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I was born in 1956. Ike was president, life was good.
In the 1960's I was an avid coin collector, filling in Whitman books of Indian Head pennies, Buffalo Nickels, Mercury dimes and even some less common 19th century US denominations, 2 and 3 cent coins.
I was in the stamp and coin club in HS and actually got the coin collecting merit badge in Scouts on my way to Eagle.
I now collect Double Eagles and enjoy them for their beauty.

In 2019, I discovered Ancient Byzantine Empire Solidi, beautiful gold coins that are 1000 to 1500+ years old.

Join me in mourning the end of the Byzantine Empire on May 29, 1453... by celebrating 1000+ years of Western Civilization's progress from its ancient Greek Roots... and admiring the coinage that helped spread the wealth and power of a once mighty Empire.


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