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Cry For Dawn 9

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Comic Description: Cry for Dawn 9 Modern
Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 0900055001
Owner: asteroid-comix


Custom Sets: This comic is not in any custom sets.
Sets Competing: Frank's Cry for Dawn  Score: 120
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Owner's Description



Page Quality: WHITE
Notes: None.
Art/Cover: Joseph Michael Linsner
Writing: Joseph Michael Linsner and Joseph Monks
Edition/Printing Size: 23,000 Copies

Purchase History:

Purchase History: Purchased graded from CGC forum member in February 2011.
Purchase Price: $150

Grade Notes:

Condition: No noticeable defects.
Grading: Graded on 10/13/2008.
Census: Highest graded; 1 of 9 non-qualified and non-restored copies in 9.8 in the census. (05/12/15)


Issue nine features one really good comic story and a couple of writings by Linsner and Monks. The writings highlight and foreshadow the issues that the pair had dealing with producing the comic as well as each other.

The main story within the issue is titled Angelique. The story explores relationships, death, suicide and satanic destiny by following two characters. David is a man who is a committed relationship. While out at a dinner with his significant other, David observes an attractive and dangerous appearing woman leaving the restaurant. Excusing himself, he quickly follows her and a one night stand takes place. As the woman undresses, David sees a strange scar along her throat. The two have other encounters until Angelique calls David at his home one night and demands to see him. Upon his arrival, David finds a man in a pentagram on Angelique's floor. At Angelique's request, David dismembers the body and dumps it along the highway. David wonders if the exercise is a test and confronts Angelique. After a struggle, the two fall to the floor and embrace.

Special Note:

On June 12, 1993 Linsner held a party at New York's Webster Hall to celebrate the launch of his solo endeavors with Sirus. Below is a signed invite from the event.


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