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Cry For Dawn 5

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Comic Description: Cry for Dawn 5 Modern
Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 1075069008
Owner: asteroid-comix


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Sets Competing: Frank's Cry for Dawn  Score: 160
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Page Quality: WHITE
Notes: None
Art/Cover: Joseph Michael Linsner
Writing: Joseph Michael Linsner and Joseph Monks
Edition/Printing Size: 16,000 Copies

Purchase History:

Purchase History: Purchased graded from eBay in June 2012.
Purchase Price: $170

Grade Notes:

Condition: No noticeable defects.
Grading: Graded on 6/6/2012.
Census: Highest graded; 1 of 8 non-qualified and non-restored copies in 9.8 in the census. (05/12/15)


After published tales that primarily dealt with murder, revenge, abuse and hatred, issue five seeks to deal with more mainstream issues. Albeit with a darkness one would not be able to find in their local newspaper.

In the first story titled Everything is a dark look at necrophilia. The story provides insight into a medical coroner's thoughts as he travels to his lab where the object of his desire awaits.

The second story, The Belt, chronicles a man and a woman who happen on a family that has become curse by a strange belt. The man, having performance issues, follows a woman down an alley where he is snatched. The wife meanwhile was snacheed by the male patriarch of the family. The story closes with the man having been transformed in to part animal and part man, wearing the belt. The story written by Monks is difficult to follow and lacks many of the points and narrative to truly present a complete story to the reader.

The last story is Burns Brightest and is by far the best and darkest of the three. Despite proclaiming by each that they had never done such a thing, the young man in the story takes part in a one night stand at a party. Not long after, the man learns that he has contracted AIDS. Aware that the young girl at the party had transmitted the deadly disease to him, his anger at the opposite sex compels him to begin a systematic spread of the disease by having unprotected relations with as many women as possible. After confronting the woman at the end of the story and threatening her with a handgun, the man leaves to continue his spread of the disease. The story, written by Linsner, is a great example of the dark extremes of social problems that the series explored so well.

Special Note:

Pictured in the below image are a few special items from my collection. These are the original editing copies of Cry for Dawn issues #1, #2 and #5. These copies have the first versions of the comics with notes to outlining the changes that need to take place before print.


Image #1

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