Precode Horror
ACE, 7/1954

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Comic Description: Beyond 27 Universal
Grade: 6.0
Certification #: 0249159002
Owner: GAM


Custom Sets: Designed for Delinquency
Precode Horror
Sets Competing: Weird, Spooky, Supernatural Stories  Score: 48
Seduction Productions  Score: 48
Research: See CGC's Census Report for this Comic

Owner's Description

The Beyond #27 is referenced in Fredric Wertham’s “Seduction of the Innocent” (SOTI) in the text on page 111.

Wertham offers a story from The Beyond #27 as an example of extreme violence in the comics of the 1950s. He describes a passage as follows “In many comics stories there is nothing but violence. It is violence for violence’s sake. The plot: killing. The motive: to kill. The characterization: killer. The end: killed. In one comic book the scientist (‘mad,’ of course), Dr. Simon Lorch, after experimenting on himself with an elixir, has the instinct to ‘kill and kill again.’ He ‘flails’ to death two young men whom he sees changing a tire on the road. He murders two boys he finds out camping. And so on for a week. Finally he is killed himself.”

Wertham is clearly describing the story “Strange Potion of Dr. Lorch” from The Beyond #27. I have included a scan of the page where a bestial Dr. Lorch flails to death two young men changing a tire as described by Wertham on page 111.

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