Marathon Planet
Planet Comics 33

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Comic Description: Planet Comics 33 Universal
Grade: 9.4
Pedigree: Ohio
Certification #: 0096948002
Owner: Ephus


Custom Sets: This comic is not in any custom sets.
Sets Competing: Marathon Planet  Score: 4200
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Owner's Description

This is one of my favorite books. I really like the cover to this one, and it is very tough to find in high grade in some part due to it's mostly black cover. It has my two favorite Planet characters on the cover Hunt Bowman and Lyssa. The story inside shows how they hijack a Volta ship to get back to America. They are apprehended by a Volta squadron who want to test a new gas weapon on the humans. The final panels to the story will show you if the weapons were successful. A good read worth finding out the ending. Also in this one is a well drawn story of Gale Allen and her girl squadron when they do some investigative work on planet Aquos, a mostly water planet. The inhabitants try and fool Gale about their intentions, but Gale figures out their scheme.
Also, Mars God of war is a very entertaining read.
I did own a 9.2 copy before this one and I can wholeheartedly say that there is a big difference in this 9.4 and my prior copy that is seen by the eye and worth much more than a .2 bump in grade. I paid much more for this 9.4 than I did the prior copy and after seeing this one in person, I have not regretted trading up for a minute. There is a great gloss and boldness to the cover colors that just can't be put into words. This is a great copy of a classic Planet Comics.

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