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Comic Description: Strange Mysteries 10
Grade: 8.5
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 1102717011
Owner: GAM


Custom Sets: Designed for Delinquency
Precode Horror
Sets Competing: Terrifying! Startling! Suspense!  Score: 327
Seduction Productions  Score: 327
Research: See CGC's Census Report for this Comic

Owner's Description

Strange Mysteries #10 is referenced in Fredric Wertham’s “Seduction of the Innocent” (SOTI) in the text on page 181.

Wertham believed that comic books were having a negative effect on the sexual development of children and described a story from Strange Mysteries #10 as an example of the sexual sadism children were being exposed to in comic books. He describes the story as follows “Some comic books describe sexual sadism with its most morbid psychological refinements. In a recent comic book a man makes love to a married woman, while her husband, whose leg has been injured by the lover, has to look helplessly on. The lover kisses the girl, taunting the husband all the while. The girl gets sexually so excited by this perverse situation that she exclaims: ‘Stop! I can’t stand it any more!’”

Wertham pulls his example from the story “Revenge Can Be Fatal!” While his generally description of the story is accurate, Wertham, as he is apt to do, is careless with the details. A close reading of the panel shows it is not the woman that exclaims “Stop! I can’t stand it any more!” – Rather it is her husband who asks them to stop. Please see that attached scan from the story for more details.

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