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Philreal's Bio
Well I've been collecting comics off and on since 1966. Then as a small boy, I would buy em, read em, and not take very good care of them, as I guess most young boys did. I have since gone back and upgraded most of the early stuff I had, just to the 3.0 to 7.0 range based on my budget. I have a complete set of ASM 1 to 25, and finally completed the slabbed set in January of 2016. Now to work on some upgrades!
I have quite a few Bronze age books, as that was more my time as a teen, keeping them in better shape, putting them away. I have had a few of my nicer original bronze books graded, mostly around the 9.2 range.
I have always cherished my meager collection, and will always love this medium.


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