For This Is the Day... That a Superman Died
Superman 81

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Comic Description: Superman 81 Signature
Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 1428330017
Owner: Iconic1s


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Sets Competing: For This Is the Day... That a Superman Died  Score: 44
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Owner's Description

"Where we thought to stand alone, we will be with all the world." Joseph Campbell - Quote embedded in Superman's Batman v Superman suit

I originally had a Universal 9.8 here, which was one of four books that I got in a trade for Superman 75 and Adventures of Superman 500 Platinum Editions both graded 9.6. In June 2021 I replaced it with this Signature Series 9.8 signed by Brett Breeding. This is another example of Mr. Breeding placing his signature very nicely on the cover. I also like the use of the fine tip sharpie... very clean!

It's pretty amazing that ever since this story and the Black Suit Superman people have been obsessed with it. There was a brief glimpse of a black/gray looking suit at the beginning of Superman Returns and then a whole bunch of drama over the possibility that there may have been a black suited Superman cut from the recent Justice League movie. The deleted scene that was eventually released of the Black Suit from that movie caused quite a stir, and the Black Suit scenes were eventually fully restored in the Zack Snyder cut of the movie and it was AMAZING! Lets also not forget Henry Cavill in the Black Suit during the General Zod interrogation/dream type sequence in Man of Steel. I wonder if any of those scenes would have ever existed if not for this storyline?

The figure I show in the second image actually caused a tiff between my Wife and I but not for the reason one would expect. We were living in Pensacola Florida at the time and she had went to California to visit a friend that had recently had a baby. She called me from a Comic Book Store and started asking me if I needed this, or wanted that. This big figure was one of the things she had her eye on. I got a little upset that she was in a store worrying about buying things for me when she should be having fun with our friend and their new baby (I'm such an awesome guy!). Needless to say she won the argument and I am now really glad to have this cool figure in my collection.

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