For This Is the Day... That a Superman Died
Superman: The Man of Steel 18 Fourth Printing

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Comic Description: Superman: The Man of Steel 18 Signature
Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 1184407011
Owner: Iconic1s


Custom Sets: This comic is not in any custom sets.
Sets Competing: For This Is the Day... That a Superman Died  Score: 35
Man of Steel!  Score: 35
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Owner's Description

This is the third 9.8 to occupy this slot. The first two were Universal 9.8’s; I got this Signature Series 9.8 off of eBay long after my set was at 100% completion, and when I was only short one 9.8.

I got the first copy of this book along with the fifth printing thanks to selling a Signature Series Marvel book I had which had been signed by Joe Simon, Stan Lee, Steve Epting, and Ed Brubaker. I didn't mind because I still had Joe Simon and Steve Epting signatures on other books. I was really happy to finish out all five printings of this book with that book and the fifth printing in 9.8 at the same time! I paid $250.00 for that one on eBay... the fourth and fifth printings of this book seem to go hot and cold and I think my timing on that one may have been a little off at the time, picking it up while it was hot. Live and learn!

I submitted the second 9.8 myself around the time I bought the first one. I was on a work trip to Elizabeth City, NC and searched comic book stores near me. I ended up driving to Virginia Beach to check out a shop there. You never know where and what you'll find and seeing that there aren't a lot of shops near me I can't pass up the opportunity to explore when I am traveling. There wasn't much displayed but when I asked, the owner pulled it from the back and I ended up paying $20.00 for it. I had to hand carry it back on the airplane and finally submitted it. I was so happy when it came back 9.8! I like the stories associated with both of the Universals and just don't have the heart to let either one go. Getting the second copy back 9.8 may have offset what I paid for the first copy so things did work out in a way, even though I don't see myself selling either anytime soon! I swapped my submission, which was in the new holder, for the first 9.8 when I was getting books reholdered; the first copy was in an old holder and this saved me the trouble of sending it in.

The copy you see here now was listed on eBay with a fairly aggressive BIN price, or Make an Offer. I have committed myself to always improving this set when I could, but an opportunity hadn’t presented itself in nearly seven months so I was pretty excited when it popped up. The only problem was that, ironically, I was right in the middle of working out a deal on another book through the CGC Registry, and had already made an offer. The seller of the other book was not being very responsive and, because my funds are not unlimited (and because my Wife will only put up with so much), I hesitated making an offer on this book because if both worked out at the same time it would be pretty painful. After nearly four days of silence from the seller of the other book, I decided to go ahead and make an offer on this book and deal with whatever happened on the other one if/when it happened. I really didn’t want this book to get away from me!

Whenever I do make an offer, it is always what I think a book is worth; I don’t lowball the seller just to eventually meet in the middle, I start with MY top/fair price and hope the seller can sense that I’m not a crook. Therefore, the other pending deal had no bearing on my offer on this book and I am really happy that the seller accepted, and that it is now in this set. The fourth printing of this issue is the rarest of the five printings in 9.8, and even rarer when it comes to Signature Series 9.8’s; this being one of only two copies.

The second picture is of all three of my 9.8 copies.

Image #1

Image #2

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