Precode Horror
Prize, 3-4/1954

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Comic Description: Black Magic 29 Universal
Grade: 5.0
Page Quality: WHITE
Certification #: 1257377013
Owner: GAM


Custom Sets: 1954-55 U.S. Senate Comic Books and Juvenile Delinquency Report and Testimony
Designed for Delinquency
Precode Horror
Sets Competing: Ebony Enchantment  Score: 32
Research: See CGC's Census Report for this Comic

Owner's Description

In 1954 and 1955 the U.S. Senate convened hearings and issued a report on comic books and juvenile delinquency. Noteworthy participants in the hearings included Fredric Wertham, author of the book “Seduction of the Innocent” and William Gaines, publisher of EC Comics.

Black Magic V4#5 (#29) is cited by Richard Clendenen, Executive Director of the U.S. Senate Subcommittee investigating juvenile delinquency. Clendenen references Black Magic #29 during his testimony to the Senate Subcommittee on Wednesday, April 21, 1954 and describes the comic as follows “The first such comic is ‘Black Magic’. This is a picture showing the cover or title page of this comic. Now, one story in this comic is entitled ‘Sanctuary’, and the cover shots relate to this particular story. You will note that this shot shows certain inhabitants of this sanctuary which is really a sort of sanitarium for freaks where freaks can be isolated from other persons in society. You will note 1 man in the picture has 2 heads and 4 arms, another body extends only to the bottom of his rib. But the greatest horror of all the freaks in the sanctuary is the attractive looking girl in the center of the picture who disguises her grotesque body in a suit of foam rubber. The final picture shows a young doctor in the sanitarium as he sees the girl he loves without her disguise. The story closes as the doctor fires bullet after bullet into the girl’s misshapen body”.

While Clendenen refers to the story as “Sanctuary” the actual story title is “The Greatest Horror of Them All!”

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