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Set Type: Savage (Valiant)
Owner: Par2ch
Last Modified: 1/30/2020
Views: 192

Rank: 2
Score: 1130
Leading by: 119
Points to Higher Rank: 19

comic_category_sm Set Type

Slot DescriptionCert #GradeScore
Harbinger Renegades/Savage Ashcan Double Feature #nn 1582298003 9.835 Shop eBay
Savage 1 1594998032 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 1 Guedes Variant Cover 1477090025 9.824 Shop eBay
Savage 1 LaRosa Sketch Cover 1582298001 9.8330 Shop eBay
Savage 1 Preview Edition 1509295012 9.410 Shop eBay
Savage 1 Retailer Incentive Edition 1582298002 9.617 Shop eBay
Savage 1 Sketch Edition 1368584015 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 1 Variant Cover 1594998031 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 1 Second Printing 1577192030 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 1 Third Printing 2496501020 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 1 Fourth Printing 1577192028 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 2 1594998034 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 2 Cat Cosplay Edition No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage 2 LaRosa Sketch Cover 1582831026 9.882 Shop eBay
Savage 2 Sienkiewicz Variant Cover 1509288016 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 2 Sketch Cover 1368584016 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 2 Variant Cover B 1577192006 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 3 1594998035 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 3 Fletcher Variant Cover 1577192004 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 3 LaRosa Sketch Cover 2496512002 9.882 Shop eBay
Savage 3 Massafera Variant Cover 1577192001 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 3 Sketch Cover 1368584017 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 3 Second Printing No Comic    Shop eBay
Savage 4 1594998033 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 4 LaRosa Sketch Cover 1509295001 9.882 Shop eBay
Savage 4 Sauvage Variant Cover 2496512001 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 4 Sketch Cover 1577192003 9.826 Shop eBay
Savage 4 Variant Cover 1577192002 9.826 Shop eBay

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