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Comic Description: Thing 9
Grade: 5.5
Certification #: 1006810004
Owner: GAM


Custom Sets: Designed for Delinquency
Precode Horror
Sets Competing: Seduction Productions  Score: 230
Weird Tales of Suspense and Horror  Score: 230
Research: See CGC's Census Report for this Comic

Owner's Description

The Thing! #9 is referenced in Fredric Wertham’s “Seduction of the Innocent” (SOTI) as illustration #33 with the caption “Stomping on the face is a form of brutality which modern children learn early” and in the text on page 388.

The text reference on page 388 comes in the form of a description of the story “Mardu’s Masterpiece” contained in Thing! #9. Wertham describes the story as follows “A painter ties the hands of his model to the ceiling, stabs her and uses her blood for paint. (Flowing blood is shown in six pictures.)”.

Illustration #33 comes from the story “Operation Massacre” contained in Thing! #9. In this story a scientist invents a robot that can be controlled through brain waves. He demonstrates the technology to a group of businessmen and one (Marko) decides to take the technology for himself. Marko murders the scientist and directs the robots to take over the city. Along the way, when the people resist his takeover, he lets his rage get carried away and commands the robots to destroy all humans. In an ironic twist, the robots start on him first and delivery a bit of face stomping that Wertham found offensive. I have included a scan of the page from the story that contains the face stomping in full color!\

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