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Aurora Comic Scenes 187-140

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Comic Description: Aurora Comic Scenes 187-140 Universal
Grade: 9.9
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 0035734021
Owner: Best2u


Custom Sets: The LL&P Collection-Aurora Comic Scenes
Sets Competing: The LL&P Collection - Aurora Comic Scenes  Score: 300
Research: See CGC's Census Report for this Comic

Owner's Description

Here's another of the rare issues with only 23 graded copies. There are 2-9.9, 9-9.8, 9-9.6, and 2 in 9.2, and one SS copy. Below is my original entry in the Registry for this issue. Be sure to read the update after it to see how and why I have 9 copies of this issue.
(I have a 9.2 to go along with this 9.6. I wish more of these comics would come up on eBay as I feel they have a good investment potential. I'm not an investor but I don't mind sticking a few bucks in these low pop. issues. Don't know what's going on here but check out the 2 diff. back covers on my copies. One has a yellow background and the other is all green. I've seen one other background and it was the all green kind so maybe the yellow is rare. And what's with those pink areas on the back cover. they seem out of place and should have words in them.) UPDATE: OKAY, so how crazy am I? Pretty crazy. I own 9 copies of this issue! I started out with the 9.6 but when I saw the 9.2 with a yellow back I felt I had to have it. I then saw a 9.2 with a green back and felt I had to have a pair of them with the different backs. Don’t lose count I’m up to owning 3 copies. I then saw a 9.6 with the yellow back that would match up with my 9.6 green back, so why not. Now up to four copies. Soon after the fourth copy was purchased another 9.6 with green back was on eBay, for what I remember was $10, couldn’t say no to that as it was in one of the newer CGC slabs. With 5 copies in hand I figured that was enough till a 9.8 with green back was offered by MyComicShop and once again felt I had to up grade. I’m very confident I told myself I would not buy another copy no matter what came along. That lasted till ComicLink offered a 9.9 with green back. Being 1 of the 2 highest graded how could I say no. Paid a price that was way to high as I got caught in the moment. Now, with 7 copies filling up a box of their own I knew I wouldn’t need to buy any more and I was considering selling the 9.2’s as a pair so someone could have a set of both back covers. That didn’t happen as a 9.6 came on the market with a yellow back which would match up with my second green back. Okay, I knew by now, with 8 copies, I was hooked and would probably buy any copy the came up for sale. Man I hate being right. My latest purchase was the second CGC-9.9 offered by Heritage in May of 2019. Now I own both of the highest graded. Man, I wish this one was a yellow back to make a pair with the green back 9.9. Anyone have 9.8 with yellow to match my green back. ( I have since passed up 2 other issues of this comic. I believe both were 9.8’s. No, I’m not cured, I planned to bid on both with high bids but got delayed one one and the I just forgot bid as I was watching a movie.)
This is from my first CGC- 9.9.
Publisher: AURORA
Page Quality: White Pages
Type of Holder: Universal
Degree Of Restoration: Unrestored
Census Rank: Highest Graded!
End Date: 9/25/2018 9:30:00 PM
ComicLink Comments:
This pristine Mint CGC 9.9 is the highest graded, and is 1 of only 2 examples ever awarded this top grade by CGC. Additionally, CGC has assigned its newsstand-fresh page quality designation, White Pages, making this the best 9.9 obtainable.

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