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I started collecting comics at an early age. I was about 7 years old when I first discovered the comic booth in the local flea market in New York. We lived in Queens at the time and I remember looking forward to finding the comic stand with all the silver age Spiderman comics and Iron Man. My first love was Spiderman but I also had a passion for Golden Age Superman and Hawkman. I liked to draw a lot as a kid and I drew all the superheroes.

One time I recall being at a neighbors house and their son had the entire run of Journey into Mystery. I was in awe with all those beautiful books all lined up in the long box. I had to have something like that one day.

Over the years I was able to collect AF 15 - ASM 300 or so. I cherished that collection for years until the first Spiderman movie came out. I needed a new car and the price on the comics were up a lot....I decided to sell them all.

I wish I still had those books today but I sure had a nice Celica back then.

Fast forward to the first Iron Man movie and I was blown away. My interest for comics was alive again and I needed to be involved again. I didn't want to get back to Spidey because I knew it inside and out so....I decided I wanted Iron Man as my main collection focus point and then I jumped into Thor as well in the early JIM run (reminding me again when I was a young boy).

I'm still an avid collector of comics. I have an eclectic taste of silver age and bronze age Marvel's and also Moderns like the Walking Dead. I'm also collecting original art as well. Mostly focus on Iron Man.

Thanks for reading.

All the best,



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