johnson, and they say - he wanted to be a mountain man. Jeremiah Johnson, is one of my (...) 14823190 1
Big Trouble in Little China (Boom!) "This is Jack Burton in the Pork Chop Express and.." ..I'm talkin' to whoev (...) 2850 1


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Conan the Barbarian #1-#275 ITS NOT A TUMAH! 723130 27
Conan #0-#50 (2004) mamma (Latin) Yep, I only own one book out o (...) 11280 12


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Daredevil #1-#157 "Comes A Time When The Blind-Man Takes Your Hand ENCORE ” “...says, don’t you see”
162100115413 4
Daredevil #1-#80 “Comes A Time When The Blind-Man Takes Your Hand” ......says, don’t you see”
80100105669 3
Daredevil #1-#310 "Comes A Time When The Blind-Man Takes Your Hand DOUBLE ENCORE” ......says, don’t you see”
18959122504 4
Daredevil (Complete) "Comes A Time When The Blind-Man Takes Your Hand TRIPLE ENCORE” ......says, don’t you see”
19433122709 1
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu "Man, you come right outta a comic book" "Boards don't hit bac (...) 12270 9
Deadpool (Complete) "WILSON - King of Prussia, I Lay This Hate On You!" 3099 35
Dell Giants MEEP-MEEP & YABBA-DABBA DO 1st Road Runner
212005 9
Destroyer Duck Who Is This Medicant, Groo You Speak Of? 114141 2


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
FantaCo Chronicles Chronicles of Millerarnia 12048 2
Fantastic Four Lee-Kirby #1-#102 "A Blind Man Shall Appear With Them!" Issues #39 & #40 are two o (...) 323750 121
Flintstones (1961) Betty was a Betty Nostalgic I am 341990 4
Four Color (Complete) Fantastic Four Color Firsts, Seconds, Thirds, Fourths, Fifths... The 1st appearance Ben Bowie ( (...) 1514990 13
Frogmen The OSS The First & Last Appearanc (...) 225610 1
Further Adventures of Indiana Jones "We named the dog Indiana." 1264 11


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Gambit (1993) "There Ain't No Time to Stash the Gumbo!" 120240 7
George of the Jungle "Ah ah ee ee tooky tooky!!" One of the perks of getting st (...) 31001900 1
Gold Key One Shots (1962-1979) Jonny B Goode Along with my all time favorit (...) 616434906 1
Groo the Wanderer (Pacific) Rufferto! Sic Balls!! A Fray of ALL 9.8 WHITES!!! My (...) 121001485 1
Groo the Wanderer (Marvel/Epic) Sic Balls Again Rufferto! 75283 5


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Hawkeye Limited Series Finally...My Own Fricken Title!! Surprisingly, this is a very t (...) 410096 2
Hero For Hire - Power Man - Power Man & Iron Fist Wolvie's BFF's Grand Entrances 32575 33


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Incredible Hulk (1968) #102-#474 Carcajou, Wendigo & Procyon lotor 6111425 32
Incredible Hulk #180-#182 Wolverine Wolvie Berzerker Style! 310010650 39
Iron Fist #1-#15 Wolvie's BFF & Wovie's Bad Costume Day 2131125 71


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Jetsons (Gold Key) "Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah!!" What a great cartoon! 25480 6
Jonny Quest "File O-37" The Best JQ Set Ever Created < (...) 10283626 1
Journey Into Mystery #83-#125 "Passin' Through" DD's 10th appearance in Fu (...) 12900 153


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Kitty Pryde and Wolverine Hey Baby....Wanna Wrestle? 11625 21


Set Type NameSet NameDescComic Count% CompletedScoreRank
Marvel Annuals (1962-1982) Annual Income 851845 21
Marvel Authentix DD, Gambit & Spidey All Dressed To The 9.8s! 350215 7
Marvel Bronze Age 1st Issues (1970-1979) Allow Myself To Introduce....Myself? 639635 21
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) Marvel Comics Presents - The Wolverine! 2160 22
Marvel Copper Age 1st Appearances (1980-1989) "I'm Bad With Remembering Names" 1384082 26
Marvel Giant-Size Giant Size Me Please 454430 20
Marvel Magazines 1st Issues (1968-1982) CoNAN OBRIEN!!!! 12650 15
Marvel Preview Frank the Tank's Origin 14300 35
Marvel Silver Age 1st Issues (1956-1969) Allow Myself To Introduce.....Myself.....Again? 26950 36
Marvel Super-Heroes "Even A Blind Man Knows When The Sun Is Shining!" 10570 43
Masters of the Universe (Complete) Battle Cat vs Panthor 25152 10
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