A blind eye Part II
Daredevil 168

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Comic Description: Daredevil 168
Grade: 9.4
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 1238744003
Owner: Tnerb


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Owner's Description

Is that fear on DD's face. Is he scared of what rides the lightning or is he in such disbelief of who she is and what she was that makes DD cringe with dare I say such sadness. This issue was the biggest single comic book purchase I made in my youth. I paid a whopping $35.00 for this back issue. I purchased most of the other Miller DD's before this one. It wasn't the last one that I purchased from his early run but it was the most significant. I bought comics in my youth, some I still have with covers ripped away, I acquired comics that I have no idea how I ever got them, a guess is possibly from my older cousin, then I started to collect runs, once again New Mutants and even X-men, now I am realizing this is becoming a run on sentence and will continue onward by saying spending $35 on a comic was ludicrous but here I did it and have done so again and again. If I could go back and do it again I would, hell if I could go back I would take my 3 year old self pass the Casper books and get that Giant Size X-men #1. Hell who am I kidding I'd still get the Casper. Thank you Dane wherever you are for introducing these classic runs to me. I hope you are well.

I wrote the above for the first time I added this book. Since then I wrote a journal about Dane passing away. I still thank him for what he did for me and I hope those well wishes I always wished for him will transfer to his family.

I took this comic with me to Seattle for the ECCC 2014. I had a great weekend with RonnyLama, Lee K., Shivabali, and Surfer99. I cracked it and pressed it myself. I am very happy with the result. However, I wish I was quick enough to stop him from writing in black. I one day still hope to have a 9.8, but this is one of those books that will always be in my collection.

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