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X-23: Target X 3

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Comic Description: X-23: Target X 3 Modern
Grade: 9.8
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 0308510023
Owner: labratnotincluded


Custom Sets: This comic is not in any custom sets.
Sets Competing: X-23 Vol 2 Target X 1st Set  Score: 24
X-23 (Complete) Set 1  Score: 24
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Owner's Description

X-23 Target X 3 02/07 (Self Submission) "Part Three"
Cover Price: US $2.99
Writer(s): Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle
Penciller(s): Michael 'Mike' Choi
Inker(s): Sonia Oback
Colorist(s): Michael 'Mike' Choi
Letterer(s): Troy Peteri - 'Comicraft/TP'
Editor(s): Axel Alonso
Cover Artist(s): Michael 'Mike' Choi
Synopsis: While being interrogated by Capt. America and Matt Murdock, X-23 details how the Facility conditioned her to respond to the “trigger scent” by torturing her regularly from the tender age of eight. When she was fourteen, she was sent on a paid assignment for the Kingpin. She posed as the Kingpin’s niece and was kidnapped by a rival crime boss with invisibility powers called DiLorenzo. The trigger scent was used to mark DiLorenzo and X-23 easily killed the man. This was the start of a profitable business relationship between the Facility and the Kingpin. When asked by Cap which other targets the trigger scent was used on, X-23 reveals that they used the scent on both her sensei and her mother. Cap then realizes that it was also used on Megan and Debbie. Desmond, an operative for the Facility who had been assigned to get close to X-23’s aunt Debbie had spiked her tea with the trigger scent. When Megan arrived home, the tea spilled all over Desmond and a bit got onto her as she was helping him to his feet. Desmond panicked when he realized that he had been marked by the scent. In his panic, he demanded to know where X-23 was. Megan was surprised that he knew this name. She had no time to put the pieces together and realize how Desmond might know it. Laura had already smelled the trigger scent and was standing in the doorway, her eyes red as she entered the trance-like killing frenzy induced by the scent.
Characters: Beast
Captain America
Deborah Kinney
Desmond Alexander
Dr. Sarah Kinney
Dr. Zander Rice
Megan Kinney
Tanaka Sensei

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