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The Best of Jean Grey

Set Type: X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga Run #129-#138
Owner: Lookin4Newsstands
Last Modified: 3/15/2022
Views: 544

Rank: 2
Score: 11798
Leading by: 136
Points to Higher Rank: 380

Set Description:

The X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin; considered to be one of the most iconic comic book runs of all-time.

This complete set includes:

- a CGC 9.9 MINT copy of X-Men #137 (classic ‘Death’ of Phoenix issue).
- the rest of the issues are CGC 9.8.
- all are Newsstand Editions with UPC barcode.

This historic 10-issue run features incredible storytelling by Chris Claremont and amazing artwork by John Byrne and Terry Austin; and was released towards the end of the trio’s work on the series.

Every one of the X-Men issues here is noteworthy, packed with many 1st appearances of characters who would go on to remain popular for decades to come:

#129 - 1st appearance of Kitty Pryde, the White Queen (Emma Frost), Sebastian Shaw, and the Hellfire Club.
#130 - 1st appearance of Dazzler. Jean Grey (as Black Queen) cameo.
#131 - 1st Emma Frost cover.
#132 - 1st appearance of Donald Pierce. 1st Hellfire Club cover.
#133 - Classic Wolverine cover.
#134 - 1st Black Queen cover. Jean Grey/Phoenix becomes Dark Phoenix on last page.
#135 - 1st Dark Phoenix cover. 1st appearance of Senator Robert Kelly.
#136 - Classic Dark Phoenix cover.
#137 - 'Death' of Phoenix (Jean Grey).
#138 - Cyclops leaves the X-Men. Funeral of Jean Grey.
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Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
X-Men #129 1125755003 9.84200 Shop eBay
X-Men #130 2079257004 9.81524 Shop eBay
X-Men #131 1125755001 9.81333 Shop eBay
X-Men #132 0185223017 9.8480 Shop eBay
X-Men #133 1125756010 9.8480 Shop eBay
X-Men #134 1132810009 9.81805 Shop eBay
X-Men #135 1125639017 9.8480 Shop eBay
X-Men #136 0353079003 9.8408 Shop eBay
X-Men #137 0006263003 9.9680 Shop eBay
X-Men #138 0946797007 9.8408 Shop eBay

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