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The LL&P Collection - Aurora Comic Scenes

Set Type: Aurora Comic Scenes
Owner: Best2u
Last Modified: 11/18/2019
Views: 1345

Rank: 1
Score: 3550
Leading by: 2440
Points to Higher Rank: N/A

Set Description:

I decided to start collecting this series after I saw a issue of the Lone Ranger (#188-140) on ebay. After checking the CGC census and seeing a very low population I went ahead and bid. I won and that was the start. This is the only series where I have a couple copies of the same issue. The hard to find and low population issues are, Spider-Man(#182), Tonto(#183), Batman(#187), Lone Ranger(#188), and the very hardest, Tarzan(#181). The Aurora Comic Scenes were promotional comic books included with the Aurora superhero model kits made in 1974. They were drawn by famous comic book artists like Gil Kane, Neal Adams, Curt Swan, and Dick Giordano and all ten feature popular comic book characters from both Marvel and DC, including Superman, Batman, Spider-man and the Incredible Hulk! Check out the individual listings below to see how I ended up with a total of 28 issues from a series that only has 10 issues.
(Full set update, Nov. 2019)
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Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Aurora Comic Scenes 181-140 1109946031 9.9360 Shop eBay
Aurora Comic Scenes 182-140 1098626003 9.8400 Shop eBay
Aurora Comic Scenes 183-140 0037140035 9.9300 Shop eBay
Aurora Comic Scenes 184-140 0040083022 9.8240 Shop eBay
Aurora Comic Scenes 185-140 0064964060 10450 Shop eBay
Aurora Comic Scenes 186-140 0040060069 9.9300 Shop eBay
Aurora Comic Scenes 187-140 0035734021 9.9300 Shop eBay
Aurora Comic Scenes 188-140 0008397027 9.9300 Shop eBay
Aurora Comic Scenes 192-140 0040075014 10450 Shop eBay
Aurora Comic Scenes 193-140 0040075151 10450 Shop eBay

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