Congratulations to the Winners of our Third Annual Comics Registry Awards!

Posted: 7/25/2008

CGC proudly presents the outstanding sets and collectors that helped make the Registry such a great community resource this past year. And as the Registry has expanded, so have our award categories.

We would like to thank all of the participants in the CGC Registry and congratulate everyone on their individual accomplishments in every set.

The CGC Registry has seen incredible growth in the last year. With more than 11,000 registered sets, we can say once again that the number of registered sets has doubled since last awards time. Based on the ever-growing list of new set type requests, it is evident the CGC Registry continues to develop, and we look forward to seeing even more exciting new sets going forward.

Our mission this year was to choose three sets each in five competitive categories: Best Golden Age, Best Silver Age, Best Bronze Age, Best Modern Age, and Best Presented. Additionally, we had the task of choosing three outstanding message board contributors and just one Registry participant for Overall Achievement in Comics Collecting. For the first time ever, we are also presenting an award for Best Magazine set.

Our team of judges reviewed all of the top sets across every category in the Registry and after much consideration, selected the following winners. Congratulations to all!

CGC 2008 Award for Achievement in Comics Collecting

The winner of the CGC 2008 Award for Achievement in Comics Collecting is colmoreman! Thirty-two out of fifty-two of colmoreman’s impressive sets are currently ranked #1. Over half of his sets are the top ranked. That is astounding. Equally impressive is that eighteen sets are 100 percent complete. Colmoreman’s sets focus mainly on Silver Age and Bronze Age and not just comic books, but comic magazines, too. There are many highlights from his registry, such as high-ranking sets of DC 80 Page Giants, Marvel Annuals, Marvel Giant-Size, Millie the Model, Marvel Magazine 1st Issues, and Sgt. Fury. Every set in his registry displays a fabulous achievement in collecting and shows a true passion for comic books. Congratulations to colmoreman! View all of these sets and more at colmoreman’s homepage.

Best Golden Age Sets

1koko Favourite Pre-Hero Detective Comics #1-#26
Obtaining a complete pre-hero run of Detective Comics is an accomplishment worthy of top billing. Overstreet lists #1 as Scarce, and #2 and #3 as Rare. This set of #1-26 is Very Rare. Well done!

starman221 KILLER BAT'S Batman #1-#100
This is a solid set of Batman with #1-41 complete and a total of 62 issues below #100. Only the hard work and dedication of a true collector to completing a run can produce results like this. Congrats on the run... only 38 more to go!

4Gemworks Comic Book Emporium 4GEMWORKS CRYPT OF TERROR Tales from the Crypt With only seven books to go to complete this fantastic run, this set contains some of the best stories ever printed in comics. This set contains many 9.6 copies and is sure to grow into one of the best sets ever assembled.

Best Silver Age Sets

CaptainTripps Canadian Original Owner Collection Journey Into Mystery #83-#125

Four 9.8's, eight 9.4's, and 32 9.6's. Most of them are top census copies. This set has been revised over the last three years, showing a commitment to collecting the best copies.

Bullet123 Bullet's FC's Four Color (complete)
The complete Four Color set is truly an undertaking. Trying to get this set all in 8.0 or better is even more challenging. Out of the 616 books in this set, only about 5 percent of the books are lower than 8.0. High goals and tenacity makes this set great.

Crazy Ed Emerald Insanity Green Lantern (1960) #1-#89
While this set is ranked 3rd in its type, the fact that the set is complete and doesn't get most of its points from high-priced books is impressive. Half of this set is 9.0 or higher and 32 issues are 9.4 or better. An honorable collection.

Best Bronze Age Sets

Sullypython Empty Set Marvel Bronze Age 1st Issues (1970-1982)
There are some difficult books present in this set. Some of these are very hard to find in high grade and what is represented here is very respectful. While this is a set in progress, it is already a set full of gems.

Barry Conner Barry Conner Green Lantern #90-#200 Green Lantern (1960) #90-#200
Only three measly 9.4's in this complete set, the majority of copies being 9.8. It will be hard for anyone to put together a run that would match this. A great set that was started just a few months ago.

Sterling Comics Dare You Enter... House of Mystery #174-#321
This set has been growing since 2006, now it is only 18 issues shy of being complete. Every book, besides being 9.4 or higher, has images and descriptions which really showcase these great books that are surprisingly difficult to find in high grade.

Best Modern Age Sets

worldsbestcomics Xcellence 94-143 X-Men #94-#143
This is often considered the most important run in the Modern Age X-Men series. Worldsbestcomics has managed to put together a very impressive set of books. First, the lowest-graded book in this collection is an X-Men #94 at 9.6 and from there it only gets better. Issues #113, #135, and #143 are all graded at 9.9. All of the rest of the books in this collection (including a Giant-Size X-Men #1) are certified 9.8. This makes for a set that should prove very hard for anyone to surpass.

Darthdiesel Ultimate Variants Marvel 30 Cent Price Variants
30 cent price variants in high grade are a difficult thing to come by. Perhaps it is because Darthdiesel has already found so many of them. This is an exemplary collection of the many different books that went through the 30 cent price variant experiment. There are a few books missing and some lower grades on some issues, but to have so many of the books in this set certified in such high grade is remarkable.

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed...
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born
It is difficult to determine what new comic book series will mange to stay marketable past its initial hype. The Dark Tower series is one that has maintained its popularity. Almost all of theses books are certified 9.8, including two 9.9 books and one 10.0. Many of the books also have signatures from the writers and artists. Armydoc has put together an impressive collection of variant covers and signature series.

Best Presented Sets

Best2u The LL&P Collection - Thrilling Comics Thrilling Comics (1940)
The presentation of this set is unique and exciting, as it exemplifies the passion this collector has for his comics. He gives us insight into his excitement for this series through the use of images where he has zoomed in to specifically depict what is described in the engaging text. Though not a complete set, the time and effort that was put into the comics that are listed is evident through the detailed descriptions.

Raphael Loh The Best Run In Years Captain America (2005)
This is a smaller set, but has descriptions for all comics and double images for most of the comics. This comprehensive set has a detailed and personalized introduction that clearly displays this collector’s enthusiasm for this series. In addition, each comic is accompanied by a brief synopsis as well as details about the graded issue that are pertinent to the collector.

mschmidt m's sandman Sandman (1989)
The introduction gives us some history of the comic and creators, but in such an intriguing way that even the non-collector would be moved to seek out this series. Though not a complete set, each issue registered is accompanied by a succinct summary of the storyline and a scan of the registered book.

Best Magazine Set

Topnot evird Savage Sword of Conan #1-#100
The lowest grades in this set are 9.4 and there are only two of them. Most every copy is 9.8; which is a difficult task when it comes to magazines. There are holes in this set, but when you have such high collecting standards, it is bound to happen. A great set and one to watch as it continues to fill.

Best Forumites

comicdonna– An all-around nice guy and consistently good contributor who brings a sense of community to the board.

nerfherder-3 – A long-time board member who maintains a balance between light-heartedness and serious level-headed posting.

Flee-Marquette – For his amazing Photoshop skills, which have kept all the forum members in stitches.

Best in Set Type
We would also like to acknowledge the top set in each set type. See our 2008 Awards Archive page for the Best in Set Type winners.
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