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I Was born in nothern Greece and I remember myself always to collect coins from other countries. My parents were immigrants in Germany on 60's and 70's and always was available a good portion of foreign coins in my house at this time. Also with the military jounta (1967-1974) and the changes in coinage every 2-3 years, were multiplied the coins in the jar.

In my teens I bought my first catalogue for Greek Coins (an 1993 edition of Pylarinos catalogue) and I started to understand prices in different grades. As I lived in a small town (Alexandroupoli) there were not many dealers around.
To be honest, there was only one, with crazy expensive prices. There I made my first purchase and I paid more than normal prices. My first real collectible coins were 1 drachma 1910 KM# 60 and 30 drachma 1963 KM# 86 centennial of the greek monarchy.

When I get 18,and go for studies of greek Theology in Thessaloniki, I had the opportunity to come along, many more chances that gives me a big city. I visit there all the museums and the dealers. Also , find myself searching for coins in open markets and antique shops. So, my collection grows bigger every week and I was proud of the Latin Union crown collection ,called ''talira'' in Greek.

Because of certain economic problems I faced, had to sell my entire collection. So I made a break of some years from collecting coins.
In 2007 my passion for coins rekindled. Help Internet with the wide range of options offered. From 2010 became a member of the NGC, started collecting coins with qualitative elements.
Thus I dealt with coins of the United States, China and Greece. But mainly what piqued my numismatic interest was the coins from German states and the German Empire.So I decided to mainly deal with the values of 2, 3 and 5 marks and mainly coins of Prussian state, so as to have a quality and a follow-up collection.

My personal objectives for the next 2 years is to be able to conclude, as much as this is possible,the Registry sets of the Prussian Kingdom and set aside as more quality coins as I can afford.


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