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Comic Description: X-Men: Omega 1 Modern
Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 0143710016
Owner: Rune


Custom Sets: This comic is not in any custom sets.
Sets Competing: Alpha - Omega - Prime  Score: 64
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Owner's Description

This book has one of the most amazing covers I have seen and contains the end of one of the greatest X-Men stories (Age of the Apocalypse).

According to Wikipedia:

"X-Men Omega: The final part of the event begins with Magneto, battling Apocalypse. The remaining X-Men invade Apocalypse's stronghold using Blink's teleportation and capture the Beast. Meanwhile, the Angel, no longer trusted by Apocalypse, decides to switch sides and, after fighting off the Infinites, sacrifices himself by flying into Apocalypse's force field generator and destroying it. This allows Nate Grey to enter Apocalypse's citadel. As the nuclear attack wipes out half of Apocalypse's western kingdom, he decides to kill Magneto. However Nate arrives and, along with Magneto, prepares to battle Apocalypse and Holocaust.

Magneto is freed during the X-Men's attack and orders Destiny to enter the M'Kraan Crystal with Illyana in order to send Bishop to the past, preventing the Age of Apocalypse from ever occurring. Colossus is furious with this decision, as he fears losing Illyana again, but she wants to do as Magneto wishes. Destiny, Illyana, and Bishop carry out their plan while Magneto resumes his fight with Apocalypse, Nate battles Holocaust and the X-Men continue their battle against Apocalypse's minions.

Meanwhile, Jean and Cyclops are leading the prisoners of the breeding pens to safety. She then uses her telekinetic powers to keep the Human High Council's bombs from dropping on the area. However Havok arrives, kills Jean Grey and shoots Cyclops, before Logan, arriving via parachute, kills Havok. As Jean dies, Logan sadly realizes that Jean Grey "is no Phoenix."

Illyana and Destiny successfully send Bishop to the past where he kills Legion. Colossus, insane and fearing for Illyana, rushes to reach her, destroying everything in his path, including Iceman and killing Shadowcat. Gambit then injures him from behind. As Colossus realises what he had done, reverts to his human self and dies just as Illyana returns to tell her brother that she has succeeded. Nate and Holocaust continue their fight, and Nate stabs him with a shard of the M'Kraan Crystal. Magneto kills Apocalypse by magnetically ripping him in half.

The comic ends with Magneto standing over the ruins of the citadel, watching as the world around them ends. He hopes that Bishop's success makes their world mere memories before the bombs reach them. He stands with Rogue and his son and thanks Charles Xavier for being in his life, as the nuclear destruction eventually engulfs them in a bright light".

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