For This Is the Day... That a Superman Died
Superman 76 Second Printing

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Comic Description: Superman 76 Modern
Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 2105011001
Owner: Iconic1s


Custom Sets: This comic is not in any custom sets.
Sets Competing: For This Is the Day... That a Superman Died  Score: 40
Research: See CGC's Census Report for this Comic

Owner's Description

This book is one of the first two Universal Label 9.8’s both graded on 24 April 2020, and both were submitted by me.

This book was not an easy one to find! When I started the work on this set, I probably wasn’t as educated as I should have been about the later printings and where they came from. I initially set out to find this book raw and bought several copies, eventually submitting one that came back a restored 9.8… ouch! After this experience I bought a couple different jeweler’s loupes to help me uncover restoration and to better grade books (beware though… everything looks bad under a loupe!).

I am not a big CGC forum participant necessarily, but I do try to keep up with a couple different topics. While keeping up with threads related to the books in this set, I learned from a member named onlyweaknesskryptonite that this Superman 76 second printing came in the collector’s set that I show in the second image slot. At that point, rather than continuing to look for individual raw copies of this book, I decided to look for these sets unopened. They usually go for between $35.00 - $75.00 and I personally wouldn’t buy them unless I could get them for under $45.00 shipped. I ended up buying a total of nine of these sets through the course of my Superman 76 second printing hunt. One set had a first printing of this book and the others were all second printings. I submitted two copies of this book with a larger submission and then got my hands on this book, as well as the other 9.8, in sets that I received later in my search. These last two both looked really good so I submitted them for fast track pressing and grading and the results are seen here in this slot.

The other two that I had submitted eventually received a 9.6 and 9.2.

I am super happy to have this book, and plan on hanging onto the second 9.8 copy as well! Because it ended up being so easy to find the unopened collector's sets I have a hard time understanding why someone else hadn't already snatched them up until finding the 9.8's like I did... I'm glad they didn't though!

This put my set at 91 of 98 books in at least 9.8 at the time! Getting there!

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