Spectacular Spider-Man #1-#263
Spectacular Spider-Man 1

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Comic Description: Spectacular Spider-Man 1 Signature
Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 1050443002
Owner: slpfi27


Custom Sets: This comic is not in any custom sets.
Sets Competing: Spectacular Spider-Man #1-#263  Score: 528
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Owner's Description

Currently I have 5 Copies of this great book.

01. CGC Blue Label Copy in 9.8 WP Notation, Located in Cove City, North Carolina
02. CGC Yellow Label CGC 9.8 WP Signed by Stan Lee Located: Arlington, Texas
03. CGC Yellow Label CGC 9.8 WP Signed by Stan Lee Located: Ringgold Georgia.
04. CGC Yellow Label CGC 9.4 OW Signed by Dave Hunt Located in Reading, Massachusetts. I purchased this copy because I have yet to see another Example in any grade with his signature on it. I included the photo for people to see.

05. CGC Yellow Label CGC 9.8 WP Signed by: Stan Lee, Mike Esposito, John Romita Sr, Sal Buscema
Information on this book:

The Crown of the set originated from Clearwater, Florida. A member of the CGC Community called it...

"The White Whale"

There are 109 Signature Series Spectacular Spider-Man #1 in CGC 9.8 Condition. After researching for months, and careful exploration of Certification Numbers, I know of all the Examples of this book. I can confirm that only 17 Examples have more than one signature. Of the 109 Examples, Stan Lee personally signed, all but Five. In addition, Sal Buscema Signed Fifteen, John Romita Sr. Signed Fourteen, Gerry Conway Signed Twelve.

The Example presented here, was signed respectively by several of the great members of the Marvel Elite.

Signed by Stan "The Man" Lee. 07.22.2010 (D: 11.12.2018)
Signed by the Late Mike Esposito 07.11.2010 (D: 10.24.2010)
Signed by John Romita Sr 01.28.2011
Signed by Sal Buscema. 02.06.2012
I will try and get this book signed by Gerry Conway at a later date.Keep an eye out for this baby! Gerry it's coming!

~ TITLE:SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN 1976 - 1998 | #1 - 263 + Annuals, Variants, Special Editions, and Reprints. It begins here! ~

Spectacular Spider-Man #1-#263


Title: "Twice Stings The Tarantula!" Part 1 of 3. Script by Gerry Conway. Pencils by Sal Buscema. Inks by Mike Esposito. Cover by Sal Buscema and John Romita. The first issue of a brand new series for Spider-Man! The story opens with a bang as the Tarantula kidnaps the Empire State University vice-chancellor, despite the best efforts of the web-slinger, Flash Thompson, and Mary Jane Watson! Next, the Tarantula tries to kill the mayor, but this time the Spectacular Spider-Man is ready! Can the wall-crawler beat the Tarantula and save Mayor Abe Beame? First appearance of Edward Lansky (aka Lightmaster). (Notes: The Spectacular Spider-Man series became the third monthly title for Spider-Man. The first issue of the series debuted the same month as Amazing Spider-Man 163 and Marvel Team-Up 52. The letters page contains an essay from Gerry Conway describing the plans for the new Spider-Man title.) 32 pages Cover price $0.30.

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