Marathon Planet
Planet Comics 29

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Comic Description: Planet Comics 29
Grade: 9.0
Certification #: 1109263013
Owner: Ephus


Custom Sets: This comic is not in any custom sets.
Sets Competing: Marathon Planet  Score: 1600
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Owner's Description

This great copy of a tough Planet, took just over 3 months of negotiating to purchase. Between scan requests and price bantering back and forth, this one took a while to find a spot in my collection, but I am glad I own it now. The cover is from the Space Rangers story. In this story Flint Baker and Reef Ryan wind up helping a group of scientists who were stranded on the lost planet of Aztula. Men on flying dragons have been picking off the scientists one by one, until Flint and Reef get to the bottom of the issue and save the scientists. Norge Benson story is good. His group is first welcomed on planet Diablo by a man named Rojo. When they mistakenly meet others who were tricked and enslaved by Rojo to work in his boiling lava pits, the story takes a fun turn. This one ends in a wild “winner gets the girl and all possessions” duel between Rojo and Norge. How do you think this one ends? The Star Pirate story, yes it includes Brody with one eye, has them crash on an unknown planet when they run out of fuel, but ends when they discover the arrows used by the natives are made of pure Kobalium (The fuel needed for their space ship). They get the natives to attack them with the arrows, collect a few, jump inside the ship and lock the door, and then put the arrow heard in the “gas tank” and fly off.
Auro story has him aid the Namo (a colony only inhabited by women). Their water supply is being threatened so they go try and find out why the water is not flowing into their region. Once the problem is found, Auro is quickly captured and the Queen of Namo comes in and saves the day in a Wonder Woman like fashion. Auro is grateful and so are the people of Namo to have their water back. Gale Allen story is cool and it also has a “novel” type write up entitled “Is there a lost race beneath the Polar Cap?”
Mars story is great. It has Ted Wilson who is newly named a regional police constable on a territitory of the moon of Saturn. Once arriving to the area, he can’t help but notice the massive Temple to the local god. He enters to learn of the people, and is immediately smitten with the Head Priestess. After He sees the feelings are mutual, Mars takes control of her. Because of his love for her, Ted looks the other way and does not report that the Temple makes human sacrifices to a vicious creature called a Bloth (splash page in second scan). The human sacrifices grow to many humans a day and Ted finally stands up to the priestess. As Mars controlling her, she orders Ted thrown into the pit with the Bloth !! Somehow Ted manages to escape. Just then he learns that the entire Temple (60K people) are moving quickly to overtake the Earth’s military base. Ted manages to get the Bloth out of the sacrificial pit and directs it to run after the Temple disciples thus thwarting the attack on the base. The Bloth picks up the Temple Priestess and is poised to tear her body apart when Mars leaves her, as he always does before his victims die. Just then a ray blast from the military base kills the Bloth. Ted runs to the Priestess, now of clear mind she apologizes to Ted and it seems they will now live happily ever after. Mars’ victims almost never live, so this one took that extra twist and was surprising.
In The Lost World, Hunt and Lyssa run into a group of warriors in the area where California used to be. They all have blonde hair. Doesn’t everyone from California have blonde hair? No stereotype in this story! Anyway, they end up battling together to defeat “A god no man has ever seen.” In this one, Hunt fakes his death, rides an ancient Indian style motorcycle, Lyssa is almost sacrificed, arrows embedded into bad guys, and human sacrifices shown. Too many more twists to describe here, but I recommend you read it. This is truly a packed issue of Planet Comics.

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