Marathon Planet
Planet Comics 60

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Comic Description: Planet Comics 60 Universal
Grade: 9.0
Pedigree: Rockford
Certification #: 0055937011
Owner: Ephus


Custom Sets: This comic is not in any custom sets.
Sets Competing: Marathon Planet  Score: 1025
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Owner's Description

This copy is a Rockford pedigree with great page quality. Some Rockford can be a bit rough and have a lower page quality, but this one does not have those issues. Rockford pedigree, as with most pedigrees, has a strange story behind them. It is worth your time to read about it. One reason I have mentioned before about why I really like Lost World story lines is that they use real locations, city names, and landmarks in the composition and storylines. It makes it more real to some and more nostalgic to others. This rings true in the LW story is on Bedloe's island. When I read this, I had no idea that that is what the piece of land is called that holds the Statue of Liberty in NY. Splash page describing this is shown in picture 2. This story is set in future (at the time of printing) for year 1975. In it the Volta men speak like Yoda from Star Wars movies, or should I really say, Yoda speaks like the Volta men from Planet comics ??. In the last panel a human apologizes to another human for "Discriminating against their hairy bodies" and excluding them. Interesting page considering the days we live in now 2017. Mysta of the Moon is a pleasure to read and view, well drawn and a good enticing storyline. Futura is always drawn very elaborately, but this one seems more on an ornate level to me. Lastly, Auro story has some "bad guys" cloning Auro and sending the clone to Jupiter to try and controls it while they hold Auro in a medically controlled state while they try and heal him with a rare blood of a animal. You just have to read this one, so much going on. Chet, his brain conscience, plays a big role in this one. I like the yellow background and nice color tones on this issue. Submarine and cool aliens in helmets a plus for me.

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