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In the autumn of my life, I returned to coin collecting in June 2008 after a 40 year interruption. My initial focus was on a Liberty Seated type set, but in June 2009 I decided to concentrate my effort on Liberty Seated Half Dimes. All of the half dimes in my collection have been acquired since that date. More recently, in June 2013, I entered a batch of my better non-H10C coins in a US Type Set and, even more recently, I have established a circulated type set. These both give me much pleasure and the latter of these sets allows me to be competitive despite my limited financial resources. Most recently, in November 2014, I began collections of both circulated and uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar sets and, by December 2015, had a specimen in each slot. Now I am focused on up-grading my sets. What a joy!!


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